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Easily Merge / Append Text files with similar structure while removing the header

This script allows you to, easily, select multiple text files and append them all together (only including the header once).  Watch the below video to see how easy it is and how you might tweak it to your needs.

Append Text files with similar structure
Merge files with similar file structure but only keep 1 header row (2021)

This tutorial teaches how to merge multiple files with headers into one file using autohotkey and automate the process by sending them to a zip file.

  • 00:00 Merge files with headers easily by following this tutorial.
    • The video demonstrates how to merge files with headers without having the header row in every file.
  • 00:37 Merge all files into one with a specific name and extension.
    • Select all files, merge them into one with a specified file name and extension.
  • 01:17 Combine multiple files into one with a header row using autohotkey.
    • The speaker demonstrated how to use autohotkey to select and combine multiple files into one with a header row.
  • 01:46 A function can be canceled if no path or file name is given.
    • Cancel the function if no path or file name is given using the “canceled” function.
  • 01:59 The code parses selected files and appends rows, excluding the first header row, after checking for blank input and exiting if necessary.
    • The code checks if the input is blank and exits the app, then loops over each row of selected files, parses them, and appends the rows except for the first header row.
  • 02:57 Automate file merging and moving by sending them to a zip file.
    • The speaker created a simple script for merging and moving files and folders, and suggested automating the process further by sending them to a zip file.

[Music] hey its Joe Glines from the-Automator.  In this video I want to demonstrate how to merge together files of a similar format but they all have headers so if we pop open I had a extracted of course I automated this from a website where we had a list for of roofers and but you’ll notice there’s a header row right and so if I was to merge all these without doing anything that header row would be in every one of course but I still want the header row I just don’t want it from every file and so that’s what I’m going
to demonstrate here in the script I wrote so this first before we let’s go ahead and run it so I’m gonna kick it off here and it’s gonna say what files do you want let mecome over here and get the path to this oh here we go so we can navigate to it easily there we go I think it’s everything in here yeah so we’re just gonna select all and say open up now it’s gonna ask you what file name do you want to merge it to so we’ll say urged roofers and be sure to include the extension because it’s possible the
extensions might have been different on the file so I’m going take care of that so here we go and i’ma hit OK and there we go well it was what one second and now we have one file and it has all of them in it but with one header row so here and is up here you can see that one’s a Meg a little bit yeah I was amazed almost mom II and it took it from each one of these so what are we doing here so you know an AutoHotkey go check it out you can do the file select that’s where i’m selecting the files m3 means
the multi select right so you can select more than one if if it comes back with nothing this will just say cancel it so if you’d if you didn’t give a path it would stop moving forward the same thing with this next one if you don’t give a file name and they’ll cancel it I have a little function called canceled and then we jump down to it here it basically says hey if you know these things whatever is passed to it is blank just exit I actually exit out of the app entirely and then if that’s not true
then it’ll take those files and it this is going to loop over each new row because that’s how that file select gets them and it will loop over them and it’s going to parse them and grab open up each file read the the the first time through it will read that header row and let it pass after that you know it’ll it’ll only grab everything from the one beyond the first row so here oh here is we’re saying if a guess one then just continue so it doesn’t this is where it says basically append the row but if it
was that first row don’t bother right so that was the the little complexity of the very first time through you want the header row after that you don’t want the header row and then we just say you know file this cleans it up in case you typed a bad illegal character and append it all and then run it and that was right I opened it so that’s it it’s a really simple script it’s one of those things again if you deal with files and folders and you’re trying to you know often merge them together or move files around I
could have also gone through until you did the files but I felt really confident about this or maybe just moved him into a subfolder writer or probably I could even automate sending them all to a zip file so they’re all there but they’re zip together so I hope that helps Cheers [Music]

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