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Autocorrect / Spell Check in AutoHotkey v1

Spell Check works on EVERY Windows programHave a built-in spell check in every windows program! This file has over 4,000 words and will autocorrect your text.  This is the AutoHotkey v1 version

Free Windows Spellcheck with AutoHotkey | Works in Notepad, Texting, emails, file/folder names etc

The key idea of the video is to demonstrate how to use AutoHotkey to customize and enhance the spellcheck feature in Windows, allowing users to fix common English misspellings in various Windows programs.

  • 00:00 The speaker demonstrates a script for autocorrecting common English misspellings in Windows using AutoHotkey.
  • 00:48 Remove Windows 8 stuff and add your own customizations to the spellcheck feature in Windows using AutoHotkey.
  • 01:05 Fix your typing errors with AutoHotkey’s spellcheck feature, which works in various Windows programs like Notepad, messaging apps, and more.
  • 01:48 Use this free Windows spellcheck with AutoHotkey to fix common mistakes in all Windows programs, making it a convenient and useful tool.


Transcripts to AutoCorrect video

hey it’s Joe Glines from the automator and today i wanted to demonstrate well show and demonstrate a little bit of this uh script here you you you hopefully have found this autocorrect on the forum uh not in documentation uh here you can go and you can see it’s uh it’s got thousands actually let’s go back one page good though it says about 4 700 common english misspellings um and also the version online has this windows h so you can hit your windows h key it’ll pop up with an assist to help you
add hot strings to that script um which while initially i used that later once i got used to hot strings i really didn’t care for having that i just added them myself so my version which i have in this link here um now that’s the main one this is mine so if you go and i think i have that open on this other screen no i don’t there we go so i just removed that windows 8 stuff uh em and the bottom of mine i have some my own things i think i left in here yeah so like ee h i always type the eh and it comes out
uh correctly this will fix it so let’s actually let’s use a couple of these that’s my screen flipping tool let’s uh use this and let’s use site because uh studio ironically just doesn’t like hot strings so if i type ot space see it fixed it to two let’s zoom in some or if i type fo space it fixed it to of so again what’s really cool about hot strings not a hotkey is of course any windows program you’re in so if you’re instant messaging from your computer uh there’s the my phone app now in
windows 10 that you can easily connect to or if you’re using push bullet or if you’re using facebook’s messenger or you know there’s so many things now that we type in our computers yes browsers typically like chrome has a built-in spell check right and you can right click and fix it but this fixes it for you and so for your common mistakes i think it’s a great easy thing to use i’ll put a uh the links in the description here for both those post in case just depending which one you want
but if you’re not using it i have it running all the time and it’s great because it uh it works in every windows program cheers

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