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Click here to Download the AutoHotkey Resources Cheat-sheet. This unique document and accompanying video will help you learn various topics! I’ve included links to the main topic, Scripts / tools, Playlists, Webinars and other resources so you can dive-deep into a given AutoHotkey topic!

Amazing AutoHotkey resources cheat sheet | 74 great links to AHK topics

Amazing AutoHotkey resources cheat sheet | 74 great links to AHK topics

TLDR: The key idea of the video is that AutoHotkey is a powerful tool for automating tasks and customizing computer usage, and there are numerous resources available for learning and utilizing its features.

1. 00:00 📚 Check out the speaker’s document with 74 helpful links to AutoHotkey resources, including tutorials, videos, forums, and GitHub, emphasizing the importance of using AutoHotkey Studio as a great tool for learning and customization.
1.1 The speaker provides a document with helpful resources for learning AutoHotkey, which can be accessed on their website by signing up, and also mentions paid courses available.
1.2 Check out the step-by-step courses on AutoHotkey, including text expansion and GUI creation, which provide a clear direction for learning and are suitable for both beginners and intermediate users.
1.3 There are 74 links to various AutoHotkey resources, including a recommendation for using HK Studio as a tool to level up in AutoHotkey.
1.4 The speaker provides links to various AutoHotkey resources, including tutorials, videos, webinars, forums, and GitHub, emphasizing the importance of using a great tool like AutoHotkey Studio.
1.5 The speaker provides various resources and tutorials for customizing and using AutoHotkey, including forums, GitHub pages, web service APIs, and an API syntax writer.
1.6 Syntax provides headers and templates for different com objects, while the intro to APIs webinar explains the differences between web scraping and API calls, helping viewers understand when to choose one over the other.

2. 05:37 📚 Automate My Task is a program that allows users to interact with text, while AutoHotkey is recommended for quick tasks but not for sharing; there are better ways to automate programs, such as using controls or com with Microsoft programs.
2.1 Automate My Task is a program that allows users to find and interact with text, including options for control click, regular click, and sending text, with the ability to specify which instance of the text to interact with and automatically generate the necessary AutoHotkey syntax.
2.2 AutoHotkey is recommended for quick tasks or running on your computer, but not for sharing with others, as there are better ways to automate programs like using controls or com with Microsoft programs, and the speaker also mentions updating videos and a webinar on automating programs with controls.
2.3 The speaker discusses the availability of 40 intermediate course videos on YouTube, as well as a simpler spy tool for working with controls, and recommends starting with a webinar and reading a forum post for further understanding.

3. 08:20 📚 Automate tasks in Excel using COM, improve coding efficiency with functions in AutoHotkey, and use a quick access pop-up for organizing snippets, launching programs, and shortcuts to files and folders.
3.1 Automate tasks in Excel using COM, with a library of functions and video tutorials, as well as webinars and forum posts for further learning.
3.2 Using functions in AutoHotkey is the best way to improve coding efficiency and eliminate the need for rewriting and copying code, and there are resources available to help understand and implement functions effectively.
3.3 The speaker discusses using a quick access pop-up in AutoHotkey to organize snippets, launch programs, and provide shortcuts to files and folders.

4. 11:36 📚 AutoHotkey is a powerful tool for computer users, allowing for complex coding in a short amount of code, and regular expressions are useful for parsing and restructuring text.
4.1 The speaker mentions a label available in 11 languages and refers to a webinar and a video about core things, which is about 10 to 15 minutes long.
4.2 AutoHotkey is a recommended tool for anyone using a computer, as it allows for complex coding in a short amount of code, and regular expressions are a useful tool for parsing and restructuring text.

5. 13:36 📚 AutoHotkey is a versatile tool that allows for the adaptation of regex and web scraping, including web scripting with IE, and there are helpful resources available for learning and automation.
5.1 Use the regex 101 link to easily copy and paste patterns into AutoHotkey without needing to make any adjustments, and check out the playlist of regex videos and the webinar for more information on the topic.
5.2 The speaker recommends several books on AutoHotkey, particularly the regex book, which helped them understand the differences between regex match and regex replace and how to use them effectively, and suggests the possibility of creating a Udemy course on regex.
5.3 AutoHotkey is a versatile tool that allows for the adaptation of regex and web scraping, including web scripting with IE, which offers programmability and ease of use.
5.4 This video provides resources and tips for web scraping, including a helpful tool and a post on learning the document object model, which can be a complex concept but is essential for web scraping.
5.5 Automating Chrome with AutoHotkey can be more complicated than with Internet Explorer, but there are resources available such as tutorials and webinars to help with learning and automation.

6. 18:33 📚 The speaker shares various resources for AutoHotkey and encourages viewers to sign up for alerts on the ultimate AutoHotkey resource page, emphasizing the importance of searching multiple areas for learning, and mentions a screen clipping tool with OCR capabilities, while also discussing a tool that didn’t work in a specific instance.
6.1 The speaker discusses various resources for AutoHotkey and encourages viewers to sign up for alerts on the ultimate AutoHotkey resource page, emphasizing the importance of searching multiple areas for learning and mentions a screen clipping tool with OCR capabilities.
6.2 The speaker discusses a tool that works well for grabbing certain things, but they are unsure why it didn’t work in a specific instance.

7. 20:43 📋 Use the script “paste is plain text” to easily paste plain text or rich text, automate searches, save space on your taskbar, and rename files with a multi-file renamer tool.
7.1 The script “paste is plain text” allows the user to paste plain text by pressing control g, while still having the option to paste rich text by pressing control v.
7.2 Use the Google search feature to quickly search for specific topics or queries across multiple websites without having to retype the search each time.
7.3 Automate your search, save space on your taskbar, use a spell check with 4,000 words, and easily rename files with a multi-file renamer tool.

8. 23:22 📝 This document contains 74 helpful links to AutoHotkey resources, which can be accessed through the provided URL, and more tools will be added in the future.

Transcripts to video

hey it’s drug lines from the automator and i put together this document to help people kind of learn you know by subject matter uh what they want to do also i wanted to clarify it’s uh it’s on my website you can see the the url up up here on the top of the screen where you want to go and when you go there it’s actually behind us basically a squeeze page you got to sign up to be a user which means i get your email address i’m going to add that to the newsletter alerts that we send out but that’s all i’m doing with it right
i’m not hacking it and using it for any nefarious purposes so uh if you want this document signed up now a lot of the resources i’m going to tell you right now like all of these in this column here these are just pages on my site so you can navigate to them without having this document but let’s start walking through the document so at the beginning here we have four courses and of course these i’m getting paid for right and you buy them but it you know i want to encourage you to check them out and you know go through
them because they give you step-by-step you know a direction where to go what to study the lectures are usually you know one to five minutes uh depending on the course and you know the topic but um they’re very well laid out give you a nice clean direction path to try to learn on a hotkey right the text expansion the hot strings that’s to me the lowest hanging fruit for everybody right if you’re not using them you should use them start now even if you don’t hit the course start now right the intro to auto hotkey just
gives you good fundamentals if you’ve been using autohotkey for like six months you probably don’t need that one but it you know i’ve had a lot of people go through it and say they still learn stuff right so the intermediate course we get into a lot of uh more advanced things and controls is one of them i have over 40 videos on using controls uh intro to gui’s that’s where you know isaiah my employee went through him and i you know i helped outline it and and build the quizzes and stuff but he uh he led this
great course the quality is amazing um and just goes through and shows how easy it is to create gooeys without a hotkey it really is so easy so uh these are the four courses each of these have a coupon code so if you click them you’ll get a good discount and honestly you know you get a discounted price and we actually get 97 of the money instead of like half or a quarter of the money if you just buy it straight from you to me so please just either go to my website or click these links here and you’ll get a discount and we get
more of the money so all right let’s get into the fun stuff so what i did in this document was i created it by topic so each one of these things this like i said this is uh these are pages because all these things i have specific pages on the automator and then there are a lot of other stuff right so this first one hk studio if uh if you’re not using it i highly highly recommend it it’s a great way to level up you know at least use something over uh notepad right hk studio is built it’s actually written in autohotkey for
autohotkey and it’s a great tool um to level you up it takes a little bit of time to learn it so here here’s where you can download it i have 60 videos like if you go here and let’s see if i can click the link here come on um just so you get an idea i’m not going to go to each one of these but um i do want to give you an idea of what you know what’s on these pages so here is a link in the page and here i have you know here are 41 tutorials right honestly each one of these are videos walking through it
and then i have a couple other uh here now in youtube i have over 60 videos where i basically am using autohotkey to some degree it’s related to it so this is a link to the playlist that you can see in youtube uh here is the webinar that meek street actually led on hk studio and if you have any doubt of like hey can i level up my programming if i use a you know a better editor watch this webinar what i mean it’s crazy the stuff he does and makes it so easy and you can see how fast he gets right and it’s it’s because having you
have a great tool right so start off having a great tool and here are the forum and github links so each one of these topics right going across it’s a given topic so if you’re not using studio site i used it for years i still have installed it’s you know right right here right next to studio i still use it for a lot of things it’s just a little different than age uh hk studio but site is a great solid editor you can download it here i have 19 videos on my page uh on cd on site for autohotkey on how to customize it and tailor it to
your needs we actually led a webinar working through how to you know set it up install it use it um and here are the forum and github pages the forum has a lot of great links of other plugins have been created and when you have problems with it which is rare but some people do have problems with it the web service api um this apis are amazing so think of it as you can connect to services that companies have their servers out there that you can ping and basically query and extract data from usually in xml or json
so i got a lot of resources for that i actually have an api syntax writer for autohotkey so it’ll help you write your autohockey syntax gives you lots of the the headers and the default templates for different types of com objects uh so there’s a 31 videos i have on youtube and then this intro to api’s webinar was really really good i think it’s a it’s a must if you want to get an apis check that out because we really we start off explaining the differences between web scraping and api calls and it’s there’s a huge
difference um it’s just it’s kind of hard to explain because web scraping is a form of an api call when your browser you know queries a web page that’s an api call also and so we talk through the differences and when you want to pick one over the other sometimes you know api is the right choice and sometimes it’s the browser it just depends what you’re doing so we talk a lot about that this next one automate my task this is the the the program i felt i had to create not because i wanted to but because there was no real
tool the fine text function that someone had written it’s really cool it’ll find something but you couldn’t interact with it and so working with maced with we created this automate my task tool and this allows you to you know find what you’re looking for decide if you want to send a control click or a regular click or send it some text if there’s multiple instances you can pick which one you know you find if you find like the letter a you know you can say well i want the third a on this page you know we go
click it and you can do a lot of that stuff but it’s actually writing the autohotkey syntax for you and then you can dump it into your your script i don’t recommend generally speaking using it in the sense of you know it’s for quick things or things that you’re going to run on your computer if you’re going to share stuff with other people uh you know doing stuff with the image search is not the way to go right there’s a lot of better ways to go like using controls i mentioned earlier or com if it’s available and that’s what
with ie and excel and you know a lot of microsoft programs but other programs as well there are great ways to automate programs but let’s automate my tasks so here’s and i have 22 videos i need to update them but basically because i moved the gui stuff around but it still functions the same so that the videos are all relevant they just you have to look a little different in the script for where it is um and we did a webinar basically on finding and clicking stuff the uh automating programs with controls
and so this is the this is a really great one i mentioned earlier i have like 40 videos here in the intermediate course i have 29 up on youtube so again if you just want to learn controls you can go to the youtube playlist and learn a lot of the same thing that’s in the intermediate course right so um the the you the udemy course is a little more specific in each video so it’s easier to follow and easier to play with but for the most part they’re very equivalent of course there’s a lot more stuff in the intermediate course but
on the controls i did cover a lot of those in these videos here this simple spy tool this one there’s a lot of great tools out there for showing controls the to me the problem is they show you 80 other things at the same time and so the tool we built that’s why i call it simple spy is it’s just it’s only like the things you need to know for working with that control so it’s it’s a little more basic for noobs it’s just better to start with right um and we did a webinar on it so this is a great webinar to start
on it and there’s a good link in the forum where to give you some background if you get confused on what controls are this was um someone i think had started it i posted a comment and a couple people chimed in to help me understand uh the differences in guise and controls and how they are and why what the class ending is versus the actual control itself and stuff so it’s a good post to read up on if you use excel at all you can automate stuff with com in excel sorry i i sneezed there um so with excel there’s um
if you’re automating excel com is a great way to programmatically connect to it’s just like using vba you can automate stuff in it it’s really easy to learn i have this great excel function library where i’ve already created functions to do a lot of the stuff you do on a day-to-day basis there are 77 videos in my excel playlist that’s where here if you go here you see a little more detail but um there are most of them linked to this playlist right and there’s different things you can automate i’ve
already set up using my excel function library and each one walks you through the function one function at a time if i remember correctly i think most of them maybe overlap a few functions in some of the videos but most of them are independent and then we did two excel webinars um this first one was just an intro to like calm in general and then using excel the second one we talked more about using string functions and parsing text within excel and this is a good uh forum post by mickers uh who was just an author that did a
good a nice intro to excel on the autohotkey form uh we you know autohotkey if you’re not using functions they are by far the best way to level up your coding in auto hockey right it’s uh it’s it’s amazing how much uh code you end up rewriting and using and copying and pasting when you’re not using functions functions eliminate so many things they are a little tricky you gotta understand scope and a few other things but they are by far the lowest hanging fruit to understand um just to level up your code and to be
a better coder i have nine videos on that we actually have two webinars on it the first one is just introducing you to built-in autohockey functions and i have that link here for you uh there’s a lot of built-in functions and then we also talk about creating your own functions right and i have covered those in in my nine videos as well but we talked about that in this webinar the second webinar was led by jean milan who’s the author of quick access pop-up which we’re going to cover here next and it um it was great because when you
have a function that’s calling itself which is a little confusing programmatically concept-wise i get it right away right oh i need to call this but i need to keep calling it you know i want us to drill down on itself but i have to figure out how to make it stop that at some point right otherwise you have this loop so john did a really wonderful webinar on it i highly encourage you to check that out and grasp this this concept and then here’s a link to the building functions uh so quick access popup this is like
i’ll click it here this is quick access pop-up right and i have shortcuts to files and folders to most of these are snippets i use it more for dumping in my my snippets to like web pages to videos like here i have you know snippets to all my courses to the different pages on the automator to my playlists to posts i’ve done um through webinars we’ve done right and it’s just easy i stay organized but i also use it here for you know this is my autohotkey code each of these would dump in the text the
little template i have to do what i want to do right so but you can also use it to launch programs you can use it to give you shortcuts to files and folders it’s a great tool very very robust i think it’s a label available in 11 languages there’s a couple videos here and john and i did a webinar a while back i also have if you just search for it i have a video i probably should have had it here somewhere um an intro from me it’s about 10 to 15 minutes long with the core things i use from it now
jean recently changed it used to be free and he would he would you know just take donations but he’s changed it to be an actual subscription base and so i have a code here if you use it you know it’ll save you 5.99 um and depends of course which well you save the 5.99 no matter what but the price depends on you know which version you go for if you want like two licenses versus you know 20 licenses for each of your devices and if you want to pay for it for one year or one month or a lifetime right there’s
a lot of different options so um but this will still save you the 5.99 no it doesn’t of course give you cash back if you don’t spend that but it will save it off your first purchase and by the way there’s a free month so try it out for 30 days and if you’re not happy with it you don’t pay a penny right and trust me it is by far uh the tool that i would recommend hands down that if you’re not even learning about a hotkey you know this anybody can use right anyone using a with this computer can use this they
don’t need to learn how to code it’s a great tool and thank you john for the coupon uh in this next one regular expressions think of them as you know parsing text looking for patterns in your text and being able to identify parts of it and break it up and either restructure it or just borrow parts of whatever it’s a great topic i love i think of it like sudoku and sometimes it’s a challenge sometimes i want to hit my head against the wall because i’m trying to do something i just can’t quite get it but it’s it’s a lot of fun
they save you in the long run they can save you a lot of times because you can write really complex things in a very short amount of code this expressive tool to link that we’re going to build our own tool i think at some point but this is a tool on the forum that gives you some color coding now it’s it’s a pretty cool tool but it’s also a little complicated to install because it’s a sub tool from another thing what i would actually recommend is use this regex 101 link to go to a website and put in your text
put in the pattern you’re trying to do once you get it you can copy that and paste it into auto hotkey and almost perfectly it’ll work for you without any sort of tweaks they they follow the the the regex model that autohockey uses very closely so it’s great um i have a playlist of wow 21 i didn’t realize i had that many regex videos and it’s a fun fun topic it’s very cool uh we did a webinar on it which is a great if you’re if you just want to kind of learn about it you know the webinars
are great ways to just kind of stick your toe in the water and get a feel for what it is right so any of these webinars are great for that uh this quick reference if you played with rejection you know what this is because it’s a link to the the documentation that you will be in a lot i actually have a bookmarked on my home page i use it that much this regex book jack dunning you know he has several books in auto hockey and i recommend you know if you’re if you see any that interest you they’re so cheap and
they’re really good quality he really drills down over and over and over give you great examples i recommend them the regex book in particular i used to learn regular expressions i worked through the whole thing and it really helped me grasp the difference between like regex match and regex replace and wouldn’t use one over the other and how you have to use them differently because they actually work very differently and uh in this tutorial this is one of the forum that works you through some stuff so but regex is a really fun topic at some
point maybe we’ll create a a udemy course on it because it’s it’s great the thing is there’s a lot of regex courses out there and you don’t have to regex it’s kind of like you know html or the dom it’s not necessarily unique to autohotkey so um there’s you could go study other courses in regex and learn and then very easily generally adapt it to on a hotkeys version of regex and then web scraping these last two here there’s web scripting of course with ie versus chrome now most of you are going to be like well
why in the world would i do something with ie over chrome right because if i can automate chrome why would i do something with ie well automating stuff with ie because ie you know i you know i’m talking like version 11 not edge it has a calm backbone to it and so you can programmatically do basically whatever you want with ie and it’s really easy and ian by the way i have a syntax writer right um this will help write your code for you for doing web scraping uh there’s also this great iwb2 learner tool that that
i adapted mixed with and i tweaked it so we add a couple other things that wasn’t in the normal one um this is our version of it and then i have 68 videos on web scraping it’s a it’s you know you do have to learn the dom the document object model which is you know it’s overall a simple concept in the it’s a map to your web page however learning it is like wow you can take years learning it but learning the basics in the foundation and that’s where this uh this jethro post is a great one to go
study that because he kind of outlined some of that and i i read and reread this post from jethro over and over and over and it really helped um we did do our own in the intro to web scripting webinar so we did a webinar and we basically you know worked through how to connect with different elements in your page and uh there’s several different ways and so it’s a great one to make sure if you’re starting a little web scraping god i wish i had this resource when i was learning it because it would have saved me hours upon hours
so there and knickers has a great tutorial on it as well now with chrome the reason why you know it’s difficult in chrome is chrome unfortunately when you go to automate it you’re kind of you’re coming in through the debug mode and then you have to generally use javascript instead of ie i’m sorry autohotkey to automate you know to loop over the elements to find things and sometimes it’s just it’s just really it’s a lot more complicated so even though it’s great that we can automate chrome
and i thank you geek dude for creating this class um it’s the nature of the beast just a little more complicated so you can get the uh the chrome class i mentioned from geek dude here at either github or on the forum all right so let’s let’s move down a little bit more there’s some um resources so jackie stook and i do podcasts almost every week and we have i think over 80 now podcasts where we discuss automation auto hotkey uh kind of technology uh the webinars as i mentioned all of these here are webinars however what i
list maybe a dozen here we have over 53 now i think uh webinars which is crazy right so you could watch one a week for a year that’s a lot of webinars um i didn’t want to list them here of course because there’s so many right and i didn’t want to try to make i’m this was trying to help you looking across at the most common things but if you’re trying to learn a topic go check out and see if we have a webinar on it right so there’s a link for that if you are interested i have a of course i don’t have them right in
front of me but i have a water bottles and uh stickers and not a hotkey i don’t have shirts i made these just for myself but um if you get fired up you can buy uh you know like a water bottle or squishy ball or a little sticker of a hockey um sign up for the alerts it’s uh like i said when you create an account to get this document i’m going to sign you up and if you don’t want it you send subscribe right i don’t send out that regularly i’m gonna try to do it a little more often but figure you know somewhere between
one a week to two to one every other month somewhere in there at the beginning but we’re going to probably do it more regularly once every two weeks is probably the ideal spot i think and it’s just stuff auto hotkey right it’s just stuff about learning technology and automation and finding ways to do stuff smarter not harder so uh sign up for those alerts on this ultimate autohockey resource page i just want to throw it out here because it’s a lot of people stick to one thing like they’ll use the forum which is a great
source or they’ll they’ll use uh discord but there are a lot of resources around a hotkey so and they they offer different things so get used to searching you know multiple areas for what you’re looking when you’re trying to learn something um here are a couple tools that that we have links to and we’re we’re going to dial these up in a bit and give them even better but the screen clipping with ocr you’ve probably seen me use this right i can click i can do whatever i want and it um it’ll do the screen clipping or if
this was an image i could hit a different hotkey and go like this and look it grabbed that and shoved it onto the clipboard for me so it’s really cool sometimes you’re looking at something and you want the text but it’s like actually up here i can’t grab this text let’s see though this is kind of small but we’ll try it yeah oh it looks like it didn’t get that but yeah because some for some reason the smaller stuff let me see if i do it with a bigger one no and i don’t i haven’t understood that
but generally speaking it works really well if i if i do like so this grabbed that and i don’t understand maybe i’m not going far enough down anyway it doesn’t matter but um that’s that tool there we go i’ve got some of that um that’s this tool pasting is plain text so often if i’m in here and i copy this and i was to go copy it and go to paste it of course it would have the rich text or even html format and if i’m in word i can choose to paste this plain text but not every program
does this so this script this paste is plain text allows me to hit control g and it will paste plain text but if i still want the rich text i can hit control v so it doesn’t replace the clipboard it just temporarily shoves in your plain text pastes it and then restores the clipboard so it’s very very handy this google search um i use this one a lot so you can come up and say hey where do i wanna you know what am i looking for let’s say uh i’m scraping with autohotkey where do i want to search yeah we’ll search this
one this one and we’ll do this one now this wrap search with double quotes that’s going to take this and put it in double quotes if i have it selected i’m going to hit search of course it loaded on the other page where my browser is but it just ran that search across all those sites for me right and so often i’m not too sure exactly where to look for something and i hated retyping that search the nice thing about this is of course it uses google right where it says hey what’s the site this is the site and then what’s my
query and it runs it across whichever ones you had selected right so it’s a great easy way hey who’s this guy right here anyway it’s a great easy way to uh to automate your search and you don’t have to um do do them individually uh the start menu clock that’s what this right here this is my start menu right i can click it you can see it’s a start menu but it’s uh it’s just a clock and i’m like why why take up so much of your space in your system tray with the clock and calendar look
how little this is and i gain up a lot more space on my taskbar so that’s that one um by the way it was called like the xp start menu clock that’s how long i’ve been using this script uh the spell check now this is just one off the forum but just a reminder right you can have a spell check with like 4 000 words running all the time and so here’s a link to that in this multi-file renamer it’s uh it’s really cool because you can you could have a list of files and drag them in let’s say they all
began with the word the you could you could type in the in the search and replace it with nothing and hit apply and it would remove the word the from all your file names so i find it to be really helpful depending on what i’m doing where i get you know files from that they might have characters i don’t want you can do regular expressions and stuff for them this is another tool it’s very advanced and it took me a while to get used to so we’re going to create our own version that’s just simpler where it doesn’t do
80 things it’ll do like three or four things right of of the complexity so anyway i hope you find this document helpful again if you go to the url up top of my head here way up there you can get this document and uh and then have all these links and just keep it as a good resource right um at some point i’ll probably add to it i mean we’re gonna be adding more and more tools and uh when you’re a subscriber you know like we’ll we’ll be sending out emails alerting you of some new cool tool you
might want to get so hope that helps and thanks for signing up cheers

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