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Automate my TaskAutomateMyTask is  a great, easy to use, tool to help you write your v1 AutoHotkey syntax for clicking / sending text.  AutomateMyTask  is pretty “smart” in that it first looks to see if it can detect a control that it can send a control click to.  If not, then it will search for the image

You can learn more about AutomateMyTask  here

Amazing free AutoClicker for Windows | Easily automate clicking with AmT

Amazing free AutoClicker for Windows | Easily automate clicking with AmT

The key idea of the video is to demonstrate the updates and functionality of the AmT task automation tool, specifically focusing on the improved accuracy of the offset button and the ability to easily automate clicking.

  • 00:00 🤖 The speaker demonstrates updates made to their task automation tool, including removing duplicate steps and improving the accuracy of the offset button.
  • 00:49 🤔 The speaker discusses a complex script that involves making changes and working with the mysterious GUI class, which was confusing for someone who had never worked with it before.
  • 01:16 💡 The action field has been updated to allow for exporting, and a restore position button has been added to return the mouse to its original location.
  • 01:52 🤖 The speaker discusses the addition of a new line in the exported parameters to make it easier to read and use, as well as the use of the notify class to show what gets copied or exported.
  • 02:34 🤖 The auto clicker allows for easy automation of clicking by adjusting the display matches and restoring positions.
  • 03:43 💡 The speaker demonstrates how to use a mouse click function in a program and mentions the need to add comments for clarity.
  • 04:31 🤖 Adjust the offset to accurately click on specific areas or elements on the screen using the AmT AutoClicker for Windows.
  • 05:35 🤖 Easily automate clicking with AmT by adding texts, testing, replacing, and watching other videos for feedback on updates and functionality changes.

AutomateMyTask Walkthrough Transcript

paster lines I want to demonstrate some of the updates I did to ought to be my task I had some help of Jack he shook the other night but uh you can see just when I launched it here that I’ve moved around a lot of things there just a little bit grouped better together I got rid of a couple things so let’s say I remove the duplicate steps because before you could hit a button to duplicate the last step that just didn’t seem very helpful to me or something I do that often so I removed it the guts are still there so I can turn it back on
but I’d have to you know I I took up the space um but let’s see here a – Oh offset button so Jack he helped me with this the other night um this show offset button I got the button to put a dot but I wasn’t very accurately putting it where I had clicked and so Jackie during a podcast we recorded it it’ll be shared it’ll be several weeks but it was walking through how to do some of these changes and so it was a pretty advanced script so it was a good not debugging because we weren’t buggin but you know
working on someone else’s script that so Jack he had never worked with mysterious GUI class which drives a big part of this so it was a bit confusing and of course Maestri with his advanced programmer so he stuff stuff into objects like there’s no tomorrow so anyway so we updated that we also updated this action field where before it wouldn’t it wouldn’t if you change that what was in here it wouldn’t get exported and this still actually needs some work because if you add another step it doesn’t keep what’s in there and
so my thoughts is we’re gonna have to shove that into the actual object and then push it back in there but for now at least when you do one step it’ll export what’s there I added a restore someone had mentioned having a restore position for where if you’re actually do our mouse move or sorry mouse click somewhere with an actual click and I have a button here to say hey now go put the mouse back to where it was it’s kind of funny because I had this in my fine text function that I had added but I
didn’t add it in this um and I hadn’t thought about it so that was a good add also the have a new line Jack he mentioned that during our webinar having a new line in the when it exports of parameters because normally it exports to one flat line which is great but it’s really wide and it’s hard to digest and so this one if you want to kind of look at it and play with it it’s easy to use and then I’m also using notify make sure it’s notify class for showing what gets copied or exported so
let’s go ahead and do an example here make sure you highlight until hit f1 let’s say we’re gonna move it over to a II hit f1 again move away a flan great now it’s set let’s say I let’s say I want to do it offset um let’s say actually let’s see now I should have done something else well let’s go ahead and first so the actual click and we’re gonna restore position so first let’s say I always like to say display matches to find it Oh interesting it’s not finding it so let’s adjust this
a little bit display matches still not it’s so quick you know you really shouldn’t wait interesting it’s uh not that we should have to but let’s let’s do adjust it a little bit here there we go and notice there’s only one so this restore positions on so it’s gonna left click there it’s going to move the mouse there because it’s an actual click it’s gonna move it there and then when I hit tez it’s gonna move it back so let me click it went up there and back and see
how fast that is that’s awesome easy-peasy right it whereas if I turn off the restore position and I test it it’ll go up there and click it but it doesn’t come back to where it was right now that only takes effect if you’re doing an actual click but I do like that functionality again this says mouse click but let’s say good ie to launch it so when I and this is just on the gist export function I’m going to turn on this bad boy here and when I hit export you’re gonna see now it breaks it out and it shows it in
this notify function and if you noticed I was not into it but right here in the comment click ie to launch it so now that’s in there which is cool because you know it it it’s grabbing what you’ve put in here right and now that I look at it let me look that’s one more time I think I should I got a little work to do because I need to wrap that in comments so I’ll need to fix that where we wrap it comments but um I’ll get that fixed before I share the code that should be a pretty easy tweak to do yeah we’ll see
well so that I do show the offset so let’s say instead of clicking ie I wanted to use that to launch word and for whatever reason the bit thing I have anchored here so let me set it an offset so I’m gonna hit f3 and let’s do this click it there and now I can say show offset and now it helps me see where it is I’m actually gonna be clicking right so I think this is cool or let’s say if we had we were in here you know we were doing a text a set text so I’m gonna hit f2 f2 what are we gonna
find find this great move away and I’ll set the offset here and now display matches ok great have found it let’s show the offset that looks a little high there um so I’m going to let’s see if I wanted to go down I think I know I want to go up here the other wheel so I want to lower it now show offset and there we go that’s a little better let’s add some texts ba and let’s do a test that was interesting that I’m not actually sure oh it did the first step – let’s get rid of this first step let’s stop there we
go test there it goes so did the replace of that and that’s uh let’s see that’s basically the the Biggie’s watch the other videos I’m not gonna record all the documentation over until I nail down you know I feel very good that the updates are all been adjusted then I’ll go redo all the training but for now go watch the other ones like I said the functionality hasn’t really changed it’s just more that uh I’ve rearranged things got rid of a couple things and added some stuff
so I look forward to some more feedback Cheers

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