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Simple way to Blur your screen while Recording/Sharing Srceen

This simple tool allows you to quck and simple way to blur your screen .  It detects the window beneath what is blurred and the blur will move whenyou’re moving it (however it does sometimes lag slightly so we recommend stopping screen sharing / recording or putting your windows in place before you share/record.   This is a great way to allow you to share your screen without revealing sensitive data.   It also prevents needing to blur screen recordings in post production.

Simple way to Blur your screen Live!

Simple way to Blur parts of your screen Live!

Updated on 2024/03/23 to Version: 0.3.3

Please note this tool is an executable.
If you cannot run/use executables, do not purchase!

You can easily blur parts of your screen live with a simple tool, making it great for live Zoom meetings and other situations where you need to obfuscate content.

  • 00:00 ️ Easily blur parts of your screen live with a simple tool by holding down a hotkey.
  • 00:27 Move the blur with your screen, pause or stop recording to reset it, and use multiple blurs if needed.
  • 00:54 Blur parts of your screen live, easily adjustable and great for live Zoom meetings.
  • 01:28 Use a method to blur your screen that completely obfuscates the content, as AI can often figure out what’s behind partial blurs.
  • 01:59 The tool is priced at $5.99 and took a week to develop, but it works well.
  • 02:24 Use this tool to easily blur parts of your screen with customizable hotkeys and options, and don’t forget to like the video to support the channel.

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