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49 Amazing Built-in Windows Hotkeys

49 Amazing Windows keyboard shortcuts49 Amazing Windows Built-in Windows Hotkeys Print these Windows Hotkeys out and memorize them today!

The key idea of the video is that using Windows keyboard shortcuts can greatly increase productivity by allowing for faster actions and saving time.

  • 00:00 🔍 The speaker shares a document of Windows keyboard shortcuts that he created over 20 years ago, emphasizing their usefulness and timelessness.
  • 01:02 🔍 Windows f is a useful shortcut for finding files, while windows p allows for easy insertion of emojis, and shift f10 brings up the context menu in any program.
  • 02:00 💡 Windows M minimizes all windows, while Windows Shift M brings them back; Alt Tab and Alt Shift Tab are shortcuts for switching between programs.
  • 02:38 💡 Use keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl+Z to undo and Ctrl+Y to redo actions in Windows to save time and repeat tasks easily.
  • 03:43 🔍 Using Windows keyboard shortcuts can greatly increase productivity by allowing for faster actions such as undoing, searching, navigating, and deleting.
  • 04:25 🔍 You can use keyboard shortcuts like shift + home to highlight text, ctrl + b to bold, and double click to select a word without highlighting it.
  • 05:24 💡 Control page up/down, control N, control S, and control P are important Windows keyboard shortcuts to know, while control home/end and shift home are useful but less important.
  • 06:30 📝 Learn keyboard shortcuts to save time and improve productivity.


Transcripts showing Amazing Built-in Windows Hotkeys

hi it’s Joe Glines from the-Automator and i wanted to walk through this documentyou’re going to laugh i actually created this document at least the vast majority of it over 20 years ago i’d say it was around 98 is when i i was my undergrad and i was watching my my fellow colleaguesclassmates do some really ridiculous stuff on a computer and so i put this together to hand out and to give to people to help them to say hey print this out and memorize theseHotkeys right you know what’s crazy is i think
um this windows period this is the only one i really added recently everything else it’s the same and that it’s not that i’m saying hey this is old don’t look at it it’s it’s stood the test of time right so there’s some greatgreat Hotkey obviously it brings the startup menu mine’s on the other page but you probably know that one windows r will bring up the run menu
and that one so that this will bring that up automatically windows e will launch explorer and so that can just pull up explorer for you that one i can’t tell you how many times per day i use that windows f now windows f is going to find files on your computers i actually have mine running something else it runs this file search x program which unfortunately it’s a paid program but it the search is like the old windows xp search which is just much more friendly than the current search termssearch tool inside windows so there’s
windows p if any tool you’re in i can hit windows period and it brings up the emojis that then you can insert and i’m like hey you know what that’s worth adding because it’s just handy right very handy to haveshift f10 if you don’t know it so if you’re in any program shift f10 will bring up the context context menu and so not that i would recommend hitting shift f10 but hey if your mouse isn’t working you can do that the other one is if you’re trying to trigger the context
menu in a program you know we’re not a Hotkey you might decide to send shift f10 and see if you can get that context menu to pop up if you can’t find a better way to do itwindows m this is a great one right windows m will minimize everything and when you’re done window shift m oops just shift down brings everything back and so if you’re trying to look for something you can hit windows m and it’ll minimize everything so you can see your desktop and then windows shift m reverts everything back and these are
great power oneslike i said i use alt tab i you’re probably gonna laugh right buti’ll i’ll still suspect some percent of you guys don’t know what alt tab is for switching between programs right and there’s another new one buti prefer just the alt tab inalt shift tab i should have maybe colored these in blue too so if you want so i’m going alt tab tab and then alt shift tab it’s a little hard to hit but that reverses the direction of where you’re going rightcontrol
a hey select all control x obviously is cut ctrl c copy ctrl v paste ctrl z undo now this is one of my favorite Hotkeys that works in almost almost any windows tool a lot of people don’t use it but it’s it’s a great one because if you’re doing any sort of like formatting or any any adjustments do your formatting once and then highlight the next thing and hit redo like if i wanted to make this bold and let’s say you know what let’s let me undo that i’m going to i’m going to hit now let’s see that we’re in word
so control d will bring up this menu right that’s not on this thing because it’s a separate one butlet’s say we wanted to make it size 12 with a red font and bold now i can hit here and hit control z i’m sorry control y and redo right and control y and redo so it’s a great thing to repeat what you just did right i use this so much to save time it’s crazy so undo undo undo which is the next one control z right as i think it’s the next one going from memory that was one beforeundo undo undo do
now most you guys know the buttons right which are fine but knowing these Hotkeys it’s much fasterso control f i did the that one will search control h for search and replace thingsthese are big ones too this navigating around so if like i’m here and i hit control left arrow it’s going to jump across a word and control right arrow moves me back that way right if i hit ctrl delete it will delete that word the things to the left and i think the controldelete shift end oh shift n so there i can
highlight everything and i can be at the end and hit hold down shift and hit home actually you know what i don’t know if i have that in here that’s a good one i’ll need to add that so shift shift home shift plus homelet’s left there we go nice and let me go ahead and bold and blue make this consistent and of course there’s a lot of different oops not that blue i’ll fix it here in a bitbutlet’s see double so when you’re in any program double clicking will select the word oh by the
way where’s my little cheat oh thesethesethe ctrl i b u those you don’t actually have to highlight the whole word so if i’m in here i can hit ctrl b right i don’t have to select the word so sorry for jumping around here double click with the mouse that’ll select the entire word triple click will select the entire row often control page up and down right these are great so control page up gets you that there can control page down or control n will get you to the endso so that’s the control home and ctrl end
but these two two will move up one down a page and home and n brings you to theoh i do have home but i didn’t have the shift shift home will select the line home will just get you to the front of the line so maybe that’s why i thought i had it in here but i didn’tend control home control end brings to begin the document great control obviously these you probably know i mean not many people underline anything more because of hyperlinksbut another of these are you know control o for opening a file and almost any
program right that’ll work control n for a new file of whatever you’re in and control s will save and control p not that many people print that’s why everything in blue are the ones you just gotta know right the ones that aren’t in blue they’re still i highly recommend them you should know them butthey’re not quite as important and useful as the other ones soi hope you found this helpful i’ll put the link here where you can download itthat’s gonna be behind a sign in
just so i get your email address and i can add you to the-Automator so hope you guys are doing great andtake care cheers

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