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Create GIST and share your code

Easily create GIST and share your code

Easily share your scripts by Creating a GIST with your GitHub account

Easily share your scripts by Creating a GIST with your GitHub account

The key idea of the video is that creating a GIST with your GitHub account allows you to easily share and update your code snippets and scripts while preserving syntax and formatting on various platforms.

  • 00:00 Easily share your code snippets and scripts by creating a GIST with your GitHub account, which allows you to preserve the syntax and formatting when sharing on platforms like WordPress, YouTube, and Facebook.
  • 01:02 Create a public gist on GitHub to easily share and update your scripts, allowing others to subscribe, see changes, and fork it.
  • 01:18 Easily share your scripts by creating a GIST with your GitHub account, storing your token in a file and specifying your GitHub username.
  • 01:55 The script includes error checking and the ability to extract the title from a file name with a .agek extension.
  • 02:24 The speaker demonstrates how to create a GitHub gist and use a hotkey to quickly launch and share scripts.
  • 03:12 The speaker demonstrates how to share scripts by creating a GIST with a GitHub account and discusses the rendering of the script on a Facebook post.
  • 03:49 When creating a GIST on GitHub, users can easily share their scripts in a downloadable format, allowing others to access and maintain the original structure and appearance.
  • 04:14 Easily share and update your scripts by creating a GIST with your GitHub account, providing a more permanent and trackable solution compared to paste bins.

hey it’s joe lyons from the-Automatoryou’ve seen it times there’ll be posts where they’re flattened out of one line and i ran into this as a wordpress issue even though you use like a pre html code that’s supposed to leave the the syntax as iswordpress would often replace the line breaks and flatten them all out it was really a huge pain and i looked into
otherplugins to take care of it on wordpress but it just it it none of them worked right unfortunatelyand then alsowhen i want to share stuff like in youtube like a description on youtube or in facebook or whatever you couldn’t always post the code and sometimes it’d be illegal characters and even then when you did do it it wouldn’t look properand these gifts fromgithub if you have a github account you can easily create gifts and that’s what this autohot code will help you do and the great
thing about it let me let me switch over to the screen hereyou can read a little bit about it hereit’ll talk about that there’s two different times there’s a types there’s a publicist and a secret guest this is on creating a publicist and what’s cool is people can actually subscribe to it that way if you make updates they can see the changes they can even fork it right it basically becomes like a post like a thread you know in your github account and you can go back and look at all yoursso i’m not going to get
into the whole this this is you know what you do with it but let me demonstrate the script so let’s come over here to on hockey studionow what you’re going to have to do is a couple things here is i have my token stored in any file in the same folder and that’s what it’s reading in right here and it’s going to put a value here and then i have the name of my git which for me since that doesn’t really matter it’s just joe glides right you look up yoursyour github like if this is your path this is what you would
put right here right and that’s your get nameif either of these i just built a little bit of error checking if either of these are blank it’s gonna pop up and say you need to go you know take care of thatso that’s built into the script and what you can do you can be inactually anywhere i have it if you’re inwell whatever you’re on it’ll get the title and it’ll try to look to see if there’s and a dot age k in the name if it is it’ll try to borrow from that so let’s actually let’s see i don’t
wanna well we’ll just do this one so i’m going to highlight everythingbecause everything i would want to be in my gist here and now i have a Hotkey and g see how this says github gist that is from the name right and so that’s how i’m auto-populating that of course you could type in what you want it’s great think about it edit box right
andcheck out theintro to dewey’s course if you haven’t played with thesein the description thisjust an example posting a gift now i’m going to hit guest and when i do actually let me clear this out down herebecause you’ll see when i do it is going to come back right now now this whole thing is on my clipboard everything in here is on my clipboard so you could paste it wherever you want this is what i would put into if i was putting it on a pageyou know where there’s html
right this is if i was posting it like into a youtube or a facebook thing and i wanted people to be able to have the url let’s actually let’s take it here i’m curious i haven’t done this in a whilestraight up like on a facebook post let’s see what it does if i was in AutoHotkey here create a public post post so it’ll do this but when we post it let’s see how it looks it should render itoh that’s funny i thought it would actually give us a little bit of visual of it however when
we click to ithere you’ll see this is how it’s going to look for them right that they can come in here and they can get what they want they can get thethey can just download it as a zip fileyeah anyway so oh and that’s what is the raw we just want to get the raw here’s the file right so it’s a great easy way for people tokeep the format and structure and how it looksi have it where you have the intellisenseso in a super super simple and again it’s trackable right i could go back here i
can actually edit this one and anywhere where i post it before it’ll update it so it’s a great easy way to have something a little more permanent than you know the hkthe paste what’s it post script no paste binis really cool however like i don’t know how to get back to my my previous stuff right so if i don’t know where to how to get back to what i’ve done before maybe there is a way i just don’t use it that often but also theoreticallythose things don’t disappear but i know from talking
to geek dude he says they you know i think at some points they do over time disappear and this way this is tied to your your github library so i just thought you’d find that helpful hope you like itlet me know what you think cheers

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