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Descoladas ACC Library for AHK v2

Author: Descolada


Acc library for AHK v2

Notable changes (compared to Acc v1):

Acc v2 in not a port of AHK v1 Acc library, but instead a complete redesign to incorporate more object-oriented approaches.

  1. All Acc elements are now array-like objects, where the “Length” property contains the number of children,
    any nth children can be accessed with element[n], and children can be iterated over with for loops.
  2. Acc main functions are contained in the global Acc class/variable
  3. Element methods are contained inside element objects
  4. Element properties can be used without the “acc” prefix
  5. ChildIds have been removed (are handled in the backend), but can be accessed through el.ChildId
  6. Additional methods have been added for elements, such as FindElement, FindElements, Click
  7. Acc constants are included in the Acc object
  8. AccViewer is built into the library: when ran directly the AccViewer will show, when included
    in another script then it won’t show (but can be accessed by calling Acc.Viewer())
  9. Some main Acc methods have been given aliases: eg ObjectFromWindow -> ElementFromHandle.

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