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Easily Edit, Reload, Access all running scripts with AHKScriptHub

Use AHKScriptHub to easily access all running scripts (even if they don’t have a system tray icon)AHKScriptHub

Easily control ALL running AHK scripts with AHKScriptHub
Easily control ALL running AHK scripts with AHKScriptHub

The key idea of the video is that AHKScriptHub allows users to easily control and manage all running AHK scripts, including editing, reloading, and suspending them.

  • 00:00 🤖 Easily control all running AHK scripts with AHKScriptHub, allowing you to connect, edit, reload, jump to the folder, pause, and suspend them.
  • 00:56 🔧 Customize and control AHK scripts easily with AHKScriptHub, including changing the start menu to a button on the system tray.
  • 01:22 💡 Easily control all running AHK scripts with AHKScriptHub by right-clicking on the hub and accessing a listing of the scripts, including an extra one written in autohotkey.
  • 01:49 💡 You can easily control all running AHK scripts by reloading them and editing them through the AHKScriptHub interface.
  • 02:20 👉 You can easily control all running AHK scripts without a system tray icon, allowing you to edit, reload, or suspend them, and even override the icon with a clock-like button.
  • 03:12 💡 The speaker discusses the issue of a spell check not having a system tray and the attempts to fix it, but unfortunately, it has not been resolved yet.
  • 03:33 💡 The speaker demonstrates how to open a folder and edit a file, while also mentioning the ability to run scripts.
  • 04:26 👉 The speaker demonstrates how to easily control and suspend running AHK scripts, specifically a spell checker, by reloading and launching the main script.

(4) Easily control ALL running AHK scripts with AHKScriptHub – YouTube

(00:01) hey it’s joe Glines from the automator and i put this cool script together i’ve been working for a little while now and allows you to connect to any running auto hockey program whether it has a system tray account or not allows you to edit them reload them jump to the folder pause them uh what else something else uh pause and suspend so let’s go ahead and get into the code now before i do please like this video really helps me out and allows me to get gets me to put more like it thank you and all right let’s jump into the code
(00:30) here now this is not the code uh this is it’s another tool i have called task manager um i forget who the author is but i demonstrated it in a in a webinar and right now i have you can see there’s uh looks like seven autohockey scripts running and this this one this other hockey script that’s my main one that has the joe icon so i know it’s mine but the uh like the spell check doesn’t have a system tray icon so down in here in my system tray there’s no there’s no green edges no there’s notice there’s no
(00:59) greenishes at all right because i customize each one of the ones that i do use but like that in the uh let’s see the button clock wherever that is uh here’s this xp button clock that’s what changes out my start menu and puts in a button here instead of having it where um it just has the start right why not take that you know get rid of it from your system tray put it up here and it still works as a start menu i just don’t have to have the stupid start the word start there or the icon or whatever logo they use now so
(01:28) let’s jump into the script now this hub here this is it so i’m going to right click on it and notice it has a listing of the seven scripts that are running actually it has an extra one because qap is written in autohotkey so identifies it and i think it might you know um jump to the folder but it won’t reload it or anything but that’s the rarity right an actual compiled script but i can come in here and say hey you know what this this one again this doesn’t have a tray icon but i can come
(01:55) in here and i can hit uh let’s hit reload and it would it would trigger this to reload right so it just would have been so fast you may not have seen it but let’s uh come back into here let’s edit see if i’ll edit it now the edit sometimes uh doesn’t work and that’s because we’re sending post messages and even though we’re trying a little bit of stuff all right good it loaded and and i can go ahead and close this now you get the idea right um so notice this no tray icon right that’s why there’s no system
(02:24) tray icon which if you have a running script can be incredibly problematic to go and edit or to reload or suspend that script and that’s what you know that’s one of the things i love about this script it allows me to either jump to that folder where i can edit it now the other really cool thing is i i realized look i’m gonna uncomment this so here is a it’s the uh it kind of looks like a clock so even though i’m gonna relaunch it now this one still will not have a system tray icon because
(02:52) this command here kind of overrides it this directive will override this command right however what’s really cool is in here let me reload this and see now or sorry where is it here’s the button clock notice it has this this icon and that’s that is that number 82 up here on line three so even if like my spell check it doesn’t have a system try however i have a sin let’s see if we can open it let’s see if we’ll jump to it see this fail down here this is where it’s trying and trying and
(03:22) sometimes unfortunately it just doesn’t work so uh and i’ve had different people working on that and unfortunately we haven’t quite got it you know perfectly uh to work every time so let’s go back in here and edit interesting yeah so but we should be able to very reliably open the folder so let’s go to spell check and open folder it opened on the other screen of course but in here is my spell check and i don’t know what’s called spell check probably i got a lot of files spell check so
(04:02) here’s my that that icon but let me edit it and here you’ll see the no tray icon however i have it in here telling it and actually so i had borrowed it and put in that local file but it’s a windows system 32 shell 32 dll file so anyway i hope you get that idea that if you have running scripts i could still um i could suspend things let’s come back into here so anyone like the spell check i could pause it i can suspend it i can exit out of it uh so let me exit it and see if that actually works come back in here
(04:37) reload it it’ll reload every 15 seconds i think by default so notice no more spell checker right now thankfully i have that in my main script so if i load this one i’m sorry i launch it from my main script so let me reload now that’s going to go through redoes everything and now we should see oops wrong button and again it re this tool because we want to keep it up to date relaunches itself and now look the spell check is back there again right so hope you enjoy that uh let me know if you have any questions
(05:09) and again go to that url you can get that you can get the download and i hope that’s it take care oh please again like the video really helps cheers

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