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Easily Paste Plain Text, HTML Formatted Text, or Pictures with Clipster

For several years now I’ve been having problems sneding HotStrings with AutoHotkey.   Recently it has become more problematic so I asked Irfan to create an AHK Function that will watch for a HotString or Hotkey, and paste the text (which is much more reliable).

Easily Pasting text, HTML formatted text or pIctures with Clipster
Easily sending text, HTML or pIctures with Clipster

Clipster is a function library that allows users to easily send text, HTML, or pictures by copying and pasting, without changing the clipboard, making it convenient for quickly accessing files and adding content.

  • 00:00 💡 The speaker discusses a function that allows users to easily send text, images, or HTML by pasting instead of using hotkeys or keystrokes.
  • 00:59 📋 Clipster is a library that allows easy sending of text, HTML, or pictures by copying and pasting, without changing the clipboard.
  • 02:42 💡 Easily send text, HTML, or pictures with Clipster by pasting and refreshing the script, allowing for line breaks and taking advantage of writing HTML.
  • 03:45 📝 Easily navigate to specific folders and send text or HTML using Clipster’s simple input commands, making it convenient for quickly accessing files and adding content.
  • 05:29 💡 By using HTML, you can easily send text, HTML, or pictures with Clipster, allowing you to paste formatted content into programs like Gmail or Word.
  • 07:10 💡 You can easily send text, HTML, and pictures with Clipster, including pasting images directly instead of sending the URL.
  • 08:41 📝 Using patterns and initials as hotkeys in Clipster helps prevent accidental triggers and improves memory recall for sending text, HTML, or pictures.
  • 09:54 📋 Use Clipster to easily convert text from Word to clean HTML, avoiding the excessive formatting and length that Word adds.

Transcript from Video on Clipster

hey everyone it’s Joe and Irfan here from the-Automator.com and today with Windows especially 10 and 11 has been having problems sending keystrokes with HotString orHotkey to dump in text I think most people know that right but we wrote a little function to not only do that which we’re going to demonstrate here but also to do some other really cool stuff like pasting in images or pasting in HTML like actually
rich text of HTML where it’srendered so Irfan is going to show you here let’s start looking let’s start off with the first one now of course the trigger can be a HotStrings and you get to choose what your hot spring is right so we’re not trying to tell you to thatoh but yeah go ahead and explain where the files go first yes so first of all we have to like make it sure we are running V2 so we had requires then we include the library
and here is the lip folder and inside the folder these three files are required actually Clips clipster include these two libraries to work and here we include the clipster and then we are good to go after that you can see the first exampleH tag is a hard string and we are using a function and just just a text or email a URL address so if I do H dot tag here let me now it is you can see that it is not sending word by word but it just pasted it the clipster function copies it and my clipboard has something else so my clipboard
doesn’t change at all so we are keeping the backup of the clipboard and then restore do me a favor I don’t think that was quite like copy examples the word examples to your clipboard so if I copy it’s here and then if I etch that and if I paste I have examples right and the other example is simple if simple as dot long so we are just like instead of sending tests we are pasting it okay yeah three things and then let’s go ahead and demonstrate it now if we wanted to put a line break after looking forward to and then
um let’s put a line break so show how easy that would be in here and now put a tick mark in if there we go opportunity yes yeah and if I reload the script it will refresh all my script and then if I send H dot GR and you can see the next line we just pasted it instead of sending and the other benefit of is like while writing HTML we can have Advantage we can take advantage so for this example H dot red at Dot right you can see I am here now I can continue here so what I did I left press left 16 times to get here
just like this we have defined input and it’s very simple and easy to write HTML with these kinds of helps and when we go to the next level like the enter key we can send for like if we have or we want to add something in here open window open then go you gotta hit the browse hit the browser I hate this new interface yeah so if I do p dot icon a little navigate to that icon folder so if I do all files I’m looking at my icons so yeah and this when you have network drives with crazy paths it’s a great way
to be able to jump to whatever folder you want to very quickly yes we just have to like here we will face the path and then send the enter key and it will directly navigate to us right to that folder and the next level is like we can do HTML and but the second parameter will instead of keys it will turn into HTML so and here we can pass HTML like with tags and hyperlinks this HTML defines hyperlink and if I press F10 in the world it’s just pasted the thing so we here we are testing the helper link is happening is working fine
so it’s one of the things with normal hot springs in Otto hunky you you can just paste plain text right you can’t have something hyperlinked or have it bold or something and by building it with HTML and then shoving that into the clipboard as an HTML format we’re able to paste it into programs I handle HTML like let’s say Gmail or word or whatever right it’s it’s a great way but you do have to know how to create HTML and I’ll show you a shortcut way to get that later so if I like want to build this line
I can do something like this and if I reload this thing I get the boldness so you see I just You by using HTML I just muted the text few texts into the world and it is just pasting it and the other example is also about the HTML this is like three lines like here we are taking advantage of join and we are using line breaks to add into the all the lines and in the end we are pasting the that text as a variable so if I press f11 here you see how fast it is and it is pressing on all the text and with the hyperlings and I can use all the advantages of the
HTML and the last one is there is the last one we can also we can also paste images not the images URL but the bitmaps the let me show you just if I if I give the URL and the next parameter is Click then it will paste instead of sending the URL it will file yeah so if I do P dot r u and I get the image and I can move it so and there are other images like P Dot com and you can see this is another image and there is a t dot end so it is that easy so multiple images can be configured while working and
the user can have advantages and yeah let’s go back to the script just to clarify the the thing after the second colon so there’s the asterisk which means like don’t wait for a trigger the X says everything to the right is going to be an actual HotkeyAutoHotkey function not not sending text so that P dot Ru that’s whatever you want right like that we I like using the first letter to think about what it is and then a cup a DOT and then a couple letters to remember so there’s the picture and then it’s like what
picture rightthose really help prevent accidental triggers because once you start adding these you can’t just have a simple if you do you’ll often have them you’ll realize that word is a subset of another word that you actually type often so I have taken this approach to help me remember and especially like patterns I’ll do like e Dot and then the initials of the person and that’ll dump in their email address for me right so again I give patterns to things and it really helps you have a lot more in memory
because this we don’t have a GUI right like so you got to remember them so I hope you guys like thatlet me show you real quickly here let me share my screen this tool now when you go to let me load it because I think it well it starts off what I would do is just select all and delete it but here if I’m in let’s start word and say so let’s say I wanted that bolted and this hyperlinked now when I copy this this is we’re actually not 100 sure we think it word converts to HTML but I use this tool I
can paste from word and this writes very verytidy clean HTML that this is what I would go put into our tool so if you don’t know HTML it’s a great way I’ll give the linkin the video here but it’s a great way to get very clean HTML because if you were in word and you’re like well hey I can save it as I can save it as HTML the amount of crap that word throws in there is ridiculous like the amount of when it it’ll have it’ll double the triple the lengths especially if you have like a table or something
it’s really crazy soI like it’s when I do the newsletter I copy my entire newsletter here I paste it into there and I get it to convert it to HTML for me because it’s just so much cleaner than what word does I’ll put the URL on how to get thatthe clipster librarywe’re including the the win API stuff within that file so just make sure you download them all save them to your your wherever you want to save them just make sure you keep those files as our fan showed all together in your library
and let us know what you think thanks a lot for watching bye

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