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Easily Play / Pause VLC with AutoHotkey

Use this script to easily play / pause VLC with AutoHotkey


The video demonstrates how to extract functions from the ACC library and use them with AutoHotkey to control VLC media player for note-taking purposes.

  • 00:00 Joe Lyons from Automator shares how to extract functions from the ecc library for note-taking with VLC.
    • Joe Lyons from Automator forgot to include the link to the acc library in his video on a tool for taking notes with VLC, so he decided to document how to pull out functions from the ecc library instead.
  • 00:38 Using a toggle switch and hotkey, the speaker shows how to stop videos and use control send functionality to get timestamps for note-taking.
    • The speaker demonstrates a toggle switch and hotkey to stop videos, and uses control send functionality to get the timestamp of the video for note-taking purposes.
  • 01:46 Use a hotkey to control VLC media player without switching to it by leveraging the ACC library in your function library.
    • The speaker demonstrates how to use a hotkey to control VLC media player without switching to it, leveraging the ACC library in their function library to avoid using an include.
  • 02:46 The speaker cleaned up the acc library by removing redundant documentation and unused functions.
    • The speaker cleaned up the acc library by removing redundant documentation and unused functions, and had to go through each function to ensure they were not needed before copying and pasting the library.
  • 04:24 Replace acc underscore with acc in AutoHotkey library and use acc get to find and replace specific instances in VLC2.
    • Replace all acc underscore with acc in AutoHotkey library and specify specific replacements in code, then use acc get to find and replace specific instances in VLC2.
  • 05:18 Had to troubleshoot program launch error by copying and pasting parameter and checking for errors.
    • The speaker encountered an error while trying to launch a program and had to troubleshoot by copying and pasting a parameter and checking for errors.
  • 06:22 The speaker found and removed unnecessary code and errors in a file with 178 lines.
    • The speaker went through a file with 178 lines and found some big blocks that could be removed, including libraries that should no longer be included, and discovered some errors that were missed earlier.
  • 07:52 Creating a self-contained script can avoid dependency issues when including files and functions in a library.
    • Relaunched with new acc role, copied pcc, saved and ran, and refreshed with hotkey.
    • The speaker explains the pros and cons of including files and functions in a library and demonstrates how to create a self-contained script to avoid issues with dependencies.


hey it’s joe lyons from Automator and a while ago i released a video on a tool that’ll help you take notes with vlc and in it i had actually referenced the acc library but i forgot to include the link to it and what i decided to do when i up into this to go back and actually pull out the functions from the ecc library and i thought you know what actually documenting how i do that not that it’s the best way but it might be a fun way to do this so let’s first jump into the code there we go so this is the the current
code without pulling it in to have a single list for us here i’m changing the tray icon to be the vlc icon just to remind me so i’m doing that this you can just comment out this browser reload i commented on because you probably don’t want that but for testing purposes it’s a great one to have here the browser back this is my toggle switch this would be the Hotkey that you want to build you know to when you want to be able to stop basically we’re going to demonstrate it so you can get an idea
of what i’m doing here here’s the fun part right the control send qtv hits the space bar this is straight up using the control send functionality right but what i thought be really cool is let’s get the timestamp that we’re at in that video because when i’m taking notes i’d like to be able to know where i am in that video so let me go ahead and demonstrate here i’m going to launch it so it should be running nowi’m coming back right over this i’ll hit my Hotkey no davidson and he’s representing
a director of this so then i would say oh okay let me let me bring up let’s say i’m in word with start word now on my clipboard you notice right here it says clipboard right when i paste this is the time that i was at seven secondsdirector opus thedavidson right now i can hit my HotString pin from of cAutose for vip anyway you get the idea right how easy this is i can hit myHotkey i don’t even have to switch to
vlc because this can oops sorry this control send doesn’t require for that video to be even visible let aloneactive right it’s going to activate it send the space functionality there this acc function here now this is where it gets interesting right when i expand this you’ll see hey this play pause tool vlc2 is leveraging it’s in using because the acc library is in my function library right that’s where i put everything that means i don’t have to use an include which i really like a
lot of people don’t like that i personally love it because then i don’t have to worry about it of course when you go to share this with someone just like i did you can screw up because you forget oh crap i didn’t see an include i totally didn’t realize i need to do this now the painful part now this one wasn’t too painful but the painful part is let’s say instead of just dumping the entire acc library let’s take a look at it it’s not that big i think it’s 270 rough lines i flattened it a bit just because
i like the one lining so 179 lines i basically went through i got rid of a little documentation on top because it hasn’t been touched in quite a while see since yeah 2012 it looks likewhat i did was this was like the every one of these was like this so you know i cleaned it up not clean it up but there’s no right or wrong right but personally i like this a little betterso we could copy this whole thing and paste it into here and be done right the thing is in this acc library not every function
is used you know in here from here this acc get is the one function of course though if we jump to an alt f1 in studio oh now it’s going to ask us which one we want to go to let’s go to this one the acc get actually leverages here oh look here’s an acc from window oh here’s acc error these are inside here right that means you have to go through each one of these and that’s where it can be a little painful right so here’s what i do come in here copy everything so i copied it all now i’m going to
bring in actually let’s move this over and i’m going to bring up site and i’m going to paste it here and now we’re going to come into now actually i’m going to cheat let’s see so in here what we can do is change let’s zoom in a bit we’re going to search for every acc underscore and replace that which is acc well keep it lower case so replace all i did 46 replacements right now everything now of course this wouldn’t actually work if you left it in the library becausethat’s how the library i don’t know
how to even say that properly but AutoHotkey will look for everything with theyou know the first words and the underscore and then everything underneath it can all be in one file however we’re going to put this you know the specific things into hereand then what we could do is come back into here to vlc2 and say i’m going to change this to this and we’re going to bring in so acc get right so oh okay i need to find this one okay acc find that oh that’s let’s look for the ending param here we
go okay now this is a bigger one right we noticed that before so it looks like down to here no i got the airfare that’s interesting no that’s part of it sorry it’s just zoomed in a bit oh look at that it’s there that was i’m having a hard time seeing where this one ends i don’t think it ends there i think this is the whole thing here so i’m going to copy that i’m going to paste it here and i’m going to save it and now i’m going to try to launch it right now studio is going to say hey
wait a minute called another system function specifically acc object from window so then i would come back here let’s see can i copy this object from window it’d be nice if i put that param just to make sure so i’m going to bring this over copy this paste it right and then try to run it again our pay call announces russian acc error right and let’s get there i’ll copy all that ctrl f so see how i’m doing this right and it’s a little painful but it’s not the end of the world i went through and let me just
show you i went through on everything and that is what this file which i’ll maximize now this file which has a total of 178 lines so it looks like it did bring in a lot of what was over there right but not necessarily everything anyway this is more of a process oh look at that there’s some big blocks here that if we care to we could get rid ofbecause in oh whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa i’m in the wrong thing why is that including the ssc library that should no longer we’ll see why is that including the acc library
this one should not be including the acc library let’s see if hcc underscore ah look at that i don’t know how i did thatthis should be like that and like that i see several of them what so clearly i missed some when i was doing this earlier the problem was it was still in my library so i didn’t notice it go figure right good thing that we we tested this so i’m gonna save this relaunch and now see now it’s saying hey here’s this acc role that i didn’t have so did i hopefully yeah here we go so here’s
which is a very short one copy that pcc role save run and pc will text which might be i thought i thought those might be alphabetical but it doesn’t seem to be i’ll get well excuse me there we go so now that launched i’m gonna control oh ctrl r that’s my Hotkey there we go so see down here now vlc with acc isn’t including thatlibrary that’s how now i know this is working right now i can go back and update my download so we’re down to 130 lines yeah that’s looking better but now it’s
self-contained i can share this script with everybody in in granted if someone updates the acc library it may break but someone may have to dc’s library and that might break you know if i’m forcing people to include it or they can’t find the same v1 is just people don’t understand often that they need to include use that include or put it in a
certain folder this takes care of it right it puts it all in one now granted again i could have put the entire thing in there but i just don’t like taking up all the extra space you know and having functions you don’t need it just adds for confusion so hope this video helps even if you can just like that acc play pause for taking notes very helpful when you’re trying to make a lot of notes from watching a video hey and i forgot to mention please like this video it really helps me get more views which means i’ll make more videos
so thanks for liking cheers

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