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Use FiddlerRipper to adapt Fiddler traffic to AutoHotkey API calls

Use Fiddler to write syntax for API call in AutoHotkey (2021)

Use Fiddler to write syntax for API call in AutoHotkey (2021)

The key idea of the video is that Fiddler can be used to monitor web traffic, analyze API traffic, and automate the process of extracting information and creating API calls, saving time and effort.

  • 00:00 📝 The speaker demonstrates a script for monitoring web traffic using Fiddler while web scraping and making API calls.
  • 00:55 📝 The speaker demonstrates how to view and analyze API traffic using Fiddler, including user agent, cookies, and data formats like JSON and XML.
  • 01:27 📝 The speaker explains how to use Fiddler to extract information from headers and create a script to automate the process.
  • 02:15 🔧 Fiddler converts traffic into API call syntax, making it easier and faster to create API calls based on any kind of traffic.
  • 02:41 📝 The speaker discusses using Fiddler to write syntax for an API call in AutoHotkey, specifically focusing on query string parameters and searching in a forum.
  • 03:23 🔍 The speaker demonstrates how to extract keywords and values from a URL using a macro script in AutoHotkey.
  • 04:06 📝 The speaker discusses the use of Fiddler to write syntax for an API call in AutoHotkey, specifically mentioning the difficulty in identifying the payload and missing headers.
  • 04:59 💡 Using Fiddler in AutoHotkey can save a significant amount of time, although it may require some additional effort to work properly.

[Music] hey guys Joe Glines and I wanted to demonstrate a little script I had written a while ago I don’t think I’ve shared it anywhere soyou know I use I do a lot of web scraping and unless you do a lot more not so much now butwhen I’m doing it I like to look at the traffic and Fidler to see what’s going on and often it you know if you I know I have some videos in this about how much in a lot of ways better gonna cook better using API calls over web scraping yes and so what I’ll typically do is use
the browser to create the traffic and then I use fiddler which I’ve made a couple videos on that on how to monitor to see what your your browser was doing so here I’m gonna refresh the AutoHotkey main page and we’re gonna see in fiddler that was the HTTP request going to idleHotkey I can double click it here and look at the here is the the traffic here’s my user agent that was my cookie I’ll make sure to change all this you know we read delete my cookies when this is done but itthis is the actual
traffic in and in here I think we could even see like the webview often it looks crappy but it does return back you know we can see the data JSON XML data whatnot right so if we look at the raw where you get the informationso what’s cool is I can look in here especially the raw up here and say hey this was my info right this was these are the headers the so here this is a header right here with that’s the key that basically that’s the header and this is the valued set in the header here is another header except and set it
to this oh that looks like that was just for an image interesting and it doesn’t really matter though for this example yeah here’s anAuto and had a header and I would manually go through and copy these and put them into my win HTTP request usually one at a time because it was painful and you don’t usually need all of them but then I thought why not make a script right why don’t make a script that comes in here and grab stuff from this window so now I can hit aHotkey and basically it goes and grabs up Ian’s converts it
right that’s the best part right it doesn’t grab it that’s nothing it converts it into my syntax for my API call right so it literally wrote the API call I could probably run this without a problem so this is super handy in a way to speed up that process of trying to create an API call based off of your any kind of traffic it could have been the browser traffic it could have been something else right I have some other things like my query string parameter right if I had query let’s see if I let’s see if I can get a query string
here so Rod’s to search for run oh no it didn’t use a query string I would have hope on the search but let’s go let’s go to the forum board not to me and no not document somebody go back this is there we go that’s it I just don’t spend time in the forum let’s say a little search for myself great now here now we should in fiddler see it stuff like that webform is a nice place so see here this is the keywords with Glines so that that’s the the key value pair right again I and then I go
to raw and I can look at and go this is what I said somewhere up in here here’s the end keywords equals Glines now I wouldn’t want that in my HTTP request as the the whole URL right I’d like to parse that out and so let’s see if my macro script will do that for me so my HotStrings
to the endpoint is that interesting and it had a payload I don’t remember solving for that making sure that it had let’s see if in here if there was a payload the one hand one of the things I like a Fiddler’s it’s not always so clear as what is the payload here’s your headers I’m not sure that yeah I’m not sure if that payload part was proper was correct usually the payload I think is on a separate line down here and again it’s a get request so there’s there shouldn’t
be a payload so I’m not sure what that one was maybe I got to work on that but you get the idea I’ll make this screen here’s the the refer and let’s go up in here that should have been a header Oh looks like you didn’t grab that one it did set the fiddler so this is if you’re running it it’ll have it in it’ll monitor the out of hot to keep traffic but it didn’t grab that header in particular but you get the gist right it can save a ton of time and still need some work so no promises on I’m actually
working properly but a boy can save a lot of time Cheers [Music]

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