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Get the Color Under the Mouse

Use this script to easily Get the color under the mouse

How to easily get the color under a mouse with AutoHotkey

How to easily get the color under a mouse with AutoHotkey

The key idea of the video is that AutoHotkey can be used to obtain the color under the mouse cursor and display it in a message box while also copying it to the clipboard.

  • 00:00 The speaker demonstrates a simple AutoHotkey script for easily obtaining the color under the mouse cursor.
  • 00:25 The script gets the color of the pixel under the mouse cursor and displays it in a message box, while also copying it to the clipboard.
  • 01:03 You can easily get the color under a mouse with AutoHotkey by using HTML code and making adjustments to prevent color changes when hovering over it.


[Music] hey guys so this one again this is out of my main AutoHotkey script and I’m I pulled it into this one just so you can see this is this it’s pretty simple in the sense of short my normalHotkey for it is the windows alt C because I don’t use a lot and this one I’m just using my default ones so it’s easier for me to hit but itit gets the the pixels where it is and sets it into this variable called color and then it it does this function makes truth you know did this for me I adapted it slightly
because I wanted to be able to show it in his message box showing the HTML and so but it cub it copies it to the clipboard so anyway I could be anywhere let’s say let’s say I’m on some random site like my site and I hit my Hotkey and it will show me what color my mouse is over so therefore my udemy stuff or let’s get the light red and so it’s and it’s also copying into the clipboard so if I was to paste it right that’s that’s what I would need for my HTML code but I think it’s a pretty cool easy now
granted like that one had changed the color when I mouse over it so I might want to change this a little to try to work around that maybe maybe I can do this there we go and now that won’t change ooh and look at that it’s just gone so yeah hey-oh where’d it go where is the message box showing up I see itdoing something I mean we launched it I’m not sure where where it went to it suddenly it okay to come back to here I I’m not sure maybe it was I’m not sure it was behind the web page possibly but you get the idea
anyway so if you’re frequently having to get a color right this is one way and you can of course adapted to to whatever you need Cheers [Music]

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