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GUIs are Easy V1 Course: Learn to use the most popular GUIs on the planet!

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Creating a GUIs tested by billions of people is easy with AutoHotkey

Guis are Easy
If you’re a developer and trying to create a tool that will “go viral” then GUIs are a must.  Thankfully GUIs are Easy with AutoHotkey!

The first time I tried to learn GUIs in AutoHotkey I was dismayed.  AutoHotkey is an amazing language that is easy to understand however their GUIs eluded me.  After a few years of programming I tried learning GUIs in Python and a few other languages.  Turns out, GUIs in general are just  a “different animal”.  Once you wrap your mind around the fact your code isn’t “linear” (with a clear start / stop point) it becomes much easier to grasp.   Thankfully AutoHotkey allows you to leverage the built-in GUIs that drives Windows!  And they’ve wrapped them with some very simple commands so there’s no need to learn C# or any other “deeper” programming language.

P.S. While having some background in AutoHotkey would be helpful it is NOT NEEDED!

Here’s a high-level overview of what you’ll learn in the 3+ hours of the course:

  • Create Mockups so your GUI is well thought-through
  • Easily build GUIs in just a few lines of code
  • Leverage the proven Microsoft Controls (without having to be a programmer)
  • Learn how to create GUIs by an amazing instructor with 10+ years of GUI experience
  • This is the simplest way to make GUIs or your money back!
  • Other than AutoHotkey there are NO LIBRARIES to install / download!  Your Windows computer has everything you need!
  • Courses are in clear, easy to follow, sections which help you learn snippets at a time
  • UI / UX design doesn’t have to be complicatedYou may find it hard to believe that GUIs are easy but don’t just take our word for it, read the reviews of this course.   Or better yet buy it and, if you’re not happy for ANY reason, simply ask for a refund.


Still not sure this course is for you?  Here are a few testimonials from people that have worked through the course:

Magnifico. Buen trabajo.

Alejandro L.

Easy to follow and clear.


Very Informative. Lots of Info … clearly presented. Guess I’ll need to watch a few times and practice

Stephen B.

This is so helpful! Thank you so much! This is the best! This course is making me efficient!

Glenn V.

Isaias is a fantastic teacher and is helping me fill in some of the knowledge gaps that I’ve had with AHK GUIs.

Brian W.

GUIs are Easy with AutoHotkey

So above we’ve shown you

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  2. You’re able to purchase the course at a severe discount when sales are available
  3. Others like you that are experienced AutoHotkey users have learned from the course

What is stopping you from taking the time to sharpen the saw?  Make a pledge to work smarter not harder and plan for a better tomorrow!

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Couse Length 3h+

Section 1 – Intro to Course and goals

  • 1-Introduction
  • 1.01-CoAuthor-and-Sharing-Results
  • 1.1-What-s-a-Graphical-User-Interface
  • 1.2-Creating-GUI-mockups
  • 1.3-Language-used-in-this-course
  • 1.4-How-to-install-AutoHotkey
  • 1.5.1-Editors-IDEs
  • 1.5-Hello-World
  • 1.6-Documentation
  • 1.7-Troubleshooting
  • 1.8-Compliing-your-scripts

Section 2 – General GUI Concepts

  • 2-General-GUI-concepts

Section 3 – Getting started with GUIs

  • 3.1-GUI-New
  • 3.2-Introduction-to-GUI-options-and-styles
  • 3.3-GUI-Add
  • 3.4-GUI-Show
  • 3.5-GUI-Cancel-Hide
  • 3.6-GUI-Submit
  • 3.7-Assignment-1-A-simple-GUI
  • 3.7-Review-of-GUI-basics
  • 3.8-Review

Section 4 – Working with Controls on GUIs

  • 4.1-Introduction-to-Control-options
  • 4.2-General-positioning-of-Controls
  • 4.3-Storing-User-Input
  • 4.4-Responding-to-User-Input
  • 4.5-Labels-and-Functions
  • 4.6-Review-Working-with-GUI-Controls
  • 4.7-Assignment-2-Saving-User-Input

Section 5 – Adjusting GUIs

  • 5.1-GUIClose
  • 5.2-GUIEscape
  • 5.3-GUISize
  • 5.4-GUIDropFlies
  • 5.5-Assignment-3-Adjusting-Guis-Drag-Drop

Section 6 – Presenting information to the Users

  • 6.1-Button
  • 6.2-Text
  • 6.3-Edit
  • 6.4-Link
  • 6.5-Hotkey
  • 6.6-Picture
  • 6.7-Text-Controls-Example
  • 6.8-Assignment-4-section-6-Buttons-Text-Links-and-Pics
  • 6-Text-Controls-Example

Section 7 – Adding Controls to GUIs

  • 7.10-Assignment-5-Section7-Adding-Controls-to-GUIs
  • 7.1-Radio
  • 7.2-Checkbox
  • 7.3-UpDown
  • 7.4-DropDownList
  • 7.5-ComboBox
  • 7.6-Slider
  • 7.7-DateTime
  • 7.8-MonthCal
  • 7.9-Selection-Controls-Example
  • 7-Selection-Controls-Example

Section 8 – Grouping Controls

  • 8.1-GroupBox
  • 8.2-Tab3
  • 8.3-Assignment-6-Section-8-Grouping-your-controls

Section 9 – The Amazingly helpful: Listboxes, ListViews, and TreeViews

  • 9.1-ListBox
  • 9.2.1-TreeView-options
  • 9.2.2-TreeView-Adding-Modifying-and-Deleting-Items
  • 9.2.3-TreeView-Getting-Data-Out
  • 9.2-TreeView
  • 9.3.1-ListView-options
  • 9.3.2-ListView-view-modes
  • 9.3.3-ListView-Adding-Modifying-and-Deleting-Rows
  • 9.3.4-ListView-Column-Functions
  • 9.3.5-ListView-Getting-Data-Out
  • 9.3-ListView
  • 9.4-Icon-Lists
  • 9.5-Working-with-multiple-GUIs-or-multiple-controls
  • 9.6-Assignment-7-section-9-TreeViews-and-ListViews

Section 10 – Leveraging the built-in Progress bar and Statusbar

  • 10.1-Progress
  • 10.2-StatusBar

Section 11 – GUIControl

  • 11.1-GUIControl

Section 12 – Wrapping it all up

  • 12.1-GUI-recap
  • 12.2-Controls-recap

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