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GUIs are Easy v2 Course – Module 1: The basics of the most popular GUIs ever created!

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Creating GUIs tested by billions of people is easy with AutoHotkey

If you are looking for a way to create graphical user interfaces (GUIs) for your scripts and applications, you might want to check out AutoHotkey v2. AutoHotkey is a powerful scripting language that can automate tasks, create hotkeys, manipulate text, and much more. And with the latest version of AutoHotkey, creating GUIs has never been easier.

The first time I tried to learn GUIs in AutoHotkey I was dismayed.  AutoHotkey is an amazing language that is easy to understand however their GUIs eluded me.  After a few years of programming I tried learning GUIs in Python and a few other languages.

Turns out, GUIs in general are just  a “different animal”.  Once you wrap your mind around the fact your code isn’t “linear” (with a clear start / stop point) it becomes much easier to grasp.   Thankfully AutoHotkey allows you to leverage the built-in GUIs that drives Windows! They’ve wrapped them with some very simple commands so there’s no need to learn C# or any other “deeper” programming language.

Our new course teaches you how to build simple GUIs with AutoHotkey v2. The course covers the basics of GUI creation, such as windows, controls, events, and properties. It also shows you how to use the new object-oriented features of AutoHotkey v2 to make your GUIs more dynamic and flexible. It has ~4.5h  of content!.

The course is designed for beginners and intermediate users who want to learn how to create GUIs with AutoHotkey v2.

P.S. You don’t need any prior experience with GUI programming but being familiar with objects in AutoHotkey will help but is not NEEDED.  Our Intermediate AHK Objects & Classes course is a great way to get familiar with objects.

Here’s a high-level overview of what you’ll learn

  • Create Mockups so your GUI is well thought-through
  • Easily build GUIs in just a few lines of code
  • Leverage the proven Microsoft Controls (without having to be a programmer)
  • Learn how to create GUIs by an amazing instructor with 10+ years of GUI experience
  • This is the simplest way to make GUIs or your money back!
  • Other than AutoHotkey there are NO LIBRARIES to install / download!  Your Windows computer has everything you need!
  • Courses are in clear, easy to follow, sections which help you learn snippets at a time
  • UI / UX design doesn’t have to be complicatedYou may find it hard to believe that GUIs are easy but don’t just take our word for it, read the reviews of this course.   Or better yet buy it and, if you’re not happy for ANY reason, simply ask for a refund.

By the end of the course, you will be able to create your own GUIs with AutoHotkey v2 and use them to enhance your scripts and applications. The course is currently on sale for a limited time.

If you are interested in learning how to build GUIs with AutoHotkey v2, don’t miss this opportunity. Click the link below to enroll in the course and start creating your own GUIs today.
Want 25% off?

GUIs are Easy with AutoHotkey

So above we’ve shown you

  1. There’s NO RISK due to the 30-day money back guarantee
  2. You’re able to purchase the course at a severe discount when sales are available
  3. Others like you that are experienced AutoHotkey users have learned from the course

What is stopping you from taking the time to sharpen the saw?  Make a pledge to work smarter not harder and plan for a better tomorrow!

Retail Price: $139.99

Want 25% off?

Course Length ~4.5h


01-What is Autohotkey.mp4
02-Creating Mockups.mp4
03-Installing Autohotkey.mp4
04-Hello World.mp4
05-Avaliable IDEs.mp4

General Window Concepts

06-General Concepts.mp4
07-Creating Windows.mp4
08-GUI Resize Option.mp4
09-GUI ToolWindow Option.mp4
10-GUI Caption Option.mp4
11-GUI Always on Top Option.mp4
12-GUI Combining Options.mp4
13-Creating Multiple Windows.mp4
14-Hiding vs Destrying a Window.mp4

General Control Concepts

15-Adding Controls.mp4
16-Positioning of Controls.mp4
17-Naming Controls.mp4
18-Using Control Objects.mp4

Handling Events

19-Control Events.mp4
20-Window Close Events.mp4
21-Window Escape Event.mp4
22-Window Size Event.mp4
23-Window Drop Files Event.mp4

Text Controls

24-Text Controls.mp4
25-Text Control Options.mp4
26-Link Controls.mp4

Input Controls

27-Edit Controls.mp4
28-Edit Control Options.mp4
29-Hotkey Controls.mp4
30-Picture Controls.mp4
31-Picture Control Options.mp4
32-Changing Pictures.mp4
33-Button Controls.mp4


34-Summary 1.mp4

Selection Controls

35-Radio Controls.mp4
36-Radio Control Options.mp4
37-Checkbox Controls.mp4
38-DropDownList Controls.mp4
39-DropDownList Control Options.mp4
40-Combobox Controls.mp4
41-Slider Controls.mp4
42-Slider Control Options.mp4

Date Controls

43-DateTime Controls.mp4
44-DateTime Control Options.mp4
45-MonthCal Controls.mp4
46-MonthCal Control Options.mp4


47-Summary 2.mp4

Grouping Controls

48-Groupbox Controls.mp4
49-Tab Controls.mp4
50-Adding Controls to Other Tabs.mp4
51-Adding Controls Outside of Tabs.mp4

Listing Controls

52-ListView Controls.mp4
53-ListView Basic Methods.mp4
54-ListView Control Options.mp4
55-TreeView Controls.mp4
56-TreeView Control Options.mp4

Informational Controls and Functions

57-Progress Controls.mp4
58-Progress Control Range Option.mp4
59-Progress Control Additional Options.mp4
60-Statusbar Controls.mp4
61-Statusbar Options.mp4
62-Control Functions.mp4



Next Steps

  • OnEvent
  • Image list
  • List/Tree view
  • Complex GUI examples
  • Diving deeper into some controls
Retail Price: $139.99

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