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Help support new AutoHotkey videos

As you’re aware we are the largest AutoHotkey channel creating new videos regularly.  Currently we have over 1,200 videos on AutoHotkey.

Unfortunately, even with 1,200+ videos, because AutoHotkey is so niche, we don’t earn much from YouTube.  Currently we earn around 1.39 per video .  Since I’m paying for Isaias for his time this is a large drain for me (not to mention my time in the video, editing, creating thumbnails, posting code snippets, etc.)

I thought about creating a Patreon account however Patreon takes a large percentage of what is paid.  Thus I figured I’d create this subscription service which will allow me to leverage the power of crowds to help fund our videos.

I greatly apreciate you!  Thank you for watching and helping support our channel!

AutoHotkey is an amazing tool. It’s great being able to educate people on it’s true power!

Thank you for your support!

Agreed upon price $ (min $1.00)

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