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AHKHotKeyString Lookup: Easily remember your Hotkeys and HotStrings

Easily remember your Hotkeys and Hotstrings with AHKHotKeyString Lookup

AHKHotkeyString Lookup: Easily find all running Hotkeys & Hotstrings
AHKHotkeyString Lookup: Easily find all running Hotkeys & Hotstrings

The key idea of the video is that the speaker introduces a script that allows users to search, filter, and disable hotkeys and hotstrings in AutoHotkey scripts, making it easier to manage and navigate through them.

  • 00:00 This script allows users to quickly search and filter through all running autohotkey scripts for hotkeys and hotstrings, and also provides the ability to jump to specific files.
  • 00:53 The speaker discusses a script that allows for easy commenting out of lines in various editors, such as AHK Studio and VS Code.
  • 01:25 You can disable hotkeys or hotstrings in a script, but they will be turned off when you exit the script.
  • 01:56 You can customize the preferences to exclude certain hotstrings from the search, such as the standard spell check and other specific ones.
  • 02:20 The script can detect and disable hotkeys and hotstrings, and the hotkey to pull up the master menu can be customized.
  • 02:55 People new to using AutoHotkey often get excited about creating hotkeys and hotstrings, but then struggle to remember what they’ve created.
  • 03:19 The speaker demonstrates how to navigate to a specific value by double-clicking on it and explains the concept of inline comments.
  • 03:44 A tool can help easily update and define hotkeys, but disabling them using the tool will be undone when the script is killed.
    • The speaker explains the difference between hotkeys and hotstrings, and how a tool can help easily update and define hotkeys.
    • You can disable hotkeys using a tool, but the disabling will be undone when the script is killed.

HotKeyString Lookup

Transcripts to tool to easily remember your Hotkeys and HotStrings

hey it’s Joe Glines and today i have a pretty cool script i think it’s pretty awesome for both for noobs and for people who have been using AutoHotKeyString lookup but
it’s both for keys and HotStrings which is nice i can pick the files if i want to and just jump to a given file and actually i was i was gonna i was gonna update one of my scripts i’m like hey thisjoe menu it has like this comment out here and let’s
jump to i don’t use these anymore so this is really cool is you can double click and it will pull it up in all basically any editor and jumped that line right so this is pretty awesome so it looks at a couple like AHK studio and vs code and programmatically does and i can’t remember if in sight maybe we handled that one as well i we wrote it quite a while agoi just haven’t shared it and itanyway so it’s pretty cool so i can comment that out which actually in reality i would want to comment out
you know while i’m here this has nothing to do with the script right but i’m going to comment all of that out because those are not and this is nothing either so anyway so i’m going to save that and let me reload there’s another functionality i should demonstrate oh that’s wrong that’s my other that’s my hub let me exit out of that one so i’m going to reload that and we can disable HotStrings but of course when you exit the script it turns that off but what’s other thing is cool is if you
go under file here in preferences you can tell it to basically not search like my spell check you know that’s the standard spell check with a couple extra ones for me but it has like 4 ,000 HotStrings in a script and so like
this button clock there’s no Hotkey you can control
i’m just hitting the keys and then it’ll oops oh that’s funny because that was the script itit tried to run itself so but you get the idea right i think for noobs a lot of new people get really let me switch back herei don’t know why my webcam wasn’t on the other one but a lot of noobs start using AutoHotStrings and then they forget what they are all right let’s go back into
the code herei realized you cando one other thing i should have mentioned is how the these things the the values are gathered so let’s just pick something like this decode url so i’m going to double click it it should navigate right to it so you see it down here alt u is going to say decode your now this is an inline comment right that inline comment is what it gets brought back into this window the HotStrings let me just see what you seek up
here they will be thethe text you know of what what’s actually therethe the shortcut and the text value but the Hotkeys you have to make sure you go in and add them and if you notice all myHotkeys are defined why is that because i used this tool to go in and update them so i just find one that didn’t have a definition double click it and then go it jumps me right there and
add a comment and so noobs i think are going to find this really really helpful because it helps you understand what you’re working on and make it very easy to remember and so you just come in here for the preferences change that HotStrings but for Hotkeys you can disable them let’s see if i disable that and then when we go to exit
let mecome here and say exit you’ll see all Hotkeys previously disabled by AutoHotkey stream lookup will now be re-enabled so if you are having trouble with a given strip and you don’t know how to open it with a Hotkey you can use this tool to come in and disable that Hotkey however when you kill this script it will no longer disable thatHotkey so hope you enjoy it cheers

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