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Intermediate AutoHotkey V1/ How to Automate your Windows PC Course

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Intermediate AutoHotkey / Getting past the basics

Here we take a deeper-dive into how to automate your Windows PC. With over 5 hours of course time, you’re sure to level-up your automating with AutoHotkey! Sign-up to my alerts between now and June 1st and you’ll have a chance to win one of 10 free-access to the Intermediate course! Among other things we take a deep-dive into using Controls, play with the Windows Registry, Tackle 5 types of loops and jump into using Objects.

Here’s a high-level overview of what you’ll learn in the 5.5+ hours of the course:

  • How to use many built-in AutoHotkey functions (and create your own)
  • How to use the Amazing built-in tools to AutoHotkey that can connect to Windows programs
  • Introduction to objects in AutoHotkey
  • Where free resources are available for continue their journey learning AutoHotkey
  • 5 types of loops in AutoHotkey
  • How to use Set Timers to give the appearance of multi-threading
  • How to Save and Load data via ini files
  • How to Read and Write to the Windows registry
  • How to manipulate programs using built-in Controls
  • How to automate programs using their menus
  • How to use Simple and Associative Arrays
  • How to use AutoHotkey objects


Still not sure this course is for you?  Here are a few testimonials from people that have worked through the course:

Joe includes in his course valuable lessons on how to experiment and troubleshoot which is fundamental for unraveling the endless possibilities in AHK. Real use examples and demonstration from an experienced user is the best in getting started. creating, using and practicing AutoHotkey. Joe's long time use of the program makes for a great instructor in this course. The demonstrations show how the commands work in an easy to understand exercise.

Susan T.

Incredibly well laid out course structure and very well explained

Stewart L.

Great course-clearly explained. Huge time-saver with a comprehensive list of links to relevant resources. Must have taken years to compile.

Anonymized U.

Stunning course with plenty of information. Joe Glines gives lot of useful introduction how to enhance ahk developer knowledge and capabilities.

Stefan K.

Very useful. Thank you!

Herbert P.

I appreciate that Joe makes mistakes and then shows his thought processes to resolve them

Robert R.

Intermediate AutoHotkey

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Couse Length 5.5h+

Section 1 – Intro

  • Intro and About Joe Glines
  • Why Learn AutoHotkey
  • Course Outline
  • AutoHotkey Resources
  • Installing Unicode bit AutoHotkey
  • Selecting your AutoHotkey Editor
  • Programming Resources

Section 2 – Default Settings for your AutoHotkey scripts

  • Important Recommended Default Settings
  • NonCritical Recommended Settings
  • Using an #Include
  • Adding Hotkeys to the Default script

Section 3 – Various Types of the Send command

  • Send, SendEvent, and SendRaw
  • SendInput and SendPlay

Section 4 – Using SetTimer to get-around single-threaded issues in AutoHotkey

  • SetTimer

Section 5 – Ini Reading and Writing

  • Intro to IniWrite IniRead
  • IniWrite Keys and Values
  • IniWrite Key Value Pairs
  • IniRead
  • IniWrite IniRead Working Session

Section 6 – Windows Registry Reading and Writing

  • Overview of Windows Registry
  • Reg Read String Variable
  • Registry Read MultiString and Expanded
  • RegWrite
  • RegDelete
  • Registry Working Session (Running as Admin)

Section 7 – Controls in Windows

  • Controls What are Controls
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of using Controls
  • Additional Resources with Controls
  • Path for connecting to a Control
  • Tools for working with Controls
  • SimpleSpy Find and Tree View
  • Over 40 commands around Controls in AutoHotkey
  • ControlGetText
  • ControlSetText
  • ControlSend
  • ControlSendRaw
  • ControlGetPos
  • ControlGetFocus
  • ControlFocus
  • ControlGet List
  • ControlGet Selected
  • ControlGet Line
  • LineCount
  • List ComboBox
  • List DropDown
  • List ListView Selected and Column
  • List ListView Focused
  • List ListView Count
  • Control Add and Delete to Lists
  • Choose from List
  • ControlClick
  • ControlMove
  • Control Check and Uncheck
  • Control Disable and Enable
  • Control Hide and Show
  • Control Show and Hide Dropdown
  • Control TabLeft and TabRight
  • Control EditPaste
  • Controls Working Session

Section 8 – Controlling programs via their Menus

  • WinMenuSelectItem
  • WinMenuSelectItem Sending Words
  • WinMenuSelectItem Sending Numbers
  • WinMenuSelectItem System Menu

Section 9 – Loops

  • Loops in AutoHotkey
  • Normal loop
  • While loop
  • Until Loop
  • Parsing Text Loop
  • Parsing Text Loop
  • Parsing Text Loop with CSV
  • Loop Files and Folders
  • Loop Files and Folders
  • Loop Files and Folders Working Session

Section 10 – Simple and Associative Arrays

  • Arrays
  • Simple Arrays Explained
  • Simple Arrays
  • Simple Arrays Accessing and Setting One Element
  • Simple Array Using the Debug Window in AHK Studio
  • Simple Array Inserting at and Pushing
  • Simple Array Removing at and Pop
  • Simple Array Additional Methods
  • Simple Arrays Working Session
  • Associative Arrays
  • Associative Arrays Initializing
  • Associative Arrays Removing Keys and Values
  • Associative Arrays Additional Methods
  • Associative Arrays HasKey
  • Working Session

Section 11 – Wrapping Up

  • Wrap Up

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