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Functions, Objects, and Classes Course: For AHK V1 and V2

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Objects are the gateway to code that is: organized, intuitive, maintainable, and flexible.
They enable easy access to COM objects & Classes that are amazingly powerful yet simple to use!


Here’s a high-level overview of what you’ll learn in the 4+ hours of the course:

  • Get to use amazing AHK classes (Chrome, mySQL, Rufaydium, WinClip, Neutron, ObjectCSV, etc)
  • Objects & Classes are the “key” to Object Oriented Programming
  • After learning Functions, Objects are the next step to leveling-up!
  • Allow you to use OOP / dot-notation which is more intuitive
  • Allow you to simplify solving complex problems
  • Better organize your code
  • Enable personalized naming conventions
  • Extend classes to borrow & build on other people’s classes
  • Convenience / simplicity when creating multiple instances
  • Establishes a hierarchy to methods and properties (Window has a document, Document has elements, Elements has events, etc.)
  • Objects allow you to easily group multiple related values with a hierarchical structure
  • Allows you to bind your functions to a given instance (restrict the value of a parameter)
  • Learn classes in the easiest to understand language (so you can use them in other languages)
  • Provides memory protection in high level languages by abstracting methods and properties to an in-memory instance. (multi-threading as an example)

Final thoughts on the Intermediate Objects and Classes Course

So above we’ve shown you

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  2. Learning Functions, Objects and Classes is the first step to becoming a true “programmer”
  3. Others like you that are experienced AutoHotkey users have learned from this course

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Still not sure this course is for you? Here are a few testimonials from people that have worked through the course:

The Intermediate Objects course is packed full of knowledge! Isaias shows a deep understanding of objects and presents them in a way that’s simple to engage with. After learning from this course I now have a complete understanding of why and when I should use objects and classes. Above all else, this course shows that you don't need years of study or a degree in coding to learn advanced concepts from classes and additionally DLL, or ComObjects. The sheer length of this course is worth every penny. I wish it was offered years ago to save me from many coding pitfalls.

Dillon DeRosa
Composer for Film / dillonderosa.com

AutoHotkey is an incredible development tool and this course helped me unlock its most powerful tools.  Thanks to its clear explanations and practical examples, I now have a clear understanding of objects, classes, COM objects, etc. and know how to use them in my AHK projects.

Jean Lalonde

Course Length ~4 Hours

what are objects (8)

  • 00-Why you should learn classes
  • 01-what are objects
  • 02-arrays
  • 03-objects
  • 04-properties
  • 05-key value vs properties
  • 06-key value vs properties v2
  • 07-methods

function refresher (5)

  • 08-function definition and scope
  • 09-parameters
  • 10-optional parameters
  • 11-static variables
  • 12-variadic functions

types of arrays and how to iterate over them (3)

  • 13-types of arrays
  • 14-looping objects
  • 15-looping objects v2

class notation (7)

  • 16-class notation
  • 17-class inheritance
  • 18-new & delete methods
  • 19-meta-functions
  • 20-property definitions
  • 21-the this object
  • 22-class variables


  • 23-inheritance

comobjects (4)

  • 24-comobjects
  • 25-httpRequest
  • 26-vbscript regex
  • 27-nuances

examples (8)

  • 28-understanding classes without documentation
  • 29-class hierarchy
  • 30-converting function libraries to classes
  • 31-polymorphism
  • 32-apicall 1
  • 33-apicall 2
  • 34-apicall 3
  • 35-GDI Conversion

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