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Intro to DOS Course

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Intro to DOS

If you’re running a Windows PC, knowing some critical DOS commands and how to navigate the Command prompt is a must!

DOS has been around since the early 80’s yet is still incredibly helpful when working on a Windows PC.  In this course we walk through the basics of using DOS, navigating the command prompt, getting help for any command and cover some great fundamentals.

You don’t need to be an expert!  We start off with learning the basics and move towards more advanced commands that can be of great help if your Windows computer is not working properly.

We added a small tool that you can use to open a command prompt from whatever location you are. This will allow you to easily open a command prompt with the current folder. This saves tons of time when trying to perform some command on the current folder.

To use it you can download it from our site and run it. The program is a small AutoHotkey script and we provide the source code, so you have full control of verifying what it is doing.

This tool is completely free!   You will need to provide your email address to get the download.

During the course, we also show how you can leverage AutoHotkey,  a free scripting language, to negate the need of working from the command prompt.

While it may be hard to believe, sometimes things are actually easier to fix in DOS compared to working with Windows GUIs.  We cover some networking commands that will help troubleshoot some of the tricky topics.

We also show you how you can easily export your DOS window commands to a text file or to the clipboard (both of which are extremely helpful!)

If you’re having issues with your hard drive we also walk you through how to “check it” as well as format it.

DOS has some pretty powerful commands to copy and move files.  We even cover how to search for files that contain text as well as use a regular expression in your search!

Start learning DOS today!  We never know when Windows will fail and learning the critical commands ahead of time will save you a lot of stress (not to mention $)

What you’ll learn in 2.5+ hours of the course:

  • How to access & use DOS commands
  • Basic navigation and frequently used DOS commands
  • How to access help for any command
  • Commands that interact with other commands
  • DOS commands that save a ton of time by piping to clipboard or a file
  • File and folder manipulation
  • DOS Commands to check Networking functionality
  • How to use and create a batch file
  • How to use AutoHotkey with the command line

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • Windows computer
  • Desire to access the command prompt from a windows computer

Who this course is for:

  • Those that want to learn critical commands to help them work from the DOS command line
  • People that troubleshoot windows computers
  • Windows users that want to be able to access their computer when Windows will not load

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