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Intro to VSCode: Installing, Configuring and Basic Debugging – Course

Course: Intro to VSCode: Installing, Configuring and Basic Debugging Course

Retail Price: $139.99

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Intro to VSCode: Installing, Configuring and Basic Debugging Course

Unlock the full potential of Visual Studio Code (VS Code) with our comprehensive course! Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced user, dive into a world of productivity and efficiency with AutoHotkey integration. Spend approximately 4 hours with us, and you’ll transform into a coding wizard, mastering the art of software development in VS Code.

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

Introduction to VS Code with AutoHotkey
  • – Explore the basics of VS Code and its integration with AutoHotkey for automation.
Understanding Editor vs IDE
  • – Differentiate between an editor and an integrated development environment (IDE) and understand their respective roles.
Advanced IntelliSense and Smart Renaming
  • – Utilize advanced IntelliSense features for enhanced coding assistance.
  • – Master smart renaming techniques to refactor code with ease.
GitHub & Copilot Integration
  • – Integrate GitHub for version control and collaboration.
  • – Explore the capabilities of GitHub Copilot for AI-driven code suggestions.
Exploring Extensions and Static Syntax Analyzer
  • – Discover useful extensions to enhance your coding experience.
  • – Utilize static syntax analysis for error detection and code optimization.
Advanced Debugging and Encoding
  • – Dive into advanced debugging tools and techniques for efficient troubleshooting.
  • – Learn about encoding and end-of-line characters for text manipulation.
Join us on this journey to unleash your full potential in software development. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to elevate your coding skills and productivity to new heights!

Intro to VSCode Course

So above we’ve shown you

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Retail Price: $139.99

Want 25% off?

Couse Length ~4h / 52 videos (avg video ~4 min)

Editor vs IDE

  • Importance of workspaces
  • Advanced IntelliSense
  • Outline
  • Compilation
  • Advanced debugging tools
  • Smart renaming
  • GitHub & Copilot integration
  • Extensions
  • Static Syntax Analyzer

Downloading and Installation

  • Downloading & Installing AutoHotkey – Reuse
  • Testing VSCode without installing
  • Downloading VS code
  • Configuring preferences, theme


  • Omni Search
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Logging in and syncing your preferences


  • Explaining Explorer view on left
  • Outline view
  • Debug window
  • Problems window
  • Terminal Integration


  • Folding
  • Selecting Text
  • Multi Cursors
  • Multi Selection
  • Select All Instances
  • File Comparison
  • Renaming Variables and functions
  • Git Integration overview

Searching for text

  • Quick Search and Replace
  • Find in Selection
  • Full Search and Replace

Working with Extensions

  • IntelliSense
  • Installing core extensions (VSCode Settings Script)
  • Configuring v2 Ext Settings
  • Configuring Default AutoHotkey Script – Not possible?
  • Switching between v1 & v2 / Caveats
  • Running AHK scripts (and change hotkeys)
  • Compiling AutoHotkey scripts
  • Copilot integration
  • Favorite Plugins
  • Working with other languages


  • Basic Debug
  • Slightly Advanced Debugging
  • Encoding
  • End of Line Characters

Final Words

Retail Price: $139.99

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