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Master Tray Icon

Use Master Tray Icon to give you access to all running AutoHotkey files (even those with a hidden system icon)

Master Tray Icon

The key idea of the video is to demonstrate how to quickly edit and reload running AutoHotkey scripts, even those without a system tray icon, by using a code obtained from a forum.

  • 00:00 🔧 Quickly edit and reload running AutoHotkey scripts, even those without a system tray icon, by right-clicking on the script and selecting edit or reload.
  • 01:12 👍 Quickly edit, reload, etc, your running AutoHotkey scripts without a system tray icon by using a handy code obtained from a forum.
so while I don’t have this script itself in my main script I have a Hotkey that launches it for me and when it’s running you’ll get this should get this red X down below I see here it’s using the the tray icon front and the using this file with number four so it’s possible it’s different for each version of Windows you’re running butthe cool thing about it isif you’re like me and you have a lot of scripts running I can right-click on this and I can see like your studio here’s this button clock
which I mentioned the other day my screen clipping tool with which is OCR and stuff my PI Jo menu which so several of theseeven quick access pop-up is it detects that I’m and of course my main script and for each of these I can go in and say edit we load whatever but what’s great isand if you just click it it’ll reload but what I really like about it isseveral of these like the screen clipping one doesn’t have and the windows button lock one there’s no system tray icon so I don’t
have an easy way to go edit that file and this allows me to quickly launch and edit those files I don’t have to go find the file then edit it I can just want your script come in here and say hey check it you know go edit it or we load it or whatever so it’s super handy to have in there I’m I got it off the forum years and years ago I checked the link is still good so I’m not going to share the code but I’ll have the link in comments Cheers

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