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Multi-Rename Script

Multi-Rename Script is an AutoHotkey script that makes it super-simple to rename multiple files.

Easily rename many files with Multi-Rename Script in AutoHotkey

Easily rename many files with Multi-Rename Script in AutoHotkey

The key idea of the video is that the Multi-Rename Script in AutoHotkey is a powerful tool that allows for easily renaming multiple files with features such as search and replace, regular expressions, and the ability to preview and customize file names before renaming them.

  • 00:00 🎥 Multi-Rename Script is a powerful tool for easily renaming multiple files, and in this video, the speaker demonstrates its functionality by dragging files into the program from Explorer.
  • 00:31 💡 Easily rename multiple files by using a search and replace function in AutoHotkey.
  • 01:13 💡 The speaker discusses how to easily rename multiple files using the Multi-Rename Script in AutoHotkey, which is a powerful tool that allows for regular expressions and incrementing file names.
  • 01:38 💡 Easily rename many files with Multi-Rename Script in AutoHotkey, a powerful tool that allows you to preview and customize file names before renaming them.
  • 02:05 📝 The undo button successfully reverts changes made to multiple file names, except for one file.


hey it’s joe glines from the-Automator and in today’s video i want to demonstrate this really cool script it’s called multi-rename script i think magiknator or something like that was the original author of it however when we found it it wasn’t working and he said hey here’s the source code fix it right and so we did mess and i worked on it we fixed it let’s jump into here now i’m only going to demonstrate a little bit of its functionality because it’s an amazingly functional tool
um but it’s just way too much to cover in a video and i want to keep this nice and short so from explorer i’m going to drag in my files i want to rename and now here this is the the braces n that’s for the file name and the braces e is for your extension mask but let’s say i wanted to you put in here what i want to search and replace right so if i want to replace just let’s say i want to replace just withso just and i want to place just with i don’t know i don’t know let’s do it i don’t know
right so notice how it’s showing you here so it’s going to change just an example underscore three to i don’t know an example underscore three right so it’s that easy or let’s say i want to change for whatever reason from a text extension so dot or let’s do txt so it found the txt it got rid of it now it’s adding i don’t know here but let’s make it an mp4 right not that we would do this because it would break you know it wouldn’t work properly maybe i want to change it
to a csv right i want all those to be csvs right so that would work just fine so it’s a really amazingly powerful tool if you want to do regular expressions with it you can check this here you can even increment i’ve done it where i can say let’s let’s add to each of these let’s let’s set it to start at three and set a two and add to themit’s it’s a really really powerful tool you can preview it to show what it’s going to look like so let’s say oh let’s do a little map so this will show
us how the-Automator.com mrs for multi rename script and i hope you enjoy it’s it’s a just be careful there is an undo button so let’s try it so i’m going to change this to all csvs hit start you’ll notice over here they all get changed now if i hit undo let’s see if it works undo what we just did yes wow that’s fascinating it did all but
one i wonder what’s up with that butyou get let’s see if we try and do it again nope sointeresting so apparently a little bug butyou get the idea right i’ve never had a problem with it naming my scripts that’s the first time i’ve tried the undo button because usually that preview one really lets you know what you’re doing so i hope you like it cheers

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