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Notepad++ Configuration Files

AutoHotkey editor Notepad++Notepad++ is a very popular editor for AutoHotkey.   We created our own custom AHK Configuration files as well as a tool to pull up AutoHotkey help

AutoHotkey Webinar 04/2021 Hour 1-Notepad++

AutoHotkey Webinar 04/2021 Hour 1-Notepad++

The key idea of the video is that AutoHotkey is recommended as a powerful alternative to Notepad++ for coding, as it offers more customization options and features.

  • 00:00 ️ The speaker starts the AutoHotkey webinar with 99 sign-ups, explains the format, recommends a video on web scraping, and discusses a course on DOS and AutoHotkey.
    • The speaker begins the AutoHotkey webinar, expressing disappointment that there were only 99 sign-ups and explains the format of the webinar, encouraging participants to ask questions in the chat.
    • The speaker recommends watching a recent video on web scraping and API calls as it provides valuable information and background on the topic.
    • The speaker discusses a course on DOS and AutoHotkey, highlighting the functionality and usefulness of DOS and mentioning a script written in AutoHotkey.
  • 03:26 AutoHotkey Webinar 04/2021 Hour 1-Notepad++: AutoHotkey offers a cursor highlighter, Notepad++ is an outdated text editor, AutoHotkey is recommended instead, and instructions for using Notepad++ are provided.
    • You can use a cursor highlighter in AutoHotkey to change the appearance of the cursor, such as its color and size, which can be helpful for highlighting things during webinars or Zoom calls.
    • Notepad++ was a popular text editor among AutoHotkey users, including the speaker and the audience, but they found other alternatives more useful in recent years.
    • Notepad++ is an old software that the speaker does not recommend, suggesting starting with AutoHotkey and then moving to Studio or VS Code for better usage, but the speaker will still show some cool features of Notepad++.
    • AutoHotkey is a simple yet powerful tool that allows users to perform various tasks, and it can be downloaded from the automator.com website along with configuration files and a helpful PDF guide.
    • Download the 32-bit version of Notepad++ instead of the 64-bit version to have access to more functionality and plugins.
    • Open the Notepad++ folder, move the XML files to the autocompletion folder, and import the user-defined language file manually.
  • 11:52 Notepad++ is a powerful text editor with customizable user defined language, plugins for additional functionality, and features like line operations, hotkeys, and multiple cursors.
    • Import the user defined language file for AutoHotkey in Notepad++ by selecting the language option, importing the downloaded file, saving it, and then accessing it from the language menu.
    • You can modify the user defined language in Notepad++ to add keywords and change how comments work, but make sure to use the Windows file ending instead of the Unix file ending for the folding options to work properly.
    • Notepad++ comes with pre-configured options like converting hexadecimal to ASCII, but additional functionality can be added through plugins, such as the text effects plugin.
    • Notepad++ is a powerful text editor with additional functionality through plugins, including autosave, a hex editor, and indent by fold, and after selecting and installing the desired plugins, the setup is complete and coding can begin.
    • Notepad++ has many useful features such as line operations, sorting, removing empty lines, setting up hotkeys, accessing character sets and encodings, and auto closing characters like braces and brackets.
    • You can define your own hotkeys and use the shift alt and arrow keys to create multiple cursors in Notepad++ for typing in multiple locations at once, and you can also right-click on a word to style it with a color token that will stay highlighted even if you select something else.
  • 22:54 Notepad++ allows you to highlight and perform actions on specific lines of code, record and run macros, and specify the program to run, while AutoHotkey enables customization of the run command and resolving include problems by specifying the current full path.
    • You can highlight multiple things in Notepad++ to make it easier to find specific code, and you can also mark and perform actions on certain lines, such as bookmarking them and jumping to them.
    • You can use Notepad++ to record and run macros, including a specific example macro that removes trailing spaces and saves the file, and you can also run files and specify the program to run, although there may be issues with the current working directory when using the run command.
    • You can use AutoHotkey to select and open any type of file with a hotkey, allowing for customization of the run command.
    • Setting up and running AutoHotkey in Notepad++ can be a bit tricky due to the different environment, but it is a simple and space-efficient editor for coding.
    • Specify the current full path to resolve an include problem when running a script, as includes are read before the set working directory.
  • 29:22 You can customize hotkeys, modify the context menu, add commands, change the theme, and customize language colors in Notepad++, but you can’t change the default new file template.
    • You can change, modify, and clear hotkeys in Notepad++ by going to the shortcut mapper and using the filter to select the desired hotkey.
    • You can easily modify the context menu in Notepad++ by clicking on the “Edit Context Menu” button, which opens an XML file located next to the Notepad++ executable, allowing you to create and customize your own menu.
    • You can add new commands and change the theme in Notepad++ by knowing a little bit of XML format and accessing the styler configuration.
    • You can change the colors of specific languages in Notepad++ by selecting the language and then choosing the colors for different elements, allowing for complex highlighting.
    • You can select different colors for individual things, but there is no way to change the default new file template for a given thing, only options like starting with windows, encoding, etc.
  • 34:57 The speaker discusses the clunky interface of the autohotkey debugger and the lack of specific hotkeys for AutoHotkey in Notepad++, recommending alternative programs for coding with AutoHotkey.
    • The speaker discusses the clunky and unintuitive interface of the autohotkey debugger, particularly in setting and removing breakpoints, making it less useful and confusing to use.
    • AutoHotkey users who are new to programming may find it surprising that Notepad++ does not have specific hotkeys for AutoHotkey, as it is a generalized program designed for multiple languages.
    • You can set up a strip that allows you to have the autohotkey documentation everywhere, and there is a script that creates a hotkey to send the text on your cursor to the autohot search engine.
    • The script is not reaching the output, so they need to debug it to figure out why.
    • The speaker discusses how to do an active search for highlighted text and clarifies the location of exported files and the auto completion folder in Notepad++.
    • Notepad++ is a lightweight program that can open large files and supports multiple languages, but for coding with AutoHotkey, HK Studio or HK Sidebar are recommended for their focus on the language.
  • 43:14 The speaker mentions that the product is ready to use without any additional setup, but some people have reported problems with the autocomplete feature in Notepad++ and it is unclear if there is a way to disable it.
    • The speaker mentions that the product is ready to use without any additional setup.
    • Notepad++ has a small light that indexes every word into an autocomplete feature, but some people have reported problems with it and it is unclear if there is a way to disable it.
    • You can turn off auto complete in Notepad++ by going to settings preferences, selecting auto completion, and choosing to only enable function completion, which may fix any issues with commands not being recognized.
    • The bug in the script was caused by a small mistake in the while loop, resulting in an infinite loop that was difficult to catch without a system of breaks.
    • Pressing F12 in any editor will grab the selected word and open the help file for that word, but it will only work if there is a correct or caret present.
  • 49:30 The speaker discusses new features in Notepad++ like hot key store and text effects, mentions the machine braces function, and highlights the ability to easily add words or phrases to multiple lines using AutoHotkey’s Notepad++; Notepad++ is a powerful text editor with options for visibility, remote file editing, and portable versions for easy access, but lacks a command search feature; Modern editors like Notepad++ and Visual Studio Code offer cloud storage for personalized configurations and hotkeys.
    • The speaker discusses the new features in Notepad++ such as the hot key store and the inclusion of text effects like sorting lines, which were previously only available as a plugin, and mentions the machine braces function as a standout feature.
    • Selecting multiple lines and using the “send down through lines insert clipboard through lines” option in AutoHotkey’s Notepad++ allows for easily adding a word or phrase to each line, with the placement depending on where the selection starts.
    • Notepad++ is a powerful text editor with many options, but it can be difficult to find specific commands, unlike newer editors that offer a command search feature.
    • In Notepad++, you can turn on and off the visibility of new lines, tabs, and spaces by going to the view section and selecting the desired option, and there is a plugin available for editing remote files on FTP servers in the 64-bit version.
    • You can use the portable versions of Notepad++ on both 64-bit and 32-bit systems, allowing you to record macros, set hotkeys, and have all your tools on a USB drive for easy access.
    • Modern editors like Notepad++ and Visual Studio Code allow users to store their settings in the cloud, ensuring that they have access to their personalized configurations and hotkeys no matter which computer they use.


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