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Quick AHKv2 Converter

This tool allows you to select AutoHotkey v1 code and with the press of a hotkey it would be converted to the equivalent v2 version.

It creates an Edit control to allow to make quick modifications to the code and quickly copy it back to the clipboard.

🔥Effortlessly convert v1 code to v2 with this great AHK Script

🔥Effortlessly convert v1 code to v2 with this great AHK Script

This tool simplifies the transition from V1 to V2 of AutoHotkey, allowing for quick and successful script conversion.

  • 00:00 🔧 We used a tool to make switching from V1 to V2 easier, but it’s not perfect.
    • We leveraged Dimitri’s V1 to V2 converter tool to make switching from V1 to V2 more convenient, however it does not do everything perfectly.
  • 01:00 🚀 Run the executable to quickly preview V1 code changes.
    • Run the executable to launch the tool, then select V1 code and hit Ctrl Shift C to get a quick preview of the change.
  • 02:12 ✅ The V1 to V2 conversion was successful, but there were some issues.
    • The conversion from V1 to V2 was successful, but there were some issues due to the complicated escaping process.
  • 03:10 💻 This tool simplifies script editing for better results.
    • This tool allows you to modify the script to make it perfect with less work.
  • 03:50 📁 Using a file select folder to achieve a new outcome.
    • Exploring a new approach to certain tasks, a file select folder is used to get the desired result.
  • 04:20 💻 Tested a conversion function and can add highlighting to GUI if needed.
    • We tested a conversion function and can add highlighting to the GUI if desired.
  • 05:04 ✅ Tool quickly translates V1 to V2 with good results.
    • The conversion is working well and the tool quickly translates snippets of text fromV1 to V2.
  • 06:17 🎉 Our new course makes transitioning from V1 to V2 of AutoHotkey easy, with no script conversion needed!
    • Our new course is available to help you transition from V1 to V2 of AutoHotkey, with lots of changes and no need to convert all your scripts.

Transcripts of v1 to v2 AutoHotkey converter

hey everyone it’s Joe and azalez here from the automator and uh we’re working on a really cool tool I think to help people switch from V1 to V2 now we’re leveraging uh Dimitri I think what a year ago kind of demonstrated a V1 to V2 converter tool I’ll put a link to it here that he’s been working on WE leveraged that library to make it a little more convenient this was this was my thoughts and here’s the thing you know which Dimitri will agree with you that V1 to V2 tool it’s it’s not going
to do everything for you exactly that is correct so basically it it does most of the job there’s a few little details where it might go a little bit you know it might be a little bit complicated especially if you’re working with gui’s and menus because those the syntax changed drastically so the way how he handles it is still not perfect so what we did he has kind of like a GUI in which you paste some things in one side converted on the other side but we decided to uh you just said hey can we make this more simple than that like
just select text hit a hotkey and I got the the conversion the thing is and so we just finished our V1 to V2 course on painlessly learning V2 right and me bringing you over and I’m like as people are doing this stuff they’re going to want to be in this tool a lot and and use it and they will it’s not it’d be much easier to have a hotkey to be able to see what it does instead of having to go find the file and drag it and look at it on everything and sometimes you just want a little snippet so yeah that’s
right so if I share my screen uh let me go ahead and see here what you will see is that you will have the executable of course compiled in case you don’t have a lot of hotkey compile but you have also access to the sources so you can take a look at what this script does or you can compile it yourself if you feel more like it but if you run it basically the tool is going to be launched that’s it and now you can go ahead and take a look at some V1 code like the this I can select it and just hit a hotkey for now is Ctrl
shift C and it gives you kind of like a quick preview of the change notice that instead of file select folder how it was in V1 I have deer select and some other changes let me I can just hit copy here the editor is there in case you want to make some quick modifications but you don’t have to I just copy it and now I can go to a file for example MBS code so I can have the better highlighting here and you will notice that now I did have the conversion and 99 of it is correct you will have some issues here
but that had to do more with what I was doing on the V1 version than the conversion the conversion went fine it’s just that in V1 I was doing a very complicated thing which was supposedly escaping this doesn’t escape quotation marks supposedly escaping it that escapes it in the com spec so it was something of what I was trying but the conversion was successful this is correct if I do um it converted the run to a function basically um in any case as you can tell the script is not 100 perfect that’s why we
give you this little window so that you modify these other things like for example in this case hey I don’t want that or whatever it was yeah that’s not how I wanted it I wanted like this that’s it so in any case you can play with it a little bit and you will find that even though you might need to do some work to make it perfect the work that you have to do is less that’s the point of this tool also I would say go back to V1 and just showing the whole thing and and what I would say how I’d
be using it is I might get stuck on something like let’s just say exactly right yeah that message what does this do in V2 yeah right and then oh this is how it works got it right oh yeah the file select folder okay I don’t know how to do that oh right oh dear select oh that’s it so so it might be a very interesting approach to certain things I actually think we saw one that I was a little bit more it was a little bit different because it did kind of like a um a conversion that I was not expecting
this is the function that I meant and if I go ahead and create the conversion as you can tell here let me just copy this and put it in my highlighter just to make sure that it is a little bit easier to follow by the way one of the things as asked about was should we use uh the scintilla kind of scintilla control yeah um if you guys think that’d be something fun to have that highlighting actually in that GUI we can we can do that but this is just a quick beta testing of it so let us know if that’s something you’d
like that is correct now the funny thing about this is it did the conversion you will notice that it removed this line but I wanted to show you is that this part here was removed because it’s no longer needed the way how random works you don’t need to see that any longer so it got removed but it lets you know that it removed it and in other cases here’s the weird one that I was not expecting is this file read fed into the string split to get the quote which I have done with a file Red Line file read line that’s how I did it
before and I was like what the heck was that change and then when I went to the documentation there is no file read line anymore in V2 so he’s doing the the correct way of kind of like switching that over so the conversion is looking good and for many other things like this one you will notice that now I have quotation marks around the text which is something that you don’t have over here so the conversion is working really well and the tool does a good job of quickly translating Snippets of text that are
for sorry from V1 to v2 and I think that’s you know basically what we need to at least get started in the transition from one to B2 right yeah so yeah or they might want our course which we I’ll put the URL up but yeah we just we’re just releasing it now it’s available um but it gets you going we have a lot of stuff we talk about there’s enormous changes in V1 to V2 right and V1 is considered decorated yeah and so you it doesn’t mean it’s going to die and we’re also not saying don’t go convert all
your scripts we’re not doing it right but you might want to start developing your new stuff in AutoHotkey V2 get used to it you’re going to love it once you start using it right so that’s for sure this tool will help you if they kind of get going in it a little faster if you enjoyed this video and like learned something please like the video it really helps us out also hey consider subscribing if you want to get more updates like this because release videos a couple times a week and we’re the largest Autohotkey channel out there
and still growing cheers

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