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Random Code Generator

Use this simple Random Code Generator written in AutoHotkey to create random characters
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The key idea of the video is to demonstrate a script that generates random unique IDs with customizable character length and options.

  • 00:00 This video demonstrates a script that generates random unique IDs with customizable character length and character options.
  • 00:27 We create arrays with various characters and randomly push them into an object to iterate over them.
  • 00:48 The code generator can generate a specified number of alphanumeric codes, which are then copied to the clipboard for easy use.
  • 01:17 The code generator can quickly create a unique list of random characters, which can be sorted or kept random based on preference.
  • 01:58 This is a simple script for generating random code that can be downloaded and customized, although it lacks error checking and a GUI.


hey it’s joe Glines from the-Automator and i’m gonna demonstrate a little script that we wroteyou can use it often for like let’s say a drawing or you need some sort of a random id for people and this is gonna allow you to choose how manyunique ids you want and the length of the characters and inside the script it’s not in the gui but let you choose what characters you want to use so let’s go ahead and get into the script here all right so here at the beginning this thing listens for us just ensures that
it runs only once here we have some array blank arrays we’re creating let’s put them all in one line because why not now this this is where if you don’t want a certain character you’d remove it from this list we put in numbers uppercase and lowercase letters right and you could put in other characters too it doesn’t really matter and then we’re going to randomly push them into all these into an object and then basically iterate over them but let’s go ahead and launch it and it’s
going to come up here and ask you all right how many codes do you want to generate let’s say a thousand and then how many characters so if i want them to be like for a thousand obviously we need to have no actually it’s alphanumeric so we could probably get away with three right it shouldn’t be a problem hit okay and bam there you go right and now these are on your clipboard if you notice right here so if i go paste this somewhere we would see the full list i have this line here let me hit okay so right here this sorts them now if you
don’t want them sorted for some reason if you want to keep the oops keep them random you can comment this line out save it reload it let’s run it let’s do let’s do 10 000 and let’s do six characters and you can see it’s pretty darn fast right but it’s it’s really great to easily generate this unique list of of characters and let’s see so let’s hit okay and then let’s open site just for lack of something better paste and go down and so there we can see there’s 10 000 rows
we jump up this one so this one wasn’t sorted because i turned off that sort but they they should all be unique so yeah it’s a pretty simple script go ahead and i’ll give you the url to download it so that’ll beeasy for you to get to and make some tweaks obviously we could have put this into the gui and a couple of things that we didn’t add error checking on it but you know it’s just a simple script that basically i use to generate stuff so it wasn’t what i was sharing but i thought you know what
some people might want this so have at it cheers

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