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SciTE Properties file

SciTE is an amazing editor / IDE!  Here I have 103 SciTE Properties files / utility files which will help you show Intellisense in the languages you’re programming in!  Take a look below to see if your we’ve got your favorite language in our SciTE Properties file!

If you’d like to learn more how I customize my Scite Properties files check out this video

How to customize SciTE | Deep dive into my User Properties file

How to customize SciTE | Deep dive into my User Properties file


abaqus.properties csound.properties matlab.properties registry.properties
abbrev.properties css.properties metapost.properties ruby.properties
ada.properties d.properties mmixal.properties rust.properties
asl.properties debug.py modula3.properties SciTE.properties
asm.properties ecl.properties nimrod.properties scite_3.7.2-1_arm64.deb
asn1.properties eiffel.properties nncrontab.properties SciTEGlobal.properties
au3.api Embedded.properties nsis.properties SciTEUser.properties
au3.keyword.properties erlang.properties old php.api scriptol.properties
au3.keywords.abbreviations.properties escript.properties old vb.properties smalltalk.properties
au3.keywords.properties flagship.properties opal.properties sorcins.properties
au3.pixmap.properties forth.properties oscript.properties specman.properties
au3.properties fortran.properties others.properties spice.properties
au3_Old.properties freebasic.properties pascal.properties spss.Keywords.Properties
autoit3wrapper.keywords.properties gap.properties perl.properties spss.Properties
ave.properties haskell.properties php.api sql.properties
avs.properties hex.properties php.properties tacl.properties
baan.properties html.properties phpfunctions.properties tal.properties
bcx.properties inno.properties pov.properties tcl.properties
blitzbasic.properties javascript.properties powerpro.properties tex.properties
bullant.properties json.properties powershell.properties txt2tags.properties
caml.properties kix.properties Properties.zip vb.api
cmake.properties latex.properties ps.properties vb.keywords.properties
cobol.properties lisp.properties purebasic.properties vb.properties
coffeescript.properties lot.properties python.properties verilog.properties
conf.properties lout.properties r.properties vhdl.properties
cpp.properties lua.properties rebol.properties

How I customize my SciTE4AutoHotkey Properties file

The key idea of the video is to explain how to customize the user properties file in SciTE to personalize preferences and improve the coding experience.

  • 00:00 🔧 The speaker explains how to customize the user properties file in SciTE to personalize preferences and highlights the importance of customizing the user properties file rather than the global properties file.
    • The speaker explains how to customize the user properties file in SciTE to personalize preferences and highlights the importance of customizing the user properties file rather than the global properties file.
    • The speaker discusses the customization of SciTE through the use of a user properties file, including the creation of a site variable and the organization of different properties files for different languages.
    • You can customize SciTE to work with different languages and have IntelliSense and highlighting, and the speaker provides an example of how to do it.
    • Specify the abbreviation on the extensions to automatically use intellisense and create hotkeys for certain options in the user properties file.
  • 04:16 📝 Customizing SciTE allows for easier access to frequently used options such as bookmarks, view settings, line numbers, and the output window.
    • The speaker discusses their experience with customizing SciTE and demonstrates how to create hotkeys for copying and pasting in rich text format.
    • Toggle output, open user properties file, open global properties file, stop script, and access context menu using built-in hotkeys in SciTE.
    • Customizing SciTE allows for easier access to frequently used options such as bookmarks, view settings, line numbers, and the output window.
  • 08:11 🔍 Highlighting and right-clicking to open a file, as well as using the “copy path” option, are useful features in SciTE, along with disabling certain features, using macros, and displaying temporary folders or files in the user properties file.
    • Highlighting a file path and right-clicking to open it, as well as using the “copy path” option to easily obtain the file’s path, are useful features in SciTE.
    • The speaker discusses disabling certain features and using a macro to dynamically write code in SciTE.
    • Hide the two pop-up windows, create a temporary folder or file, display it, and show the location of highlighted words in the user properties file.
  • 11:20 📝 The speaker discusses customizing SciTE by adding plugins, opening multiple instances, and using keyboard shortcuts, as well as enabling intellisense and adjusting settings like system tray icon and page reloading warnings.
    • The speaker discusses customizing SciTE and mentions the use of plugins, opening multiple instances of SciTE, and keyboard shortcuts for opening new windows.
    • The speaker discusses customizing SciTE by adding a return and an eighth tab, which allows for intellisense to work without the need for additional characters.
    • Turn off the system tray icon and choose whether to receive a warning when reloading pages in SciTE.
  • 15:17 🔧 Adjusting default settings in SciTE can improve performance and user experience, while customizing filters and tab options allows for more control over the display, and SciTE also supports launching Python scripts with intellisense and output display.
    • Change the size of icons, minimize to the system tray, adjust margin and default width, hide menus on fullscreen, and set default settings.
    • Adjusting the default settings in SciTE can improve performance and user experience, such as turning off wrapping, adjusting caching based on computer capabilities, and setting default directories for saving and opening files.
    • Specify the tab size and whether to use tabs, and customize the filters to control the options displayed in the window.
    • Control the final pattern by creating a data line and using it in one line, and skip over the filter option, but note that SciTE allows for launching Python scripts and displaying the output in the output window with intellisense and other features.
  • 20:22 🔧 Customize the status bar in SciTE to add elements like selection length, date and time, line and column numbers, file path, and last modified date for easier navigation and editing, and control push, autocomplete, and output window settings for a more convenient coding experience.
    • You can customize the status bar in SciTE by adding various elements such as selection length, current date and time, line number, column number, file path, and last modified date.
    • Customizing SciTE allows for easier navigation and editing, such as highlighting and determining character count, and changing settings to enable clicking anywhere.
    • Control the push, autocomplete, and output window settings in SciTE for a more convenient and efficient coding experience.
  • 23:54 🔧 Autohotkey can be used to customize SciTE by changing settings related to magnification, scroll, and wrap, setting utf-8 as the default encoding, reopening last opened files, and using bookmarks and folds for easier navigation, as well as customizing the appearance of the find and replace feature and highlighting/selecting specific words.
    • Autohotkey can be used to dump messages in the output window instead of using a message box, and the speaker discusses settings related to magnification, scroll, and wrap in the editor window.
    • Set utf-8 as the default encoding for save sessions, configure SciTE to reopen last opened files, and use bookmarks and folds for easier navigation within the sessions.
    • The speaker discusses how to customize SciTE and mentions the ability to change settings, such as the appearance of the find and replace feature, and the option to highlight and select specific words.
  • 27:47 🔧 Configure SciTE to customize settings such as recent files, undo history, and colors, while also enabling features like automatic closing tags and regex search, all tailored to personal preferences.
    • Configure SciTE by customizing settings such as recent file list, undo history, and font and background colors, while ensuring to backup the file to avoid losing any changes.
    • Configure SciTE by changing the resolution of the laptop, removing tabs, adjusting anti-aliasing settings, and turning off matching braces in color.
    • The speaker discusses various settings in SciTE, including automatic closing tags for HTML, setting a threshold for opening large files, and configuring the title bar to display the full path or just the filename.
    • You can configure SciTE to disable warnings when exiting without saving changes and to help with error reporting and understanding.
    • Configure SciTE to enable regex search and customize settings for find and replace, including preventing the find box from closing if no match is found, and playing audio when a search term is not found.
    • The speaker discusses customizing the color settings in SciTE and how it helps in finding and marking specific words, emphasizing the flexibility of configuring the software to personal preferences.

Transcript: How I customize my SciTE4AutoHotkey Properties file

hey it’s Joe Glines and I had a question about some of my site preferences from blue deep and I thought I’d go ahead and and walk through my site user property so if you’re not also familiar with this insight if you come up here under options and you go to open user properties there’s there’s also there’s the global properties there’s some other properties in these generally speaking you shouldn’t be playing with write what you want to do is customize generally speaking as customize your
user properties file this will get applied last I think the global properties after all the other ones who applied I think it’s the global properties happens next and then the user properties happens last and this is what I’ll tie it just to your instance and not affect all the other stuff so initially I was gonna go through and just highlight cuz I have let’s see how long my user properties file is it’s a 537 lines a lot of his comments but most people have like maybe 10 lines probably to start with yeah you’re probably
something with the importing maybe of a couple languages other than I think these are the default I’ve added a lot of other ones in here the other thing that I don’t want to get into in this video but what I’ve done is I’ve created a site variable that’s in my window settings and then I tell it okay go then I point to that site it will default to the site home directory and then in my directory this is where I have it in on my computer is under under this whole path where ba ba ba B prods install
files site installs site custom then I have a properties folder and under that properties folder is where I have the roughly 70 because there’s a zip file that has all of them as keep it as a backup but the 70 different properties file for different languages that you can configure on aha I’m sorry site I’m using the site for AutoHotkey but you can configure it to play with those other language as well which is one of the things I love about site is a the flexibility to have so many other languages that you can I’m have the
intellisense for him highlighting so here I import HTML sequel Python I wrote one that’s SPSS doesn’t quite work butit’s okay I haven’t been using it much lately anyway the end and then I start going in and I say okay so this first one and in here I’m gonna make this file available so you can download look at it that’s why I wanted to clarify the these settings won’t be the same as yours right you probably just put import HTML because I doubt you’ve changed your default directory for where
it’s gonna look the kind of the way this one’s done I don’t know if it means I’m scoring is it or not you might try that but here this under language see how this list let me see if I can get a screenshot of this this list see how it lines up with these and this is telling it if you read all the notes in here it’s telling it the abbreviation on the extensions I believe to apply and I think you can have more than one if you want I’ve got a hat example here but maybe not that when it sees that
extension it’ll Automatically use that intellisense and here if you put an ampersand next to the letter it’ll you can’t see it there in it but if I come back here and I hit my alt a I’ll see the underline jumped off it see like the P and here it’s the Q and that’s because I put that ampersand next to the Q so that’s how you can make it basically similar to aHotkey right to automatically jump to those options so even though this knows it’s a user property file I could tell it it’s a
different one and so if the extension didn’t match it I can come in here and choose it but this way little default pick the right one this next one I’ve taken this out because I was an actually I actually have an issue with this so I’m gonna go ahead and put that back in there so I’m not sure what it is I’ll go back and fixed I tried it once and it worked and I thought I was good but it didn’t it yeah I had other issue undo undo this and paste okay so what I did in here you can go look up a lot of
the commands that you can use and here I built-in Hotkeys so control shift right is gonna switch the paint let me see if it so he it and when the pain it means this output pain if I’m not here and I hit control shift are oh looks like that’s actually got something else right now associated control shows FL wow that did something else entirely okay well I know this this one does work let me open up word window and bring it over here if I come in here and highlight this oh and and I gotta save it first hopefully this will not work
and now if I hit ctrl alt Z ctrl C and copy now when I go to word and hit paste oh I had a the problem is I have some other scripts running you try to get ctrl C paste yeah it’s a so maybe and I don’t think I have to reload this but let me go ahead and close it just to be sure and reopen tonight bring it over ctrl alt C ctrl C and paste ah there we go so notice I got the rich text format right and of course I could have come up here highlighted what I want to think about here and said edit copy is RTF I
don’t understand why to me that should have been the default is to copy as RTF and then occasionally I actually have when I hit ctrl G and it spaces plain text so I would that’s why I was trying to switch my default to RTF but I’m building in toggle up in the C ctrl T so see how I’ve built in a Hotkey so I can just toggle my output and I can force it to bring up the culprits I can control shift you brings up the user properties file but I actually have a conflicting Hotkey with that another script the controller of G will open the
global properties file this control escape is nice as it’ll stop actually it in the script which in python i think comes in handy and f3 st i think it does it again butif i recall i had to add this because it didn’t Automatically find again when you hit it or something so that’s walking through some of theHotkeys i built inside I’m not using AutoHotkey for it right this is built-in inside site now the context menu here’s another great example of how you can customize site so when I right-click now
I’m sure my options look a lot different than yours right and so I can create bookmarks I can go the next bookmark I can save you the view the whitespace view end of line right and instead of by always have a hard time remembering exactly where those are up here I think that no yeah and this is why I via air we go to view white space but I just built them into a few end-of-line I built them into my context menu because they’re things I use often enough and I can toggle my line numbers I haven’t use
that in a long time forgot it was there the output window I figure why not here’s that here’s a great one let me see if I trying to think of one let’s say I had a a path in a file I can highlight it I can right click and say Open File a path and put in a reminder here not to have quotes but it automatically opens that file if that was a URL it would have navigated to with my default browser so that’s one I I like a lot especially because often I’m including other files and just having that to pop it open it’s just a
great option having the two of these in a row gives you the the these double lines so each one will give you a line break and then putting two in a row gives me a little bit bigger of a break right so that’s how I gotta keep it reminds me so I have the copies are TIF here I’ve added it down here as well and copy path of this file this one is awesome is I can say like this copy path this file and hit paste and this gives me the path whatever file I’m in so I don’t have to go open file manager and go find where I
am I can just right-click say copy path of this file right and it’s basically meaning the file I’m in oh and this is the one the stop execution that’s the one that will stop especially in Python I would run something I couldn’t figure how to get to stop and it was very annoying so there okay so that was that one here’s some other ones I’ve turned off but I had to do a google search and highlighted text and some other stuff I’m not gonna give I turned them off for a reason because I didn’t use them that
often mine my AutoHotkey is set up I have some I think it was a macro maybe butif I see should working I’m going to work in here because it doesn’t this is not an actual AutoHotkey script so let me open up my main one and I’m gonna type I don’t you know I’ll just under I’m gonna hit ctrl R do I want to say fingers no and it it ran just what I had highlighted right so this helps me dynamically write code without having to run the entire script right I can just test a couple lines at a time so I’m
gonna do that mrs. boss so I’m gonna hide both these hit ctrl R now unfortunately popping up on my other screen so there’s the first one here’s the second one right it creates a temp folder or file and then displays it and then it’s done I’m down here I guess it’s actually showing you what it did but I love love love the ability to do that now let me see this go back to my user properties file and these these by the way these up here this is 1140 1141 1142 that’s what and notice I’ll come over it later but when
when I highlight a word it’ll show me where also that word is and then I believe it was case sensitive so it’s yeah so see search here and search here is not highlighted especially I was working in Python because python is case sensitive that was a feature that really really handy because it would drive me nuts I would be declaring variables and something would work but it turns out I had put it up or could be someone and lower another and that helped me spot that a lot all right let’s keep plugging
along there’s a Python stuff open a browser boy okay so here the plugins I have which I’ve got from the forum so I’m not going to go into those they are they are good don’t get me wrong but I would just say look at these paths and go look at the site the main AutoHotkey for site window and sandwich run in there what’s there you’ll find them alright open new window so I like to be able to have more than one version of site open right so if I hit ctrl shift n it it will open a second instance of
site and sometimes I just want to have them you know to be able to be in one switch to the other and not have it as a tab right or I’ll even I have another one that does a window in window which I thought was pretty awesome but I was playing with it earlier and it was acting weird and I just was being lazy didn’t want to get into it so control-shift-n opens this file in a new window and alt shift n I’m trying alt shift n actually opens a blank site window new new instance so both of those I really like having
very handy and here you can see here it gets basically it’s passing the path file the current file to the instance and this one it just doesn’t do that what is next I don’t I have no idea what I was doing there all right we’ll just skip that and skip that all right here because I like you don’t need to add this for the most part however what I like is having a a turn so like the eighth tab and a space I like having a a return and I think I have an eighth enter as well and I put them alphabetically so a what thought
open right before there and I don’t see it but but that will show the intellisense oh there it is okay so if I’m in here and I type see if the intellisense works and I create a variable it’s in my default somewhere I include a default list and it’s in there and that way I don’t have to put in the quote slash are slash in quote or tick marks and stuff so that basically I think is the only reason why I included this here was that I wanted to have my own ones thatthat I could you see tell us it’s on so I I don’t like the
till ago to I in especially because the system tray I like keeping it as as small as it possibly can be and I never used it so this turns off the icon and their system tray if if you are editing like let’s say you’re your web scraping and are getting page my page and updates your page you can turn on or off the do you want to reload the warning about reloading it and so that’s what this setting does this next one it’s nice it I don’t think it does it dynamically if I save it but let’s go
to try now I did it change doesn’t seem all smaller no yeah so if I was to close AutoHotkey and save this as zero these icons would be smaller I just don’t have the best vision anymore so I like leaving it were there I like bigger icons here the next one you can have it minimized and set it to going to your taskbar it’ll minimize to the system tray which is down here and it is you know if that’s what you want it’s it’s nice to have that option these effect here is the margin so this margin and having it visible or not
that’s what these settings are doing so you can adjust that and in the default width so if I recall like the width was wider than I had wanted that was kind of wasting some space so I tightened it up a bit thevisual flat boy you know I don’t even remember what that is but the the indents are obviously when that would have has the wrapping on on how far indents the next line fullscreen command used okay so that hides the menus on the fullscreen this has to do with this wrap I have it default off you can obviously still
change it but this is the default setting right so it my default is usually off I just found that most the time I actually want it off and at times I like having it on it just depends what I’m doing but if I change the default to have the wrapping off here also depending on the size of the files you’re working with you can adjust how site and it talks through the settings butif you want to use any caching or have a lot of caching sometimes I open some very large files and it’s if I have enough RAM on my computer that I didn’t
care but so I I have it using the whole document but you can either depending on your computer you might want to tweak this to adjust for that and it tells you here about how much of an increase in the both the file size but speed in in playing with the files so it’s one you have to I don’t remember what this one was and this is when I had a new window this is odd because it says the that in Vista or newer you can set it to one but if I recall right like on my laptop when I said technology to it does definitely
change it butfor some video cards it it just it ends up flickering and I this is one of the settings that drove me nuts and I finally figured out that this is the one that was flickering and so I set it back to zero and then I was fine this is a nice setting if you want to open a file it’ll automatically create a temp directory for it and you don’t have to deal with all that stuff thealso like that’s why when I if I close this let’s see I’ll leave that open and now if I reopen site it’s of course
always going to the other window it kept track of which files I had open last and so that’s what where did it go to last oh no that’s actually I have that setting somewhere else sorry this is thethe telling it what default directory so it when you go to save it it’ll save and open from the last script of the last directory this is how big you want a tab to be and then also if you want to use tabs or not so in here this is where you can tell it the filters that you want to have displayed like if I hit
open I can this is the that is controlling what options will be listed here so I wanted i added the stuff with the different text files and so you can see it’s a good example when you have multiple extensions you can change it and of course that changes your view right of what’s in that window apparently I don’t have any sequel ones there text a couple AutoHotkey scripts but that’s how you can control that in here and here final pattern so this is how apparently I did the data down here it says data and I had to
create that this one took me a little bit to figure out I had to create it maybe even both these lines I had to create it and then I could use it down here in one line and whether or not you want to use the filter this I’m gonna skip over this but because I I have I used to do a fair amount and Python I haven’t done a lot lately lately but it allows for using their API where you can actually launch the script and use site for having it display in the output window and everything which I really liked it to have the intellisense and a
lot of other stuff this if you want the status bar visible right you can turn it won most of them often it’s a 0 and a 1 right so it’s either is your are l1 when you see a 1 you can you can configure it that way 2 to the 0 or 1 this is if the status bar is visible what I actually did was inside my one status bar and here let’s look at the very first one so if I highlight this see it says selected 19 so there’s 19 characters highlighted and that’s what this selection length right this is my very first bar my first
one up to and then see the 3 pipes and that’s high now it breaks then inserts the current date right so this is the date current time what line I’m on out of how many so that’s this part line number of line numbers what column I’m in the path to the file then the last modified date so I added a lot of stuff in here now you can I forget how exactly it works but you can create multiple status bars I don’t think it stacks him though and and that’s what was odd was I think it’s still appended in them and I’ve realized
you know what I’m just gonna build one the way I want it and not get confused of what’s there so I I definitely encAutoage you once you get you especially that’s just highlighting and oh I needed to know how many characters it is it’s a great easy way to be able to do that without having to have aHotkey or anything this was something I read from a webpage and I was playing with it I don’t think I ever actually got it to work so disregard that this is hard explaining but if you change this and
let me see if I change it here a virtual space of 112 it’s a place wind did I turn off that light nothing oh I reopened it too okay so that all 0 1 right but to to allow arrow keys the mouse and three for both so let’s change it to 3 and I’m gonna save it and let me see if I can do this now so see how now I can click out here so sometimes you want to be able to click wherever you want what I didn’t like about this is oh and it didn’t do it there I thought I was doing I thought it was adding spaces
when I would do it but anyway I played with that for a while I kind of liked it and then I reverted back to having it just as one I can’t remember exactly why but that is how you control that push which definitely is nice to have that ability of flexibility the autocomplete of when you’re typing like it doesn’t think this is yeah it doesn’t think it’s it’s not an AutoHotkey script so it’s not going to offer up suggestions but this these are with how many words you get letters you’re gonna type before it
offers it up I have it so this output window when I go to launch something it’ll automatically so this one tells it to automatically clear the output window which is convenient so I don’t have to wonder when was it the output from a previous one I have the screen to vertical I think it’s default off so instead of having it where is that vertical split so you can have it this way but which isn’t bad it depends you know what you’re playing with more often than not though I don’t have a lot of
stuff I want to look at and so I don’t like eating up this space so by default I have it down here in in this way I can you know look at it this way I do by the way I have another function that will instead of using a message box you can tell AutoHotkey to dump it in this output window and that’s that’s pretty awesome very Kamiya all right so where was I clear Hainan split zero these are also these these are all dealing with the outputs of the magnification and scroll and other things with that and setting the wrap to
one so I do have the wrap on in the output window but not in my I forget what window this is called the editor window I don’t know and then this is both 6501 is utf-8 for encoding and I wanted that to be the default for both of those this save session this is the one I believe yeah so the last session will be stored on athlete so when I close this this is this is the setting that tells it where to go sorry anger that to reopen the files that were last open which you know it’s surprising how often that actually is the right value
you know you want to play with the file you just worked on and then if you want to have bookmarks and folds I don’t use them an often but you can insert a bookmark and then save them the the trick is you have to go back and reload them after you’ve closed it and so I haven’t even though I know programmatically I could save that somewhere then re-import it because it stays with the file but it’s not in the file and so you’d have to tell site to go import the bookmarks but then you could jump around the sessions you use a
lot the folds in a in here when you have sections like this where we go here all right these are the folds and you can have it remember if those are open or closed as well this I think that default has been changed back to not use this right wall and I hit ctrl F right it comes up with this not and I think this one does actually change if I put this to a one and save it and now I hit ctrl nope I’d have to close it and reload it so some settings are like hot settings they happen without reloading and some
of them don’t oh you find you strip oh replace you stir so both of those they end up down here which in some ways is nice because the one thing I don’t like about this control F is it doesn’t move out the way when it’s over the word however it’s it’s just kind of small to me and I’ve been get used to it having it in one spot and so I like having up here you can also configure on those things on hit patrol H on the defaults of what’s selected and actually you know what transform packs I see I do this so
often I wonder huh I don’t see it listed here I would have thought I could have put the transform replaced thing set that to always be on but anyway going and this this talks about the Oh so I think this is my current word indicator yeah so when I highlight when I’m in this word it’ll it’ll show me and everywhere else where it finds that word and even the setting after or before it actually is affects the color right of how its shown so that is I love that setting especially because it’s case
sensitive in and that for me helped me a lot apparently you can even have styles in here and limited certain things I don’t play with that fine so this when you hit here let me see you find what and replace it so if I hit control H and I had that word see how it’s selected it automatically puts it in theresome people find that annoying but I like at least you have the flexibility right I use it a lot save recent is list so the post recently used files okay the most recently files us right so in here I wish I could tell
it to say the last 20 right maybe that is a setting somewhere I would love that we look reserves undo oh this is pretty cool right so it even if you’ve saved it I think you can still undo stuff right from history which is very nice and this if you had if you when you’re down to one and you hit close it’ll close site entirely and so that’s a nice thing to be able to play with I’m not gonna go through I found the configuring of the fonts and background and foreground and everything because there’s also this
window in this window confusing but this is what I have it on so I’m not gonna go now you can play with that just make sure you first thing I should have said the very beginnin sideo is backed up your entire file and keep it handy and backup and email it to yourself to have a static one so you don’t overwrite it and then scream at me for you know monkeying with it can’t get it back if you want to have it started a certain zoom level this is how you can configure it on especially on my laptop it was
really hard so I had it higher but I I ended up just changing the resolution of my laptop and in that took care of it overall so I don’t do that anymore when when you get down to just one window so if I close my other window oh oh and I didn’t hum let me see if that there goes so when I just have one it gets rid of the tabs entirely right I don’t I like having the tabs there regardless so it’sthat’s what configures that in oh you know the so I mentioned earlier the anti-aliasing setting and that said something about
what was it if greater than not XP what was it Vista it might have been this one also I should put these things next to each other one of them was the one that was I remember this anti-aliasing stuff it’s what was giving me that flickering stuff and so it might have been this one that was that setting but I would say try both of them and see what you know what works and what doesn’t these are just some other settings that I’ve turned off this matching braces in color so it this has to do when I’m
trying to think if I have this other stuff it’s gonna have braces but we’ll just oh here we go so see how when I click here and it highlights that that’s the matching braces right so it shows you and and I forget the default color was like a light color and I couldn’t see it very well so I adjusted my my settings for that then automatic opening and closing for the life of me I don’t remember what that was and I wish I usually I put in the notes and stuff I should go look that up here so here what
and actually I think this will work in the where let me try oh there we go it’s biddy nope okay I might create a new save as hi oh wait no oh here we got HTML and now see how it automatically wrote my closing tag for methat obviously if you do a lot of HTML could be very V of course it can also be very frustrating just depend on your perspective but that is what this setting does it says XML but it works for both XML and HTML this is a nice one if you have a very large if you sometimes work with large files and go to open a file by
accident I think this is 20 Meg’s ICAM 20 yeah probably it it’ll ask me before I open it are you sure idiot that you want to open that and so I set it at a pretty high threshold because I have a lot of RAM but sometimes I act upon something insight will crash but it takes a big file you can still open really big files insight I love it this title full path to this is this is how you can configure it up in here in the title bar and here it walks through with the settings are you know what let me – there we go
so full path this is play with one let me see if that’s a hot thing one yeah so see how it it’s weeked it up here but I had it set as two and so it the file and where you can just have the filename so I have it set up with the file name and then tells me in what directory so that’s what that is this is a configuration you can tell it to stop asking if you didn’t save this at it you know if you’ve made a change but you can have it disable the warning if you don’t save it before you exit and also before you
launch make sure you want to build it there’s like lime this I believe helps with the error reporting and to understanding where the error is not for oh now oh yeah my first example 104 that’s what it is so see host is one of three I have three files open and that’s what this thing that’s configuring let’s see if that is a live yeah there we go so that can help you obviously you can count this but it’s nice to be able to just spot check it streams and I don’t remember what that is so again I’m
configuring it so here’s where I turn on the the type of regex search and I have a video talking through how to do some great stuff and site searching when I play stuff and the it was much easier for me to use this POSIX settings so I turn that on in here oh I turned on some of their in place final places caves where happen rejects escapes where see I would have thought line breaks should have been in there and I think this probably is up above somewhere but I’m not going about that right now fine clothes on find find
clothes on find equals zero prevents fine box from closing if it doesn’t Oh interesting alright find replace with focus and warning not found so I think you’ll be able to hear this but let’s say I I come in here and I search for super something that’s not there so I get a audio and if you hear the inconceivable this audio gets played which it it’s just I you know if that’s playing around but it is nice I like color when marking Oh so let’s say I was finding find and I’m gonna find all mark
all and so I think it has to do with this bullet little blue bullet here that that is what that very last setting is is monkeying with yeah round box color underlying I bet you that’s whatoh you know no I know no maybe it isn’t maybe it’s both theso there’s maybe the color but I think honestly I think that color is actually at this part cuz it I remember it would mark it but I couldn’t see where it was that the word was you know in especially in a line like this then that’s one line then it
was like somewhere in there and I’m like well where that where in the world is it and so I adjusted that setting to where now it’s easy to see so sorry that was a 37 minutes of going through my site file butas you can see I’ve configured a lot of stuff in here which I just it it you know it of course you tweak it to what you like right and that’s the beauty of to me if both odd odd key insights is you can figure it the stuff that you like and you don’t worry you know about the defaults I

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