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SciTE4AutoHotkey Installer v3.0.06.01

SciTE4AutoHotkeySciTE4AutoHotkey is an amazing AutoHotkey editor!  If you’re new to AutoHotkey, I highly recommend SciTE4AutoHotkey!  I have a ton of SciTE4AutoHotkey tutorials here

SciTE4AutoHotkey broken with AHK v2? Here’s the fix❗

 SciTE4AutoHotkey broken with AHK v2? Here's the fix❗

The video demonstrates how to use Automator to simplify the switch to V2 and improve user experience with custom profile settings.

  • 00:00 Automator created a program to simplify the switch to V2 and improve user experience with custom profile settings.
    • Automator created a program to help standardize the switch to V2 and added custom user profile settings for a more enjoyable experience.
  • 00:48 Double click script, give admin rights, install Aroha qv2 and Cipher hotkey 3.1, download if needed.
    • Double click the script, give admin rights, say yes or no to Aroha qv2 and Cipher hotkey 3.1 installation, download if necessary.
  • 01:36 Click “yes” and select the correct path for the files, or browse to locate them manually.
    • Click “yes” and select the correct path for the files, or browse to locate them manually.
  • 01:51 ️ Fixed Kv2 site and user properties by selecting correct folder and making a few changes to status bar.
    • Fixing Kv2 site properties and user properties by selecting the correct folder and hitting “fix”, with the old properties saved as platforms.backup and a few changes to the status bar.
  • 02:48 The window title bar shows the file path and user properties can be customized by commenting out features.
    • The window title bar contains the full path of the opened file and the user properties can be annotated and customized by commenting out certain features.
  • 03:37 The context menu has new features for easier emailing, including copy path to file and copy as RTF.
    • The context menu has been updated with new features such as copy path to file and copy as RTF for easier and more visually appealing emailing.
  • 04:38 The script simplifies computer tasks.
    • The script helps with small details like closing the last tab and switching between platforms.
  • 05:24 Sight hotkeys can be switched by installing it in the same folder and using a script to fix path issues.
    • To switch between hotkeys using Sight, it must be installed in the same folder as the hotkey and a script is available to fix any path issues.

SciTE4AutoHotkey Fix Transcript

hey everyone it’s Jones here from the automator and today we got a really cool script a lot of you are switching to V2 which is a it’s a really good idea because V1 is deprecated and unfortunately when you go to use site for auto hotkey the 3.1 version some people have some problems and conflicts and stuff and it just doesn’t work properly so we wrote a little program to help kind of standard as I said for you we also added some custom user profile settings that will help site be a little bit more enjoyable a little more
customized to you so stick around to the end and make sure you see those things see if you want them or not by the way we’re the largest Auto hockey channel out there we do two videos a week at least besides our other videos where we’re training people in our Auto hockey hero Group which we do three hours a week on that those aren’t streamed to YouTube but anyway check that out if you’re interested now let’s go ahead and jump in here is this why don’t you show us does so the script as soon as you double
click what it’s gonna ask you is to have uh admin right because it’s gonna install certain things so the it’s going to ask you if aroha qv2 is installed or not you can say yes or no to that if it is installed if it is already installed just click yes and it will not download the latest version and now when I hit yes because I have it and I was going to ask me if Cipher hotkey 3.
1 is installed now this only works with 3.1 uh you know later because that’s the version that already allows you to select V2 so you have to have that one if you have it click yes if not just say no and it’s going to download it for you in my case I have it so I’m going to hit yes and now it’s going to ask you for the paths of them usually it’s going to be very good at determining where they are if the paths doesn’t do not look right to you just go ahead and click on browse and select where they are located in my
case aroha kv2 is here I select the folder that’s it and you know the same for site once these two guys are correct you hit on fix and what it’s going to do is that it’s going to fix the site properties that’s the user properties and also is going to fix uh the some issues that people had when switching platforms now as we’re changing those files it is telling you that the old properties were saved as platforms.
backup so in in any case if you want to go back to your original platforms file which I really doubt you still have a copy of it anyways and now the script is gonna exit and it’s done what it’s going to look like if I open site is that you’re gonna get a few different things here at the bottom your status bar is going to look different whenever you select some text is going to be highlighted in a specific way so every everywhere where you find the same text is going to be highlighted for you and some other little details
like at the top of the title bar so the title of the window is going to contain the full path of the file that is opened right now because the original site does not have any of those little details set up like that properties file to show them real quickly yes option user properties here right and this is extracted from my I have a crazy long big file is actually I went through it and said well what What would most people want and what’s most helpful so it’s mostly annotated also so it helps you understand and if you just
want don’t want a certain feature put the pound sign in front of that line and it’ll comment it out save it most of them are hot fixes so the second you do it it’ll apply sometimes you have to restart site but it’s really rare usually they’re they’re updated immediately that is correct so in any case um all of these things uh there is kind of like a menu that you created is oh well the shortcuts you created a few shortcuts there for copy pasting on getting the help and so on yeah and the
context menu so if you write this is the one yeah that’s the one that I was trying to get this yeah this section down here uh it’s not on the original site so we added a few things like copy the path to this file um showing the white space the end of lines stuff like that that were not in the original content menu so we made it if you selected a bunch of text it’s really cool you can go you could say copy as RTF when you paste that like in your email it keeps the color you know yeah so when you’re emailing stuff to
people it has those colors and it’s just it looks so much nicer and easier to follow you don’t lose that this was a comment and this was real code right that is correct that is correct so in any case this is the only thing that the script does is just to help you um having those things and well having those little details like for example usually when you close the last tab site closes completely we’re like why just leave me with an Untitled bio there and those kind of little details that usually are really annoying but now we
just fix them and this especially here show them because we didn’t ours is fixed but yeah that properties of the the platforms right this is where you switch between one platform and another so there are specific conditions for Sight to allow you to switch these guys the condition is that site must be installed on the same folder where our hotkey was installed so whenever you do the installation make sure that for example if you have on a hotkey folder here where aroh hotkeys installed that’s where you’re
gonna install cite if you don’t do it that way what is going to happen is that when you click here you will not get any of these options you will only get the default one so if you see it like that just make sure that you know site is not in the correct location now that’s part of what this script fixes even if you have it in different location what the script does is that it gathers where other hotkeys installed and it’s going to try to fix those paths in the property files for you but I really recommend that you just
install site where aroh hotkeys just to not have that one problem so hopefully that helps we’ll put a URL up here for where you can download this script if this helped you out and you liked it please like the video it really helps us out a lot again so consider subscribing to us we’re the largest channel we’re constantly pushing out great things to help people hope you enjoyed that and guys have a great day cheers bye

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