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ScreenReader: Get Text Under Mouse

This script can peak inside most programs and extract the text.   The download has both AHK v1 and v2 versions.  We updated this on 2024-02-24.

️ Get the scoop on the text under your mouse with AutoHotkey : Works in most Windows programs❗️

️ Get the scoop on the text under your mouse with AutoHotkey : Works in most Windows programs❗️

The Windows Snipping Tool is a useful tool for quickly and easily taking screenshots and copying text programmatically.

  • 00:00 Launch the program and use the hotkey to get text from any program.
    • Launch the program and use the hotkey to run the script to get text from any program using UIA technology.
  • 00:38 Making changes to your computer’s settings can be tricky, so make sure to back up your data before attempting any modifications.
    • Copy to clipboard automatically or disable GUI to paste.
  • 00:53 Hover over an item in Excel to view its name.
    • Mouse over an item in Excel to view its name.
  • 01:12 Use the Windows Snipping Tool with a hotkey for quick and easy screenshots.
    • The Windows Snipping Tool can be used as a powerful tool, and can be accessed with a hotkey.
  • 01:23 Windows Snipping Tool is useful for working with images and copying text programmatically.
    • Windows Snipping Tool is useful for working with images, while text can be copied programmatically.
  • 01:36 Finding coordinates and text in UIA requires skill and effort.
    • UIA approach requires skill and work to find coordinates and text.
  • 01:57 Create amazing content with default actions and videos!
    • You can do lots of cool stuff with default actions and videos.
  • 02:07 Need help? Subscribe to our AutoHotkey channel for twice-weekly videos!
    • Reach out to us for help with this tool, and if you learned something, subscribe to our Auto hockey channel for videos twice a week.

hey it’s Joe Glines from the-Automator and the other day I was on a hero call and mentioned the script I had for getting the text under the mouse and I realized the version I had at the time wasn’t the right version so I thought I’d just actually create a small video here to demonstrate its usage and how to run it it’s really powerful it uses the UIA technology which connects to a lot of programs not all but a lot so how you use it is just launch the program and then you know go over any text so here
I’m gonna I’m gonna hit my Hotkey which in this case thewrite control or browser back button I have hard-coded running the script so look even if I come down here it’s that now this is also when I run in here let me see here so it’s Untitled now look if I paste that’s what’s getting thrown on the clipboard so you don’t have to use this you could actually disable this GUI if you wanted to and just have it automatically copy to the clipboard for you let me show youhere let’s pull
up Excel and bring Excel say it’s cool so if I Mouse over this look at that grab it inside Excel look at this bold so that would be the name right up there you got that word here even I think the ribbons yeah so quite powerful toolif it doesn’t work let’s say that theyou can’t programmatically get it my windows Snipping Tool I think this is the Hotkey yeah so see how it this one it also throws it to the clipboard so I’ll put the URL up for that one as well either one of them come in really handy
if you’re working with images the windows nipping tool is the way you have to go but if you’re not working with an image if you’re working with text and you just can’t programmatically get it this is a great tool for that and there’s a lot more information available when you use the UIA approachyou it’s the problem is it’s a bit Advanced so it takes a little bit of skill and work so if you want us to help you figure out where the coordinates of this are right look for find this or look at
these coordinates and get the text under it or whatever or click it you can do default actions lots of really cool stuff we have a lot of videos I put URL for the UIA approachso if you if you’re Advanced enough in understanding objects and classes then you can work with it and use it or just reach out to us and we can try to help you out so hope it helps I I think this is a really really cool tool to have in your toolkit oh don’t forget like this video If you learned something it really helps us out
we get more people to watch our videos which really helps us grow and if you’re not subscriber subscribe we’re the largest AutoHotkey channel out there and we do videos twice a week cheers

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