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Select and Run in SciTE4AutoHotkey

Use this cool script to be be able to select and run specific lines of code in SciTE4AutoHotkey
Select and Run

The key idea of the video is that the plugin allows users to easily run selected code in SciTE without running the entire file, making coding in autohotkey more efficient.

  • 00:00 💡 This plugin allows you to easily run selected code in SciTE by highlighting it and pressing ctrl R, without running the entire file.
  • 00:38 💡 Add these lines to your user properties files to make it easier to focus and work on.
  • 00:52 💡 Update the path to autohotkey and the file path, and confirm when hitting ctrl R to run the script.
  • 01:34 💡 The plugin allows you to highlight and run specific code in autohotkey, making it simple and efficient.
hello straight lines and this is going to be a quick review of this plugin the Judy F wrote that I’ve incorporated into site I love being able to be in a site program highlight you know what I want to run and I can hit ctrl R and it’ll run it it doesn’t run the entire file so here I got highlighter that let me go back in here now I’m gonna run this so notice you know whatever I have highlighted it runs that it would exit the app if it got down to here and I can even you know jump to here and run this
so it’s pretty awesome and it’s also very easy to configure so what I’ve done here in my site users properties files it normally I have I don’t know like 800 lines in here but what I’ve done is I’ve just truncated it down to make sure you it’s easy to focus here and see what to work on so these lines you add into your user properties files and I’d say append them you know insert them it should have more than this don’t replace the file but this is what you put in there what
you’ll need to do is to put in the path so I I have my path to AutoHotkey here and then this select run file you wherever you save that you’ll update this path so so just make sure that you update your path on aHotkey here so that is reflect your path and wherever you save this file update that to be this path and then right here it’s telling it you do confirm when you hit ctrl R to go ahead and run this and I will post a link to this script which I’m not really going to go through all right most of it but there’s a couple
things I don’t but doesn’t really matter right so it’s a it appends the the stuff is like a temp file and then just runs it and that’s it so let me know if you have any questions but I think it’s it’s that simple of this plugin that allows you to highlight code specific code and AutoHotkey in let’s say I want to do both the just do all these so let’s see control are so high that it does the next ones oh that was yeah and that’s it and then it stops but it didn’t my script is still running that’s it thanks

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