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Download SimpleSpy in v1 or v2 a great tool that makes it easy to find the control you are targeting

SimpleSpySimpleSpy is a very simple tool to help you work with Controls in AutoHotkey

Many older programs have Controls (ClassNN) that AutoHotkey can programatically interact with.  SimpleSpy makes it easy to find the Control and use it in your AutoHotkey code

Amazingly Simple Spy tool for Inspecting Controls: SimpleSpy in AHK v2
Amazingly Simple Spy tool for Inspecting Controls: SimpleSpy in AHK v2

SimpleSpy in AutoHotkey V2 is a tool that simplifies control inspection and allows users to inspect and control different elements in Windows programs.

  • 00:00 This tool allows you to inspect and control different elements in Windows programs, such as changing text, using AutoHotkey V2 syntax.
  • 00:46 This tool simplifies control inspection compared to the Windows spy tool, making it easier to work with controls.
  • 01:06 If you’re new to AutoHotkey and trying to automate an admin-level script, you need to relaunch it as an admin to gain control over the program.
  • 01:33 You can use SimpleSpy to inspect and control all the controls and windows of your running applications, allowing you to manipulate them in various ways.
  • 02:18 You can use SimpleSpy in AHK v2 to inspect and automate older programs, selecting specific classes and processes.
  • 02:51 You can use SimpleSpy to inspect and control controls, but make sure to run it in admin mode if the program you’re trying to control is also in admin mode.
  • 03:44 SimpleSpy in AHK v2 is a useful tool for inspecting controls, making it easier to work with controls and understand the syntax.
  • 04:11 The speaker discusses the simplification of a spy tool for inspecting controls, removing unnecessary variables and making the script more streamlined and user-friendly.

Transcript to Video

hey everyone it’s Joe and Irfan from the-Automator and today I’m really excited because we we’ve had this tool in V1 but now we have an mv2 our fins converted over controls are phenomenalgranted they’re often for the older types of Windows programs like he’s going to demonstrate here with notepad let’s say you wanted to you know control to change this text there so this tool just allows you to get what it is and as an example you can change the text here you can just type something
whatever he wants and set it this is just confirming we’re on the right thing right but that class and N SL control edit one that’s what you use in your syntax AutoHotkey V2 syntax right this tool compared to the windows spy tool which has eight million things to look at this is just for working with controls and makes it very very simplewe covered controls in our intermediate AutoHotkey course which we just released the other day so it’s a great tool I’m glad we haven’t to now here’s a really cool thing or go ahead
and switch to the admin version of notepad now often people new to Auto hocky will get hung up on this if your script you’re trying to automate is an admin levelyou can’t control it but our guey here is gonna let you know that like hey hey dummy you need to relaunch your script as an admin because otherwise you won’t be able to do anything with this program right so it’s awesome we’re adding this to a couple of our other tools as well this keep ability because it’s really cool but
yeah that’s it’s really cool do you want to demonstrate anything else with it uran yeah we have a tree like if I want to look at the tree I get all the controls from the tree and if I refresh I get to the root of like desktop and I have all the control of all my running applications like these are all the windows available there so I can control them I can from there I can change them and even I can change the button text yeah demonstrate yeah change that button not okay so with you could even hide that
button you could move the button like it’s really really powerful this is why you know it even if you’re newer program if you’re trying to automate newer program you probably can’t use this but if you’re automating an older program you can really do amazing stuff and there’s also a mind control so like I have here not admin notepad I can say text admin notepad and now here I can select class that is edit edit field and now I can select a process like these are the filters so not pad oh this this huge
list so yeah I selected the not if I hit okay yeah I found found it and I will so if I double click it I will get to that edit button and now I can change I cannot change that text because it is the admin not yeah if I drag this then I can know it’s ad now and if you relaunch simple spy in admin mode you would be able to but it’s just a reminder of like hey when you go to control that program you need to be in admin mode or or or rethink why that program that you’re trying to control is an admin and have it not be elevated
because often it shouldn’t be right but sometimes they are so yeah check it outit’s a free download we’ll we’ll have it packaged with the V1 and V2 version so if you’re new to controlswe have it in both V1 and V2 butyeah this is really awesome I’m really happy because it was very confusing when you first start working with controls and the the class and in is the actual proper thing I put control next to it there because all the syntax in a hockey says control this control that get control but it’s really
the class andn but in the window spy tool that’s what it’ll say it’s class andn it’s just confusing at first so in our tool we put class and in kind of like next to it but that just helps you say what control am I looking for and while converging this like now V2 is and V2 G are very easy and there were so many variables like was being used in V1 v1
place and everything is simplified unlike V1 so it was quite fun converting this script yeah awesome so thanks for watching if you enjoyed that please like the video really helped us out I’ll put the URL where you can get these scripts up in the screen and have an awesome day cheers bye

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