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Excel and AutoHotkey – Check out our amazing free Excel Function library updated in 2024

Excel and AutoHotkeyAutomate Excel and AutoHotkey

I have a lot of examples using Excel & AutoHotkey.  You might like to check out my AutoHotkey Excel Function library. While it isn’t all complete, there is a lot that can simplify your life!  If you’re new to AHK, check out our AHK & Excel Webinar.  Look here If you’re new to using AutoHotkey functions
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Automate Excel and AutoHotkey Tutorials

  1. Create / Connect to Excel with AutoHotkey via COM
  2.  AutoHotkey and Excel Object model: Application, Workbook, Worksheet
  3. Shading cells with AutoHotkey via COM
  4. Obtain First row, Last row, # Used rows
  5. Detecting Used Range (first column, last column, first row, last row, etc.)
  6. Obtain First / Last Column  & numeric to string converter
  7. Setting Horizontal and Vertical cell alignment
  8. Simplify writing AutoHotkey code using the Macro recorder & Excel constants
  9. Manipulate columns (Insert, Delete, set width)
  10. Insert, Delete, set Height of Rows
  11. Freeze Panes, Toggle screen updating, Inject file name into MRUExcel and AutoHotkey
  12. Merging, Shrinking, and Wrapping cells
  13. Set cell Number format
  14. Font size, type, bold, italic, underline
  15. Adding / Removing / Changing Borders in Excel
  16. Creating “pretty link” for email merge from data in cells
  17. Using Offset and a range to iterate over cells and create a “better” email merge
  18. Finding & Returning specific header locations (for use in Filtering, Sorting, Merging, etc.)
  19. Clear Excel: Content, format, Data, Notes, comments, etc.
  20. Leverage built-in Excel worksheet functions & pass a method as a parameter (simplify code maintenance)
  21. Renaming, Moving, Activating, and Changing the color of Worksheets / Tabs
  22. Delete an entire Column or Row based on a Value
  23. Easily Loop over Cells in Excel by using a For Loop in AutoHotkey.  I also demonstrate how to detect what’s selected in Excel
  24. Copy a range to the clipboard or a variable from Excel
  25. Various ways to Paste in Excel (Think of Paste Special but progromatically doing it)
  26. Selecting a Cell / Range of Cells
  27. Inserting and Deleting Comments / Notes
  28. Inserting and Deleting Worksheets with Excel and AutoHotkey
  29. Inserting and Deleting Hyperlinks
  30. Creating personalized emails.  Also see our Outlook webinar
  31. Search & Replace values
  32. Multiple Search / Replace values.  Also delete #Null!
  33. Find value and return location (Also allows for finding the nth instance of it)
  34. Find multiple text values  in Header row and return their locations
  35. Deleting blank columns and/or Rows
  36. Sorting Columns in Excel with AHK
  37. Sorting Rows
  38. Remove Duplicate Rows
  39. Setting and Filtering data in Excel
  40. Get and Set value on a specific worksheet
  41. Connect to or Launch Excel.  Also how to change it’s visibility and Close workbook and Quit Excel and AutoHotkey
  42. Opening various file types (XLS, XML, CSV, TSV/TXT, XLSX, and HTML) in Excel
  43. Saving Excel files in various file types (CSV, Tab Delimited, XLSX)
  44. Using AutoHotkey text functions in Excel
  45. Finding the Last Row in a specific Column
  46. Text to Columns is a great feature in Excel.  Here’s how to leverage it with AutoHotkey
  47. Creating graphs with VB Excel Macro and adapting to AutoHotkey syntax
  48. Using a SafeArray in Excel
  49. AutoHotkey webinar using String functions on Excel content. More on strings here
  50. Performing a vLookup in Excel with AutoHotkey
  51. Get Excel Meta data with AutoHotkey
  52. Get various paths from Excel
  53. Creating an editable listview using Excel
  54. Inserting and Calling Excel Functions

Excel & AutoHotkey Examples and demonstrations

  1. SPSS to Excel graph in seconds– Autographs to reduce workload
  2. Automate sales emails with Excel & AutoHotkey
  3. HTML Testing & URL Verification tool
  4. Automating email metrics with RegEx on the naming convention
  5. Automating email metrics -generating whole reports!

Excel and AutoHotkey

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