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Short list of frequently used AutoHotkey Objects

Here’s a short list of frequently used AutoHotkey Objects (Classes, Functions and COM Objects).  If you think I forgot a popular one, please let me know
If you’re new to working with Objects, your Intermediate Objects course walks you through how to use them.  After learning functions, Objects are the next huge way to “level up”
Intro to Classes

Commonly used AutoHotkey Objects / Classes:

  • Advanced ListViews by Pulover: do advanced functionality with Listviews
  • AHKhttp by Skittlez: create a Basic HTTP Server
  • BarChart by Learning One: Create bar charts with the GDI+ library
  • Chrome.ahk by GeekDude: Automate Chrome
  • CLR by Lexikos: Loads the Common Language Runtime
  • cURL-wrapper by RaptorX: Performa API calls with CURL
  • Edit by jballi: update and manage any Edit control
  • Excel Charts by Xx7: Automate graphs in Excel
  • FindText by feiyue: Find images w/o saving files
  • GDI+ Library-Compilation Extended compilation by marius-sucan
  • HTMLGUI by Maestrith: Build custom GUIs leveraging HTML and CSS
  • JSON libraries: ahk by GeekDude, json.ahk by Chunjee, JSON and Jxon by coco
  • Messagebox by Maestrith: Easily peak into objects, copy text, add buttons, etc.
  • MCode4GCC — C/C++ to MCode Generator by joedf Generate machine code MCode
  • MenuMaker by Maestrith: Make creating menus a breeze
  • MySQL by just me: Connect to mySQL databases
  • Neutron by GeekDude: Build custom GUIs
  • Notify by Maestrith: Easily display notifications to your users
  • ObjectCSV by Jean Lalonde: Manipulate text files with ease
  • Particle System by tidbit: Create a particle system with the GDI+ Library
  • Rufaydium by Xeo786: Automate browsers with WebDrivers
  • Scintilla wrapper: by RaptorX: Utilize the scintilla GUI
  • Simple GDI class by GeekDude: Simplified usage of GDI+ library
  • SQLite by Maestrith: Connect to SQLite databases
  • Toolbar by Pulover: Easily build and maintain Toolbars
  • UIAutomation by Descolada & Jethrow
  • UIAutomation by Jethrow, UIAutomation for v2 by thqby: Inspect the UIAutomation architecture
  • WebSockets by GeekDude: Create and manage WebSockets
  • WinClip by Deo: Access, Set, Read the Windows Clipboard Zip Download
  • WinSCP by Lipkau: Automate FTPS transfers with WinSCP
  • XML by Maestrith: Easily parse XML files

Commonly used COM Objects:



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