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Happy World Productivity Day 2022❗

World Productivity DayDid you know that today is “World Productivity day”? My guess is you didn’t. ☹

Between Covid and Inflation, the workplace is in a terrible state! Years ago companies would pay for their employees to be trained however, more often than not, now it’s on us (the worker bees🐝) to level-up our own skills.

How certain are you about your job security? Does your manager know how productive you are? More importantly, does your manager’s boss know? I was never one to “toot my own horn” however, if you want to keep your job, and be on the path to advancing, you need to make sure people know what a rockstar you are!

One way you can do that is by investing in yourself. Have you done as I’ve asked and blocked weekly time on your calendar to “level up”? If so, then I have some special coupons for you! In honor of World Productivity day, I’m making special coupons for the lowest prices. These coupons will be good through June 25th.

Available Courses

  • 🆓 AHK FAQ1FREE– What to know before you code in AutoHotkey
  • AHK FAQ2– What we wish we’d known when beginning to code in AHK
  • HotStrings– 💎the hidden gems of AutoHotkey that will save you time beyond your wildest dreams
  • Intro to AHK– 🚀Flagship course giving you a solid introduction to AutoHotkey
  • Intro to DOS– DOS can really save your butt when Windows doesn’t work.  Learn all the commands you need to know!
  • Intermediate AutoHotkey– Beyond the basics in AHK
  • GUIs are Easy– Learn how to create GUIs
  • Intermediate Objects– Your first step to Object Oriented Programming

Save more: AHK Hero reminder

Become an AHK Hero– Great additional discounts to courses, Tutoring, Consultations, Project work, as well as early access to content and exclusive access to Office Hours (1 hour a week you can come into our zoom meeting and pick our brains)


Joe and staff

P.S. Special thanks to the following for purchasing multiple AutoHotkey Udemy courses this month!

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