RegEx 111) Ignore Whitespace in AutoHotkey Regular Expression

Ignore Whitespace in AutoHotkey Regular ExpressionAutoHotkey Merchandise-White Stress ballLong Regular Expressions can be very difficult to read and revise when you come back to it later.  Using the X) option allows you to Ignore Whitespace in AutoHotkey Regular Expression and insert comments as well as spread out your RegEx over multiple lines.

Below is the example code I use to ignore the whitespace in AutoHotkey RegEx which is demonstrated in the video below.  It is a great way to make your code easier to read & maintain.  It may take a few months until you revisit your RegEx but, when you do, you’ll thank me for it!

#SingleInstance, Force
{"items":[{"id":3866967518001,"name":"TechDays","referenceId":null,"playsTotal":null},{"id":3869639371001,"name":"Sensitivity and Selectivity in Low Power RF","referenceId":"0_4f50771k","playsTotal":null},{"id":3869653908001,"name":"Low Power RF Developer - Wireless Glue Networks Inc.","referenceId":"0_wraewmky","playsTotal":null},{"id":3869704547001,"name":"The Babelfish may Soon be Science Fact","referenceId":"0_m73cr9uf","playsTotal":null},{"id":3873942948001,"name":"Xilinx FPGA 向け電源設計ツール","referenceId":"0_w7mv8jwm","playsTotal":null},{"id":3880705798001,"name":"FORAPPROVAL_EELive_Demo20_DLP_FORAPPROVAL","referenceId":null,"playsTotal":2},{"id":3880723945001,"name":"EELive_Demo22_Low_Power_Vision","referenceId":null,"playsTotal":1},{"id":3881779779001,"name":"UCC28711 10mW 소모 전력 데모","referenceId":"0_8ejutfdv","playsTotal":null},{"id":3870946516001,"name":"LM5113 Enhancement Mode GaN FET Half-Bridge Driver Demo","referenceId":"0_wuof80ce","playsTotal":301},{"id":3907785832001,"name":"C6A8168 C6-Integra Processor Overview (Standard - Small)","referenceId":null,"playsTotal":null}],"page_number":0,"page_size":10,"total_count":4574}

RegExMatch(response, "xO)^" ;x=Ignore Whitespace in AutoHotkey Regular Expression, O store in object
	. "(?:\{""items"":\[)" ;remove early part not wanted-not capture using ?:
	. "(?P<json_Videos>.*)" ; grabbing json of videos
	. "(?:\],""page_number"":(?P<Page_Numb>\d{1,5}),)"  ;Page number looping through
	. "(?:""page_size"":(?P<Vids_Per_Page>\d{1,3}),)"  ;videos per page
	. "(?:""total_count"":(?P<Total_Numb_Vids>\d{1,5})" ;Total count of videos
	. "\})", Vids) ;closing out regexmatch

MsgBox,,total numb vids, % vids.Total_Numb_Vids
MsgBox,,json for videos, % vids.json_Videos
MsgBox,,vids per page, % vids.Vids_Per_Page
MsgBox,,Page_Numb, % vids.Page_Numb

Ignore Whitespace in AutoHotkey Regular Expression

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