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Inno Setup Tool: Create custom installations for your scripts

the Inno Setup tool is an amazingly customizable setup tool you can use for creating a custom setup tool

Jean Lalonde, JnLlnd on AHK forum, lead us through a great tutorial.   Thank you Jean!  And thanks for the Quick Access Popup real-world examples!

Here are links to the Homepage, Download, Help
Jean provided these files from his demonstration

Overview of Inno Setup Tool

Simple Example

  • Constants

–values used in your directives


  • {app} the application directory
  • {group} the path to the Start Menu folder
  • #define

–create variables used in your directives

–See Inno Setup Preprocessor command

  • [Setup]

–global settings used by the installer and uninstaller

  • [Files]

–files to install on the user’s system

  • [Icons]

–shortcuts Setup is to create in the Start Menu

Intermediate Example

  • #define

–GetEnv() to retrieve environment variables

  • [Setup]

–Adding more info (OutputDir, SetupIconFile, LicenseFile, etc.)

  • [Tasks]

–Allow user to select tasks to execute

  • [Icons]

–Adding menu item linking to an URL

–Adding Uninstall menu item

  • [Dirs]

–Create a directory on user’s system

  • [INI]

–Create or change values in an ini file

  • [Run]

–Applications to launch after installation

  • [Languages]

–Select installer task, determine values in ini file

  • [CustomMessages]

–Messages that can be translated

Real Life example

  • [Registry]

–Register the application in Windows Registry

–Create context menu entries

  • [Code]

–Pascal language

–Code functions controling the setup flow

Example: ShouldSkipPage

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