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Intermediate Autohotkey v2 Course

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Intermediate AutoHotkey / Getting past the basics

Here we take a deeper-dive into how to automate your Windows PC. With over 4 hours of course time, you’re sure to level-up your automating with AutoHotkey v2! Among other things we take a deep-dive into using Controls, play with the Windows Registry, Tackle 5 types of loops and jump into using Maps and Arrays.

Here’s a high-level overview of what you’ll learn

  • Various Types of Send
  • Using a SetTimer
  • Creating, reading, and writing initialization files (.ini files)
  • Working with the Windows Registry
  • Arrays
    • Simple Arrays
    • Maps
  • Loops
    • Basic Loops
    • Looping until a condition is met
    • Looping through files and folders
    • Parsing Text
    • The While Loop
    • The For Loop
  • Utilizing Controls to connect and automate programs
  • Selecting menus in (older) windows programs

Intermediate AutoHotkey v2 Course

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