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Intermediate Objects and Classes Course

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Objects are the gateway to code that is: organized, intuitive, maintainable, and flexible.
They enable easy access to COM objects & Classes that are amazingly powerful yet simple to use!

  • Get to use amazing AHK classes (Chrome, mySQL, Rufaydium, WinClip, Neutron, ObjectCSV, etc)
  • Objects & Classes are the “key” to Object Oriented Programming
  • After learning Functions, Objects are the next step to leveling-up!
  • Allow you to use OOP / dot-notation which is more intuitive
  • Allow you to simplify solving complex problems
  • Better organize your code
  • Enable personalized naming conventions
  • Extend classes to borrow & build on other people’s classes
  • Convenience / simplicity when creating multiple instances
  • Establishes a hierarchy to methods and properties (Window has a document, Document has elements, Elements has events, etc.)
  • Objects allow you to easily group multiple related values with a hierarchical structure
  • Allows you to bind your functions to a given instance (restrict the value of a parameter)
  • Learn classes in the easiest to understand language (so you can use them in other languages)
  • Provides memory protection in high level languages by abstracting methods and properties to an in-memory instance. (multi-threading as an example)

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