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Joe Glines BIO – 20+ Amazing years of automating the mundane

Joe Glines BIO

I love to save time and automate my daily routine!   I have a masters in Market Research from University of Georgia and an Bachelor of Science from Sonoma State University.  For the past 20 years I’ve been doing working mostly with multivariate statistics predominately using SPSS and SYSTAT.

In the past 10 years I’ve been using AutoHotkey to automate much of my daily routine!  It is amazing what can be done when you have a great tool-set!

I evaluate much of what we/our client’s do and evaluate them on:

  • Repetitiveness– Is the same thing being done over and over
  • Consistency– Is it important to have the activity done be correct?
  • Future leveraging– By solving this issue, will we be able to re-purpose some of the code going forward?

We’re always happy to help talk through what you’re hoping to accomplish.

Joe Glines
Connect with me on LinkedIn or subscribe to my YouTube channel where I have over 500 videos showing how to automate the mundane

Joe Glines BIO

Joe Glines BIO

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