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Discover how to save time and money with AutoHotkey in 2024

Discover how you can Automate the Mundane with AutoHotkey

If you learn AutoHotkey you’ll be able to automate your Windows computer before you know it!

AutoHotkey is an amazing tool!  I call it the Swiss-Army knife for Windows!  Learning how to program in AutoHotkey is one of the best things you can do (both for your sanity and career).  It help you in so many ways that it is impossible to list!  In the below courses I teach you very simple ways to automate your Windows computer using AutoHotkey.   Think of it as a bunch of AutoHotkey tutorials put in an easy to access format.



If you are looking for tutorials on Autohotkey V1 you can click here

AHK v1 to v2 Transition

Here’s a high-level overview of what you’ll learn:

  • Which Editors are available, the importance of installation order, the new launcher configuration, and the v1 to v2 conversion tool.
  • Changes in #requires and #include Directives.
  • Variables unset status, new warnings/errors, assignment operator changes, and expressions.
  • Changes to quotations and continuation sections.
  • Changes to the auto execute section, multiline hotkeys/hotstrings, and scope for global variables.
  • Changes in commands, and improved GUI and Menu syntax.

Intro to AutoHotkey v2 / Windows Desktop Automation (RPA)

Want to begin the path to simplifying your life?  Work smarter, not harder?  This course is for you!  Here we start off small and cover some of the basics.  Should you have your script in one file or more?  What editor should you use?  Which version of AutoHotkey  should you use?  How to use some built-in tools like iniRead/write, Remapping keys, copying/moving files & folders, sending mouse clicks.  Most importantly we take a look at troubleshooting your code when things go wrong.


  1. Have a windows computer
  2. Desire to learn how to save time & be more efficient
  3. Commitment to spending a little time to save a lot



Intro to GUIs (Graphical User Interfaces) with AutoHotkey v2

Creating an easy to use GUI is one of the best things you can do to “level-up” your user experience.   If you’re running  a windows computer, AutoHotkey is your choice for easily making powerful GUIs.  I wasn’t qualified to teach this course so I worked with one of my “heroes” Raptor X (Isaias Baez).  I’d learned a ton of advanced stuff from him ~8 years ago from his AHK Tuts YouTube channel and am very proud of what we developed!

Some people create GUIs in Python with  tkinter or kivy however our course shows you how much easier they can be created using AutoHotkey!

We step you through the general process of designing a GUI using a mockup, then show you how simple you can create a Graphical User Interface with just a few lines of code.  AutoHotkey allows you to leverage Microsoft’s built-in GUIs thus you can take advantage of proven code that works in minutes.  Desktop Applications are programs that typically have a GUI.  Don’t spend hours learning some obscure code, AutoHotkey is amazingly simple to pick-up! Lear now easy it is to create  a User Interface today!

  • Create Mockups so your GUI is well thought-through
  • Easily build GUIs in just a few lines of code
  • Leverage the proven Microsoft Controls (without having to be a programmer)
  • Learn how to create GUIs by an amazing instructor with 10+ years of GUI experience
  • This is the simplest way to make GUIs or your money back!
  • Courses are in clear, easy to follow, sections which help you learn snippets at a time
  • UI / UX design doesn’t have to be complicated

Autohotkey v2 uses Objects for GUIs and that makes it easier to code and understand! This course will teach you the basics of how to use them and if you have previous knowledge it will be very easy to grasp. If you don’t know objects, consider checking our Intermediate AHK Objects & Classes course.

P.S.: Even though object knowledge is handy, it is not NEEDED.

Intermediate AutoHotkey v2 / Getting past the basics

Here we take a deeper-dive into how to automate your Windows PC.  With over 5 hours of course time, you’re sure to level-up your automating with AutoHotkey!  Among other things we take a deep-dive into using Controls, play with the Windows Registry, Tackle 5 types of loops and jump into using Objects.


  1. Have a windows computer
  2. Have completed either the Intro to AutoHotkey or HotStrings course, or used AutoHotkey for 3 months
  3. Desire to start saving time and getting more done

Functions, Objects & Classes: Level-up to Object Oriented Programming in Autohotkey v1 and v2

In this course you will learn about Functions, Objects and Classes.

They are the gateway to code that is: organized, intuitive, maintainable, and flexible.
They enable easy access to COM objects & Classes that are amazingly powerful yet simple to use!

Here you can see the main benefits of using objects:
• Get to use amazing AHK classes (Chrome, mySQL, Rufaydium, WinClip, Neutron, ObjectCSV, etc)
• Objects & Classes are the “key” to Object Oriented Programming
• After learning Functions, Objects are the next step to leveling-up!
• Allow you to use OOP / dot-notation which is more intuitive
• Allow you to simplify solving complex problems
• Better organize your code
• Enable personalized naming conventions
• Extend classes to borrow & build on other people’s classes
• Convenience / simplicity when creating multiple instances
• Establishes a hierarchy to methods and properties (Window has a document, Document has elements, Elements has events, etc.)
• Objects allow you to easily group multiple related values with a hierarchical structure
• Allows you to bind your functions to a given instance (restrict the value of a parameter)
• Learn classes in the easiest to understand language (so you can use them in other languages)
• Provides memory protection in high level languages by abstracting methods and properties to an in-memory instance. (multi-threading as an example)


  1. Have a windows computer
  2. Have completed either the Intro to AutoHotkey or HotStrings course, or used AutoHotkey for 3 months
  3. Desire to level up your programming skills

Rise Above PC Incompetence: Easily Become a Power User!

Watch this course and you’ll be cruising through your PC like a pro. Leave Your Incompetence Behind!!

Here’s a high-level overview of what you’ll learn

  • Keyboard Shortcuts and Navigation Tips
  • File and Folder Management
  • System Customization
  • Power Management and Performance
  • Additional Tips
  • General Office Tips

Intro to VSCode: Installing, Configuring and Basic Debugging

As soon as you start your coding hobby / career you will need a good editor/IDE. This course teaches you the basics about using VSCode as your editing tool.

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

Introduction to VS Code with AutoHotkey
  • – Explore the basics of VS Code and its integration with AutoHotkey for automation.
Understanding Editor vs IDE
  • – Differentiate between an editor and an integrated development environment (IDE) and understand their respective roles.
Advanced IntelliSense and Smart Renaming
  • – Utilize advanced IntelliSense features for enhanced coding assistance.
  • – Master smart renaming techniques to refactor code with ease.
GitHub & Copilot Integration
  • – Integrate GitHub for version control and collaboration.
  • – Explore the capabilities of GitHub Copilot for AI-driven code suggestions.
Exploring Extensions and Static Syntax Analyzer
  • – Discover useful extensions to enhance your coding experience.
  • – Utilize static syntax analysis for error detection and code optimization.
Advanced Debugging and Encoding
  • – Dive into advanced debugging tools and techniques for efficient troubleshooting.
  • – Learn about encoding and end-of-line characters for text manipulation.

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