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AHK FAQ-1: What to learn about AutoHotkey BEFORE you code! Lots of great tools to help you learn to code in AutoHotkey!

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FAQ-1: What to know BEFORE you code in AutoHotkey

AutoHotkey FAQ1

If you’re considering learning AutoHotkey (or have been using it for a little while), this is a great course for you!

AutoHotkey is an amazing and robust language!  It’s a great programming language for non-programmers!  Most of the commands & functions are named to help noobs start learning to code.  Having said that, there are some questions that come up often before people begin to code and/or right when they start. This course helps people with very specific questions!  It’s also built in a way that you can jump around watching the lectures you want, and skipping the others.  Best of all it’s FREE!

Here’s a high-level overview of what you’ll learn

  • Lecture 1: About us / intro to this course
  • Lecture 2: What is AutoHotkey
  • Lecture 3: Why should you care about AutoHotkey / What can AHK do
  • Lecture 4: Why use AutoHotkey over competition
  • Lecture 5: Where to go for Help
  • Lecture 6: AutoHotkey Resources
  • Lecture 7: Do you need to learn how to code?
  • Lecture 8: What do you mean when you say it is a plain text file
  • Lecture 9: Are there tools that will write AutoHotkey syntax for me
  • Lecture 10: How to use AutoHotkey scripts without installing ahk
  • Lecture 11: Which version of AHK to install
  • Lecture 12: Which Editor-IDE should you use for AutoHotkey
  • Lecture 13: How can I change the default editor
  • Lecture 14: Accessing AutoHotkey Help in ANY editor
  • Lecture 15: How do I set my script to run every time I start my PC
  • Lecture 16: How can I be certain that AutoHotkey is free of malware / viruses?
  • Lecture 17: Easily edit, pause, exit, reload, open folder of all running scripts
  • Lecture 18: Easily lookup running HotStrings & Hotkeys with AHKHotkeyString Lookup
  • Lecture 19: Bonus Lecture

We do have many free AutoHotkey tools we’ve designed to help people.

  1. AHKEditSwap– which allows you to easily change your default editor of AutoHotkey scripts
  2. AHKAddToStartup – Makes it easy to add your AutoHotkey script (or any program) to the Windows startup process
  3. AHKScriptScan– Have a way to peak inside AutoHotkey files and highlight possible hacks that you might have missed
  4. AHKHelp– Have access to AutoHotkey help in any program.  It also searches YouTube for videos on your topic!
  5. AHKHotkeyStringLookup– Easily search all your running scripts for Hotkeys & HotStrings.  This tool is a must for people new to AutoHotkey!
  6. AHKScriptHub– Easily access, reload, edit, jump to folders of any running AutoHotkey script

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Still not sure this course is for you?  Here are a few testimonials from people that have worked through the course:

  • Good over view on getting started and resources to use for help with scripting. – Derek C.
  • Clear, concise and well-planned -Mike N.
  • Great course – Ganesh P.
  • Perfect match, being severly deaf i struggled a bit even withsub-titles, Joe speaks very fast, for me anyway, not busting, yelling, whinging. Great course, Joe you nailed it packing the essentials into short digestible videos. Thank you for the course. -Brian

Final thoughts

So above we’ve shown you

  1. There’s a 30-day money back guarantee
  2. You can purchase the course at a severe discount
  3. People new to AutoHotkey and experts have learned from the course

What is stopping you from taking the time to sharpen the saw?  Make a pledge to work smarter not harder and plan for a better tomorrow!


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