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HotStrings with AutoHotkey

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Hotstrings with AutoHotkey

HotStrings with AutoHotkey
‘We’ve been saying that “HotStrings are the hidden-gems” of AutoHotkey for YEARS!  This is why our very first AutoHotkey course was on HotStrings / Text expansion.  HotStrings are an amazing tool that can help you work smarter, not harder!  They put your text templates at your fingertips in any windows program.  If you find yourself typing the same over and over, then this course for you!  The truth of the matter is even if you don’t find yourself retyping the same things I’m willing to make a very large bet that you actually do (and just don’t realize it).  Work through this course and you’ll see just how HotStrings will be your next best friend!  We guarantee you will be seeing the value.  If you don’t, simply ask for a refund!

P.S. While having some background in AutoHotkey would be helpful it is NOT NEEDED!

Here’s a high-level overview of what you’ll learn

  1. Installing AutoHotkey and a great editor
  2. Creating your first HotString
  3. Ending character replacements
  4. Sending “special” characters
  5. How to send large amounts of text (paragraphs, entire documents, etc.)
  6. Creating context-sensitive HotStrings (Program specific)
  7. Working with multiple computers
  8. Using AutoHotkey HotStrings in games
  9. Launching programs
  10. Spell check that works on every windows program
  11. Troubleshooting – What to do when things go wrong

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Still not sure this course is for you?  Here are a few testimonials from people that have worked through the course:

  • The information thus far has been self taught via the documentation. However, I find the documents to be confusing. Keep up the clarity and adding value and you will much more of me. –Justin R.
  • Joe is a good teacher, this course gets you up an running with hotstrings in nice bite size chunks–satisfying but not overwhelming for the novice –Norman A.
  • This was an excellent course with a great instructor. This will help make canned responses more efficient for work. The possibilities are unlimited. I find great value in this class. –Susan Thomas
  • This course got me up and running for a task at work! Having never used (or even heard of) this program before I was able to put it to use right away even before finishing the course. –JT K.
  • After using autohotkey for years now, I have overlooked these simpler uses for the language. The skills being taught here are extremely useful for automating / speeding up my daily tasks even further {!} –Mathew M.
  • Course is simple and Crystal clear –Azman

HotStrings with AutoHotkey

Final thoughts on HotStrings with AutoHotkey

So above we’ve shown you

  1. There’s NO RISK due to the 30-day money back guarantee
  2. You’re able to purchase the course at a severe discount
  3. Others like you that are experienced AutoHotkey users have learned from the course

What is stopping you from taking the time to sharpen the saw?  Make a pledge to work smarter not harder and plan for a better tomorrow!


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