Simplify writing AutoHotkey code using the Macro recorder & Excel constants

Macro recorder & Excel constantsUsing the Macro recorder & Excel constants is a great way to obtain VBA code which is easily translated/tweaked to AutoHotkey syntax!

A lot of the time when I’m working on an AutoHotkey Script I can find great examples on the AutoHotkey Forum or Stack Overflow however sometimes I’m unable to find a similar example.  The below video demonstrates how you can use the Macro Recorder in Excel to help write your AutoHotkey syntax.  One very critical point you’ll need to remember is to “look up” the constant value by right clicking on it in the VBA mode and listing the “quick info”.

In addition to the 1,500+ constants in  this file, you can review this site which lists many of the constants

Video demonstrating the Macro recorder & Excel constants in Excel

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