Notify Function that creates simple GUIs in AutoHotkey

The other day I uploaded a function with utilized the Notify() function from gwarble.  I thought I’d covered it in another post but that was in a webinar so I thought I’d make an intro here to show how it can be used and give you a link to download Notify().  If you’d like to use the tool I used in the video to show which icon/images are in the shell32.dll file, you can see the video and get the script here.

Example using Notify Function in AutoHotkey

Here is the example script I worked through using the Notify Function

; TS=Title_Size TF=Title_Font TC=Title_Color
; SI=Speed_In SC=Speed_Clear ST=Speed_Timeout"
; GC=GUI_Color GT=GUI_Transparencey
; MS=Message_Fontsize MC=MessageText_Color
; image=300
Notify("wow","my message",3,"TS=15 TF=Arial TC=0xff00FF GC=0x0aa000 MS=10 SI=1000 image=298")
Notify("wow","my message",3,"TS=15 TF=Arial TC=0xff00FF GC=0x0aa000 MS=10 SI=1000")
Notify("wow","my message",3,"TS=15 TF=Arial TC=0xff00FF GC=0x0aa000 MS=10 SI=2000 image=298")

Notify("Notify() Demo Script...","Static/One-time options...`nGeneral usage/syntax...",0,"SI=2500 SC=2000 Image=300")
Notify("Using Option= vs. Option_=","Changing color",4,"GC_=Yellow TS_=20 SI=1000 Style=Save")
Notify("Using Option= vs. Option_=","Changing color",4,"GC_=Red TS_=20 SI=1000 Style=Save")

Notify("Notify() Demo Script...","Static/One-time options...`nGeneral usage/syntax...",0,"SI=2000 Image=44")
Notify("","","","Title=Alternate calling method Message=The first three parameters are blank Duration=4 Image=300 GC=0xddddff BC=0x0000FF") ;

Notify("Error" ,"Error style" ,5,"Style=Error")
Notify("Warning" ,"Warning style" ,5,"Style=Warning")
Notify("Info" ,"Info style" ,5,"Style=Info")
Notify("Load" ,"Load style" ,5,"Style=Load")
Notify("Progress" ,"Progress style" ,5,"Style=Progress")
Notify("BallonTip","BallonTip style",5,"Style=BallonTip")

;********************Killing script(s)***********************************
;~ Notify("","","","Wait=" Notify("I'm pausing the script until clicked","the Wait=All command next will kill em all",0,"BR=13 GR=9 BW=2 GC=ddddff BC=0000ff BC= TS= MS= TC=Default MC=Default TC=Blue TF=Arial SI=150 SC=100 ST=100 Image=48 IW=32 IH=32"))
;~ Notify("","",-.01,"Wait=All") ; kills all open notify's

;********************Kill this script***********************************
;~ Notify("when this one is clicked it`nwill kill the script via negative duration","","-0","Style=Load")

;********************Installing / Statusbar update***********************************
Nid3:=Notify("Installing...","Initializing...",0,"SI=500 ST=250 ST=250 PG=50 PH=20 Image=163 IW=64 IH=64")
SetTimer, UpdateProgress, % A := 100

sleep, 200 ;This will change the speed
Notify("",A "% left to go...","+1","Update=" Nid3) ;Have it update the SAME status bar
If (A < 1) {
SetTimer, UpdateProgress, Off ;Exit out of setTimer
Notify("","Finished!","","Update=" Nid3) ;Change SAME statusbar to Finished!





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