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October 26th, 2023 AutoHotkey Newsletter

AutoHotkey Newsletter


I was helping my friend, Mike C., interpret the results of a Conjoint study.

In my career as a Data Scientist I’d often run into very, very smart statisticians that really “knew their stuff” yet often failed miserably conveying the results to an average person.  I told Mike, I always make sure I explain them in a way that “anybody” can understand them.

It’s one of the reasons why I know I’m so fortunate to have Isaias Baez working here!

In all of our AutoHotkey courses he breaks things down so they simple enough that anyone can follow-along.   Don’t believe me?  Buy one and give it a try.  You have nothing to lose because we offer a Double-your money back guarantee!  That’s right we take all the risk.

Just remember, when you’re learning AutoHotkey you’re “buying time” because you will be greatly reducing how much time is needed to work on the process the next hundred times you do the activity.

Now on with the show…

Intro to AutoHotkey Intermediate AutoHotkey Intermediate Objects GUIs are Easy w/AutoHotkey Make the switch to v2

The 19th Way to Automate programs with AutoHotkey!

During the AHK Hero call last week Irfan gave a brief intro to an entirely new way to automate programs with AutoHotkey.  It does involve downloading a driver (WinAPP Driver) however this allows you to perform Webservice API calls (with the WinHTTPRequest object) to your windows programs.  There is a lot more work to do however it looks very promising!

It will most likely be easier to use than UIA yet allow you to automate nearly all Windows programs!  In this video we talked through the tool a bit deeper and work that needs to be done.  You can check out Irfan’s work on Abberium here.

a 🆕 way to Automate Windows Programs with AutoHotkey
a 🆕 way to Automate Windows Programs with AutoHotkey

The other 18 ways to automate programs with AutoHotkey

Most people working with AutoHotkey barely tap the surface of this amazing tool!  When people start with AutoHotkey they typically try and imitate a human by searching for an image and sending keystrokes / mouse clicks.  We discuss why this is (currently) inferior to API approaches in this video.

APIs compared to Human Interfaces: How do you use AutoHotkey?
APIs compared to Human Interfaces: How do you use AutoHotkey?

However above I mentioned we’ve discovered a 19th way to automate programs with AHK so what are the other 18?   Thankfully we covered them in this video which is free to Hero members.

Most people use 2-3 approaches which are not very robust.  Our employees at the-Automator dive deep into your problems to identify the best solution.  If you’d like a consultation, you can reply to this email and let me know when you’re available.

The Future of AutoHotkey & Computer Vision

While watching this video on 100+ insane Chat GPT vision use cases I had an epiphany.  Above we mentioned we try and avoid using image search because, in it’s current state, it is not reliable and usually breaks when running on a computer different than where you originally find the images.

However, once we can use AI for doing the image search


The AI will act like a “fuzzy” search and make it far more reliable.  We discuss this, and more, in this video.

Future of AutoHotkey with AI Computer Vision
Future of AutoHotkey with AI Computer Vision

Irfan’s response to AutoHotkey Challenge

Earlier this week I asked Irfan to join me on Zoom and talk through his top-5 AutoHotkey scripts.  During the call he mentioned several that we’d done here at the-Automator as well as Abberium (mentioned above) and Rufaydium which is a great way to do Web Scraping with AutoHotkey.

Top 5 AHK Challenge: Irfan / Xeo
Top 5 AHK Challenge: Irfan / Xeo

AHK Hero member response to the Challenge

I was really impressed with a response from an AHK hero member Tyler Faulkner.  He did a great job showing how, as a sales guy, he solved many mundane tasks by using AutoHotkey.  Check out his video here and see how you can also adapt many of his approaches.

My 5 Favorite AutoHotKey Scripts
My 5 Favorite AutoHotKey Scripts

📚 What we’re reading

🤖 AI / Chat GPT-3 News / Usage

⚡️Productivity tips: Hotkeys in MS word

  • Ctrl + 1: Single spacing – Apply single line spacing to the selected text / paragraph
  • Ctrl + 5: 5-line spacing – Apply one & a half line spacing to the selected text/paragraph
  • Ctrl + 2: Double spacing – Apply double line spacing to the selected text/paragraph

🤣 A spot of Humor:  So darn funny!

AHK Hero 🦸

Consider joining the 🦸AHK Hero club! Members receive 25% off courses, consultations, tutoring, done for you project work, etc.

They also have access to exclusive & pre-released content and a 3 hours a week where we help people with their AHK issues (the Saturday calls are geared towards people new to AutoHotkey.)

🗣️ 💭 Quotable quotes

  • When experiencing errors with tools, typically you should blame the operator, not the tool. Joe Glines
  • The question isn’t who is going to let me it’s who is going to stop me Ayn Rand
  • Treat objections as requests for further information Brian Tracy
  • If you ask me anything I don’t know, I’m not going to answer Yogi Berra


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Joe, Isaias, Irfan, and staff

P.S. If you’re needing more time in your day, learning AutoHotkey is a great way to achieve this!

If you don’t have time to learn AHK, but want someone to build tools that will really help you be more productive, reach out to me and schedule a call.  We do work for clients saving them a crazy amount of time!

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