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Paste plain text- Use 7 lines of AutoHotKey to easily strip complex RTF/HTML formatting

Paste plain text

I (AutoHotkey Bottle 1like everyone else in the world) frequently copy-paste between various programs. While some programs like Word and Excel allow for paste plain text, a lot do not.

Paste plain text

I wrote a small script in AutoHotKey which takes the contents of the clipboard and strips it of HTML/RTF format. This way it allows me to paste as plain text in any program by hitting a key combination (Control+G).  What’s great is that I don’t actually lose the original format so, if I decide I actually wanted the original content, I can still just paste with Control+V and I’m good to go!

Below is the actual code to paste plain text in AutoHotKey.

paste plain text

Keyboard shortcuts for launching programs- Start any program with 1 click

keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcutsWhite sticker on computer 4

Keyboard shortcuts can be a great time saver (especially for specific programs, folders, actions) that you do dozens of times a day.


Over a decade ago I put the below file together documenting the most frequently used Windows / Office shortcuts

keyboard shortcuts

MS word file great keyboard shortcuts

AutoHotkey Bottle 3

Now-a-days AutoHotKey to create my own shortcuts (of which I have over 100 which do various activities by a simple click of the key/button.)  AutoHotKey has a function for this called Hotkeys which are a great way to launch programs / scripts /folders that you use frequently.

This video walks through how easy it is to set up hotkeys to launch programs, scripts, etc.


Automating prep work for SQL in list query of hundreds-thousands of items


SQL in List

Often I have a list of hundreds (sometimes thousands) of items that I need to insert into a  query. Unfortunately I can only add 99 items at a time.

This video demonstrates how my script replaces the first 98 line breaks with commas and wrap items already having a comma with special characters to escape them.    This is perfect for my SQL in list query!  What would have taken me several minutes or longer is now done in the blink of an eye  (while also escaping illegal characters).  The below video demonstrates it’s usage and further down the page is the AutoHotkey code that cranks it out!


Video demonstrating how the SQL in list works


AutoHotkey code:

Perhaps I missed a turn somewhere? Hijacking hotspot!

Hijacking hotspot

Ever feel like you just might have missed a turn somewhere?  When you come upon a sign like this do you think stopping your car and rolling down the window to take a picture is the wisest thing to do?   Wouldn’t you think the local police would park car right next to this sign?  And speaking of the police, where were the grammar police when making this sign?  LOL
hijacking hotspot
Here are some additional books that will give you a good laugh!  And remember, if you see a hijacking hotspot be sure to drive on!