1/2 of our Intro to AutoHotkey Udemy course is now free!

 Intro to AutoHotkey Udemy courseIntro to AutoHotkey Udemy course

We’ve done something crazy!  We went through the Intro to AutoHotkey Udemy course and extracted the”best parts” and combined them all together into over 2 hours of content!  Why?  Because we want people to automate the mundane!   We even added chapter breaks on the video to help people jump around to the parts they are interested in.

We feel obligated to remind you that this is only around 1/2 of the course!  If you’re wanting to consume the whole thing at a discount you can get it cheapest here: AutoHotkey Udemy course.   Here are ratings on the course (and below is some individual feedback)

Intro to AutoHotkey Udemy course Reviews


Intro to AutoHotkey Udemy course

This intro to AutoHotkey Udemy course is a great place to start for people new to AutoHotkey and Desktop automation!   Here are some reviews from Udemy:

Intro to AutoHotkey Udemy course reviews

Bill S:  I’m using AutoHotkey for nearly 17yrs. Joe has created an amazing course and btw is a key contributor at the AutoHotkey-forum. Well done!

Aladdin G:  I liked how this course was taught from a “I’m not a programmer” point of view. I liked the live troubleshooting in particular. They kept me engaged to see if I could spot the issue before a solution was found, or to see if alternate solutions could have applied.

Leigh G: As someone who has been using AutoHotkey (AHK) for a a couple years now, I can say that for someone who has just discovered AHK and is new to coding in general, this course is a great place to dip your toes in. Joe doesn’t go deep into the intricacies of the topics, but he does provide enough information to get you started on understanding how the different aspects of AHK work and how you could apply this to your scripts (or beginning to build your own). Even if you have been using AHK for a while and haven’t done any formal courses on it, this course is a great way to check your knowledge and fill in any gaps that you may have.

Nora:  This course is a good match for me. It’s confirming some of the things I’ve learned here and there, and I’m learning new things as well. I would just like to see some things explained at a very basic, non-programmer level, such as, for example, when talking about variables, “what are they, what do they do, when are they used, etc.”.

Jason M.: Joe is a great teacher and passionate about AHK capability!

Phil:  Valuable information, Clear explanations, Engaging delivery, Helpful practice activities, Accurate course description, Knowledgeable instructor

David W.:  Lots of great examples and rich knowledge of this topic. I had a very slim knowledge of this subject before taking this course but I have learned a ton and will likely have to digest the info before I can absorb all this course has to offer. I already have quite a few tweaks to my everyday work life I can use to save time.

John H:  Great course!, Valuable Information, Clear explanations

Michael K:  I’m already accomplishing a lot of the hotkeys/hotstrings that I wanted to setup and getting more ideas with each lesson. This saved me a lot of time from wading through the forums and internet searches for getting the key essentials down to working with autohotkey. I was using a different editor and I like the recommended AHK studio better. I really enjoyed watching Joe figure out all of the bugs in the code. Really glad he left all that in there.

José M.: Son buenas las explicaciones.

Vernon F:  Joe, Thank you for this course. Have been using AHK for awhile now and this help explain somethings that I had problems with. Looking forward to the next course.


$ 6 great ways to make money with AutoHotkey $

Ways to make money with AutoHotkey

6 great ways to make money with AutoHotkey

Recently I made a decision to stop treating my “automation business” as a hobby and try and develop it. I was sitting watching a ton of videos on how to grow my YouTube channel when it donned on me:

Was that really the best place for me to be spending my time?

I then fleshed out various ways to make money with AutoHotkey from my automation business and came up with different ways to quantify their potential. I then reviewed this spreadsheet with a few people and finally decided to share this in an AutoHotkey podcast with Jackie Sztuk. I think y’all will find this interesting & helpful. If you disagree with the “weights” i applied, then create your own spreadsheet and apply YOUR weights!   BTW: next week’s podcast is equally impressive.  Se dive deep into column L (Create and sell software) and bring in some guest speakers like: Tank, Jean Lalonde, and RaptorX.

AutoHotkey Webinar- Update on CloudAHK

Update on CloudAHK

In our July AutoHotkey webinar GeekDude gave us an update on the progress he’d made on CloudAHK which looks to be a very amazing tool for new

We also mentioned that Isaias Baez (Raptor X / AHK Tuts) has started working here at the-Automator.  🙂

Together we’re going to be creating more AutoHotkey Courses and would LOVE your help understanding which courses to start on!

Please take this 2-minute survey to help us prioritize which courses to make first!  Respondents that complete the survey by August 15th will have a chance to win their preferred course (we’ll have 5 winners)

Hour 1:  Update & overview of CloudAHK

Hour 2: How GeekDude built CloudAHK (Including how to pack-up files in an executable and access them w/o exporting)

Script Highlight:  Peek inside files