AutoHotkey Webinar- CloudAHK / CloudAHK in a bottle is an AMAZING tool to launch in 2020

CloudAHKJune 2020 marks our 48th  AutoHotkey Webinar!


AutoHotkey Webinar 08/2018 Hour 1-Helping work through scripts
AutoHotkey Webinar 08/2018 Hour 2-GeekDude explaining his work on CloudAHK / CloudAHK in a bottle

In Hour 2 GeekDude also explains how he was able to “pack up” all of the resources in


061  Hierarchy of Competence

062  Updating / Fixing Automate my Task

063  GUI RPA software & Computer Knowledge in the workplace

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Script Highlight: Push to GIST

True costs of Robotics Process Automation | 9 secrets you’ll wish you knew BEFORE contacting Experts

True costs of Robotics Process Automation

Generally, automating your processes is a great plan.  Having said that, it shouldn’t break your company!  Learn about 9 secrets that you should know BEFORE you make a decision!   Learn the true costs of Robotics Process Automation by watching this video.

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Which AutoHotkey editor is right for you? Reviewing amazing AutoHotkey IDE/Editors in 2020

Which AutoHotkey editor?AutoHotkey editor

There are some great Editors / IDEs (Integrated Development Environment) for AutoHotkey.

In this AutoHotkey forum post, we see people discussing their preferences however nobody there is discussing the different levels of the developer.  Here are some of the most common AutoHotkey editors

But which one is best for you based on your Level of programming? Are you a Noob?  Do you program in other languages or excursively AutoHotkey?

Which AutoHotkey editor is right for you


xmlHTTPRequest vs. WinHTTPRequest- What killer advantages does the xmlRequest have?

xmlHTTPRequest vs. WinHTTPRequestIn this video I walk through both the xmlHTTPRequest and the WinHTTPRequest and I compare the xmlHTTPRequest vs. WinHTTPRequest.  As I mention in the video, Jackie Sztuk and I have a great  AutoHotkey webinar on Intro to API calls.  I also have several examples on my API page.

I also mention using Fiddler to monitor the browser traffic and grab your cookies / headers.

xmlHTTPRequest vs. WinHTTPRequest tutorial

Here’s the syntax I used for the WinHTTPRequest example

WinHTTPRequest syntax

And here’s the corresponding two XML API calls I demonstrated in the video

xmlHTTPRequest example using Msxml2.XMLHTTP COM object

Here’s the example connecting to the IE page and sending the API request with the xmlHTTPRequest()