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Painlessly switch from AutoHotkey v1➡v2

Our AutoHotkey v1 to v2 course is just about done!   Sign up for alerts and get 20% off if you purchase!  Remember all of our courses come with a 200% money back guarantee!

Below is a high-level outline of the course

  • Which Editors are available (and which we recommend)
  • Order of AHK Installation Matters 😲
  • Configuring the AHK launcher
  • Tips on using v1 to V2 converter tool (and a cool AHK script to make it more handy)
  • #Requires Directive & great script to save you a ton of time and frustration
  • Changes to the #include directive
  • Variables can be set/unset 🤷‍♂️
  • More and better Warning/Errors
  • Big Changes to assignment operator
  • Everything is an expression❗
  • Changes to Quotations 😎
  • Tweaks to Continuation Sections
  • Massive change to Auto-Execute Section
  • Huge Hotkeys/Hotstrings changes
  • 🤦‍♂️Mind-breaking scope changes for global variables
  • Commands can no-longer begin with commas
  • Can’t put a space between the command and its parenthesis
  • Some commands changed parameter order 🙄
  • Some commands changed names
  • Subcommands are split into their own functions
  • 🤩Drastic improvements to GUI and Menu syntax
  • Objects/Maps/Arrays are very different entities😲
  • Objects cant be looped as before 🤔
  • Array indexes errors and how to avoid them
  • No more ByRef keywords 😋
  • 🆕New object: Buffer 👍
  • DllCalls are extremely tricky to translate from v1 to v2

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