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55 Productive things to do during the Corona-virus lock-down


Finding Productive things to do is easy!  Here’s a cheat-sheet 

55 Productive things to do during the Corona-virus lock-downProductive things to do

  1. Read a book- Buy a book from Amazon
  2. Think about your future and where you want to be in 5 years.  Outline a strategy to achieve your goals
  3. Spend quality time with your kids (This should be a good thing, not bad)
  4. Use Zoom, Hangouts, Face-time, Skype, etc. to call your friends you haven’t spoken to in years
  5. Create a budgetEspecially important if you’re tight on cash and employment isn’t certain
  6. Take up a new hobby by watching a Udemy course
  7. Be like me and build a Udemy Course
  8. Learn to code in Scratch
  9. Watch a comedy and laugh!  Stress beats-up your immune system.  Laughter energizes it!
  10. Update your LinkedIn profile
  11. Do your spring cleaning
  12. Start a blog with WordPress
  13. Find a blog that interests you
  14. Learn how to play an instrument
  15. Learn how to speak Spanish
  16. Start a business
  17. Detail your car / give it a tune-up
  18. Work “on” your business instead of “in” your business
  19. Paint a room in your house
  20. Ask your neighbors if they need help
  21. Refinish a piece of furniture
  22. Find an online forum  / group that you’re knowledgeable of and answer people’s  questions
  23. Complete a jigsaw puzzle
  24. Organize your cupboards / cabinets
  25. Camp in your back yard or living room (kids love this!)
  26. Have an indoor scavenger hunt
  27. Go through your closet and pull-out clothes to donate to charity
  28. Rearrange a room in your house
  29. Teach your dog a new trick
  30. Create / update your will (this sucks, but is a good one!)
  31. Improve your typing skills
  32. Teach yourself how to power nap
  33. Optimize your Android or iPhone
  34. Re-install Windows / iOS on your computer
  35. Groom your pet
  36. Try to cook a new recipe
  37. Make some dehydrated fruit so your nervous snacking isn’t so terrible for you  (I own this one)
  38. Make a bucket list.  Make sure you prioritize it. (I guarantee you “binge watching” a tv show is not going to be on it)
  39. Pick a specific topic that interests and learn in in 20 hours
  40. Teach your kids how to cook a meal
  41. Play a card game
  42. Draw / paint something artistic
  43. Pick a game that you like but change the rules to make it your own game
  44. Organize files on your computer
  45. Have a Karaoke party with your family
  46. Listen to a podcast
  47. Take a bubble-bath
  48. Wash your windows
  49. Clean your shoes
  50. Organize your internet bookmarks
  51. Have a Netflix social-distance party
  52. Study world geography
  53. Add some cool toys to your smart home
  54. Improve your vocabulary
  55. Make your own list like this and share it!
  56. Thank you Jennifer for this one Solitaire Paradise

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